Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tsawwassen BC extra high voltage transmission lines / Sarah Dacre BBC radio interview

Please note, the Dr. Blank interview mention in WEEP News yesterday has not been released yet.  You will be provided details when it is available.
In the meantime there is an excellent video from the powerline dispute at Tsawwassen, BC (below) that you should find very interesting and very disturbing.
Dear all,
Please watch the following video and see what happened in Tsawwassen BC, thousands were protesting, the media linked to government which is liked to industry stuffing their pockets, did not pick the story up for several years. The case went all the way to the supreme court of Canada after residents spent $600.000+ to take it there. The supreme Court decided they did not wish to hear the case. One of the key players of this decision to route extra high voltage transmission lines through school yards and people's backyards in our vancouver suburb, former Energy Minister Richard Neufeld is now a Senator in Ottawa. Evident from the video: the corruption of the courts and the intimidation tactics that were used in order to silence people with the authorities full co-operation. Please view this video footage:
CBC for months was working on covering the intimidation story then all of a sudden went silent, nothing has been or aired. There are $400billion dollars riding on these lines selling power to the USA. Several alternate routes away from residential areas were readily available. California where the power is destined wisely rejected this power though as "not green!" Government Lobbyists are working to convince them to change their minds....

They even monitor and analyze people's private e-mails... /just to let you know/... evidence exists! Yes it is happening in Canada as Harper said on canada day: "the most prosperous democracy??? in the world"...


Hi Sarah,

I've archived your BBC radio interview here: