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Public Health SOS / Obama, Congress, Governors and Journalists Warned / It's increased quite dramatically - melanoma / Airbus Crash

Public Health SOS

Camilla Rees and I have written a book called "Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution". The National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy (NISLAPP) has just sent this book to all US Senators and Congressmen and thousands of environmental journalists.  We hope this will go a long way in helping to raise awareness.,com carries copies of this book for $20.  Proceeds will go to fund research and to help NGOs/charitable groups dealing with electrosmog and EHS.

Here is the press release from Trent University.  Please note that the link at the end of the pdf is flawed but you can connect at:

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Posted July 3, 2009


Obama, Congress, Governors and Journalists Warned on Hazards of Wireless Technologies

Peterborough - A report on the hazards of wireless technologies co-authored by Trent University Assoc. Professor Magda Havas, PhD was mailed this week by The National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy ("NISLAPP") in Washington, D.C. to President Obama and his Administration, the U.S. Congress, state Governors, and to thousands of health and environmental journalists.

Legislators and journalists are being urged to learn about the health consequences of microwave radiation exposure from cell phones, neighbourhood antennas, wireless networks, wireless routers, DECT portable phones, and the potential health consequences of further chronic exposures from wireless broadband and new wireless utility technologies.

Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution, co-authored by Camilla Rees, Founder of, and Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University, reviews the independent science on the health hazards of microwave radiation and offers recommendations to the public on how to live more safely in a wireless world.

NISLAPP Chairman, James Turner, Esq., who also is Chairman of Citizens for Health, a leading health advocacy organization, states,

"We believe it is essential that President Obama and his administration, legislators, other government officials, health care providers and journalists become educated on the hazards of electromagnetic fields so that a dialogue can begin about how to safely meet our nation's communications objectives without jeopardizing the health of this generation and those to come. Congress must take steps now to educate the public on how to protect health, halt nationwide wireless broadband until legislators are better educated on the potential short and long-term health effects, and encourage innovative solutions to this difficult set of circumstances, where technologies have been introduced without adequate pre-market health testing or post-market surveillance."

The National Institute for Science, Law, and Public Policy (NISLAPP) was founded in 1978 to bridge the gap between scientific uncertainties and the need for laws protecting public health and safety. Its overriding objective is to bring practitioners of science and law together to develop intelligent policy that best serves all interested parties in a given controversy. NISLAPP's focus is on the points at which these two disciplines converge.

Dr. Havas is Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University, Canada, where she teaches and does research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants, including radiofrequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity and ground current. She has served as expert witness on matters dealing with electrical pollution in both Canada and the United States, and has been advisor to non-profits, including Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution in Canada, Council on Wireless Technology Impacts and EMR Policy Institute in the U.S., HESE in the U.K. and National Platform Stralingscrisco's in the Netherlands.


Melanoma Increasing - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
The Canadian Cancer Society estimates there will be an estimated 5000 new melanoma cases and 940 melanoma-related deaths in Canada in 2009. ...

Are rates rising?

Yes, says Dr. Gang Li, associate professor of dermatology and skin science at the University of British Columbia.

"It's increased quite dramatically in the past few decades," says Li. He says it's unclear why, but he has a couple of theories.

"One thing could be the thinning of the ozone layer, which provides a filter for the UV light," he says. "If the ozone becomes thin, there is more UV light. Another thing is a lot of people like going to the beach and getting a suntan."

Melanoma incidence rates are increasing for both men and women. But the death rates are increasing for men and dropping for women. Li says it is unknown what's behind this pattern.

There will be an estimated 5,000 new melanoma cases and 940 melanoma-related deaths in Canada this year, according to the Canadian Cancer Society.


Note - Rates of melanoma cancer have increased as the levels of electro magnetic radiation has increased.

Published research by Dr. Olle Johansson has clearly linked melanoma  to electro magnetic radiation.

Could the death rates for men be higher because they tend to use more wireless devices?  



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