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40,000 BRAIN TUMOUR PATIENTS 'MISSING' / CHILDREN BELONG TO A GROUP OF INCREASED RISK / A new judgement and ministerial crisis in France

From: Magda Havas


By Lorraine Connolly, Community Newswire

HEALTH Tumour, 18 mar 2009 - 11:28

A national charity has today released figures that show more than 40,000 people affected by brain tumours are missing from the UK's official statistics each year.

Dr David Levy, consultant oncologist at Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield, said: "There are probably around 1,500 patients with high grade brain tumours missing from the official statistics as well as thousands of patients with lower grade and benign tumours.

Brain tumours are regarded as rare because of under-reporting, which the charity says affects funding levels for research into the condition.

The charity's report "Register my tumour, recognise me" estimates 2,833 people in Wales are affected by primary or secondary brain tumours every year, but that only around 470 are included in statistics.

A study of post mortem examination reports have shown half of all primary tumours are missing from official statistics, while secondary tumours are rarely recorded, even when the brain tumour may in the end be the actual cause of death.



Dear Magda,

I send you the Memorandum of RNCNIRP for information and possible employment. This Memorandum was approved of unanimously by the members of Committee this month. I plan this Memorandum to distribute at session of Int. Advisory Committee in Geneva in June 2009.

My best regards,Yours Yuri.

Professor Yury GRIGORIEV
� Chairman of Russian National Committee
� on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection,
� a member of Int. Advisory Committee of WHO "EMF and Health"
� 46, Zhivopisnaya str., 123182, Moscow, Russia.
� Tel.: +7 (499) 728 5667
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The opinion of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP)

March 4, 2009, Moscow, Russia

During use of a mobile telephone a child's head is exposed to EMF. The exposure concentrates in the brain and nervous receptors of acoustical and vestibular devices, which are located in internal ear direct under the RF EMF source. Also the retina and lens of an eye are exposed to EMF. Up till now the world scientific community has no scientific database that can be used to estimate the risk for children, connected with long exposure of daily RF EMF on a developing brain. The appropriate studies of children using mobile telephones and experimental research are absent.

The size of an irradiated field in a brain of the child, and the common absorbed energy of EMF by a brain is more for a child, than for an adult user. For the first time in the period of civilization, children and teenagers were included as a group of risk. It is necessary to note that the foreign recommended standards are much higher than the Russian standards.

RNCNIRP repeatedly paid attention that health of the present generation of children and future generations is under the danger (11.09.2001, 23.06.2004, 20.03.2008). The Russian SanPiN - 2003 (2.1.8/, the item 6.9) recommends restriction of the opportunity to use mobile telephones by the persons who have not reached 18 years.

The WHO gives highest priority to the protection of the health of children against probable adverse effect of an electromagnetic field of cellular telephones. Important for an estimation of the seriousness of the problem is the following WHO opinion:

"CHILDREN ARE DIFFERENT FROM ADULTS. Children have a unique vulnerability. As they grow and develop, there are "windows of susceptibility": periods when their organs and systems maybe particularly sensitive to the effect of certain environmental threats".

WHO, Backgrounder N 3, 2003.

Therefore it is necessary to start an active information and explanation trajectory among parents, teenagers and children, to forbid aggressive advertising designed for this marketing group of the population, and to introduce a precautionary principle more widely.

We call the scientific community of the world not be limited by the numerous discussions about importance of a problem "Mobile telephone and children", and to begin a real study on the risks for children as users of mobile telephones, and also to begin experimental research on the effects of chronic low intensity RF EMF exposure on a developing brain.

Chairman of RNCNIRP,

Professor Yu. Grigoryev.



- Relay antennas: a new judgement and ministerial crisis in France.

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19 March 2009


Relay antennas: a new judgement and a ministerial crisis in France In the face of widespread protest and numerous lawsuits there is now a ministerial crisis in the country. Apparently in the last few days the unconfirmed number of 135 lawsuits have been launched! In an effort to clarify the situation, Next-up Organisation is putting out a countrywide appeal in order to find out the exact number of lawsuits in progress or about to be introduced.

Me Denis Seguin - District Court of Angers

At the request of the Prime Minister the round table on relay antennas, which was supposed to take place on 26 March 2009 with the participation of three ministers (Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Minister for Health, Chantale Jouanno, Secretary for Ecology and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Secretary for the Development of the Digital Economy), has been postponed to the end of April. In the face of the rejection of relay antennas that is gaining ground among the public, on 26 March there will instead be an emergency meeting with certain ministers and the mobile phone companies only. In spite of his reassuring statements, which are based notably on the WHO reports (!), it seems that the Prime Minister is discovering the truth about the health problems of relay antennas.

Mrs Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin Minister for Health

Every day there are dozens of newspaper articles and TV reports that highlight the growing awareness among the public of the health problems associated with artificial microwave radiation. According to the polls, it seems that the tide is now turning. People no longer believe the reassuring speeches from the authorities, but are beginning to think that the NGOs and the independent scientists are right to sound the alarm.

And that is not the worst of it: Next-up Organisation has just been sent a copy of a document classed as confidential coming from the research department of Electricité de France (EDF), the official producer and distributor of electricity in France. This document, written more than 25 years ago, describes the functioning of the human metabolism (which is based on bio-electromagnetic energy) and the harmful effects of interacting electromagnetic fields on the human being, and outlines the policy for informing the public.

EDF Headquarters in Paris

In view of the confidentiality of this document issued by an official body, the first part has been put on line with a password for subscribers to Next-up News. Available in French at the following address: 

The essential paragraphs (a dozen pages) are in process of being translated into English.