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Push schools to clean up electrical pollution levels / Next-Up News / Preventing the onset of Alzheimer's by avoiding EMF exposure

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Subject: Push schools to clean up electrical pollution levels

I have begun the process of asking the Department of Public Instruction to reduce electrical pollution levels in our schools to within the acceptable range, up to 50 G/S (Graham/Stetzer) units.

I have attached an information piece I wrote up to share with parents, teachers, school boards etc. for you to use at your local schools. It should also be available shortly on the website on the News page in the school section as well as in the section I keep for printable leaflets. It had my name and phone number at the top. You may want to put yours there in order for people to have a local contact. I accompanied it with printed copies of the references when I gave it to the school board.

I also contacted both Tony Evers ( campaign@tonyevers.com ) and Rose Fernandez's ( campaign@ChangeDPI.com ) campaigns by email. I provided them with two research papers:

Milham S, Morgan L. 2008 A New Electromagnetic Exposure Metric: High Frequency Voltage Transients Associated With Increased Cancer Incidence in Teachers in a California School. American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Havas M, Olstad A. 2008. Power quality affects teacher wellbeing and student behavior in three Minnesota Schools, Science of the Total Environment, July.

I also provided them with an outline of the problem of electrical pollution in our schools and the fact that I was extremely concerned about the associated health risks for our students and teachers. I asked what they would do about it if they were elected. I followed up with a call to Tony Evers campaign and an email to Rose Fernandez's campaign. (There was no phone number provided on her website at that time.)

Tony Evers campaign manager returned my call and we spoke about my concern for the health and safety of our children related to the extremely high levels of electrical pollution present in the schools. He expressed concern, ignorance, and was going to convey my concern and the information to Mr. Evers. No one from the Rose Fernandez campaign has responded to me at all.

If you are in Wisconsin, please take the time to contact both campaigns prior to the election on April 7. If you are not, you may want to contact your own candidates for state superintendent, local school boards, and so on with your concerns about the health risks posed by the high levels of electrical pollution present in our schools. Studies show it poses serious risks for increased cancer rates, asthma, headaches, allergies, etc

The general impression I have received is that our schools will not be cleaned up without a widespread movement by parents similar to that required to get asbestos removed. It is time to start. The risks are too great to ignore and are getting worse as the electrical pollution problem worsens.


Graphique de la valeur moyenne constatée en milieu urbain de l'irradiation artificielle micro-ondes de 900 MHz - 2,5 GHz

- Graph showing the average increase observed in urban area of artificial HF microwave radiation from 900 MHz - 2.5 GHz

- France 3 Le Mag spécial  "Antennes relais: Ondes ce Choc"   (vidéo Haute Définition)

- France 3 Le Mag "Relay antennas: shockwaves" (Article)

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Posted by Joanne C. Mueller on Alzheimers' Association message board under "Alzheimers in the News,"  March 31, 2009  - 03:19 PM

Here is part of Assoc. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's speech at the 21st Annual Alz Public Policy Meeting 3-23-09 to 3-25-09 (Washington):

Statement of Sandra Day O'Connor Associate Justice, Retired Supreme Court of the United States Before the Special Committee on Aging United States Senate
March 25, 2009

(1) We need a major prevention initiative to be developed as soon as possible with the goal of preventing the onset of Alzheimer's in most people. We believe based on our research and testimony that this can be achieved within a reasonable time with proper funding and support. It will require public/private initiatives and major data sharing for scientific advances......... [ snip ]


Note that O'Connor mentions "testimony." I sure hope someone will finally let those of us who have lots of facts that are being withheld from the public have our chances to speak out.

Also, "prevention" is known to be possible, supported by studies [ one example:

http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?tool=pubmed&pubmedid=17559686 ],

and is strongly linked to limiting close, chronic, prolonged electric field exposures.  Even tho some studies are re occupational exposures, the facts, nevertheless apply to "general public."

See my letter below:


Without a concerted effort and widespread release of information to the public re importance of prevention, I see no hope in beginning to halt the rapid neurodegenerative decline in large numbers of younger and younger persons! Take care - Joanne
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