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No Radiation, No Compression Breast Screening Technology! / PTI CLINICAL PROGRAMS / Graham Stetzer Power Bar

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Women who are electro hyper-sensitive, or those who wish to avoid radiation exposure may find this information of interest!


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From: Thermography Clinic Mississauga West []
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Subject: No Radiation, No Compression Breast Screening Technology!

Breast Scans

Be active and be proactive! Choose Clinical Thermography as a safe breast scanning alternative!

We can tell you the difference between benign and abnormal tissue activities years ahead!


Body Scans
(Man & Woman)

No Radiation, Breast Scanning Alternative!

Thermography is an imaging procedure with NO RADIATION NO COMPRESSION! It is 100% safe and is suitable for all ages and breast types.

Please Note:

Mammograms expose you to approximately, 1,000 times of radiation you'd get in a chest x-ray."("The Secret of Health" Breast Wisdom, Ben Johnson, MD., DO., N.M.D., Integrated oncologist)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the US, states that 40% of cancers are missed during a mammography screening in women aged 40-49 and misses 10% of cancerous tumors in women over 50.

"Mammography machines can damage delicate breast tissue and may even break open cancerous tumors and send them throughout your breast where they will grow and spread "("The Secret of Health"  Breast Wisdom #page 59, by Ben Johnson, MD., DO., N.M.D. an Integrated oncologist)

An International Agency for Research on Cancer study showed women who get chest X-rays before the age of 20 may increase their risk of developing the disease 2.5 times by age 40 compared to women who had never been exposed to x-rays.

As a unique physiological examination procedure, breast thermography can see 5-10 years before lumps appear and can be detected by Mammogram.

The procedure can also play a role in prognosis and as a method of assisting in monitoring the effects of cancer treatments.

In certain cases like very small tumors or cancer areas that fall outside of the main part of the breast, Thermography is a more sensitive tool than mammogram.

Very small or too large breasted women do not fit under the mammograms properly. Very dense, fibrocystic breasts cannot be properly imaged by mammograms and it can be extremely painful.

Breast thermography is an excellent screening for:

Benign Breast Tumors
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
Breast Mastitis
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Monitoring Breast Cancer Treatment
Monitoring Breast Implants
Breast implants
Skin Cancer

Turn to Thermography for detection it has proven to be 100% safe with no radiation, no compression.

Clinic is located in Canada, ON, Mississauga

For bookings, contact us by e-mail, if you fall within Toronto and South Ontario.

Approved technology.

Breast Scan-$275 Fee applies. No OHIP

If you book before Christmas $25 off. This is a medical expense and it is (a year end) tax deductible.

Other applications for Thermography:

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Low Back Pain
Chronic Nerve Injury
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Headache / Sinus Pain
Neck and Back Problems
Pain Evaluation
Referred pain
Visualization of Pain
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Soft Tissue Injuries/ Sports Injuries
Stroke Risk Assessment
Muscular Syndromes
Risk Signs for Diabetes
And more...

For USA locations: go to

Thermography Clinic, Mississauga West Inc.

1553 Hurontario St. Mississauga, ON L5G 3H7 Canada

(at QEW and Hurontario which is Hwy # 10 intersection, at Port Credit)

e-mail: clinic @

Call only within Ontario, Canada: (905) 274-6400
Alternative phone number for booking 416-569-1766


The informaton below may be of assistance to those who suffer from electro hypersensitivity.


Science and Public Policy Institute EMR Intervention Program

1101 Pennsylvania Ave., NW 7th Floor ·Washington D.C. 20004

(866) 620-4459 · 


New Help Programs for EMR-Related Conditions

We are pleased to announce today the opening of two important programs to help those suffering from the effects of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR), including electro-hypersensitivity, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Our primary Treatment Clinic is now operating in Sarasota, Florida and employs unique science-based diagnostic and treatment protocols for these conditions. We have an affiliate clinic in Munich, Germany with other affiliates coming soon. The clinical program is responsive to concerns raised by those afflicted regarding their difficulty receiving proper care from clinicians who are not able to properly differentiate EMR-related conditions from other diagnoses and thus provide ineffective treatment. We are working to gain insurance coverage for diagnosis and treatment, as well as provide a clinical basis for patients to receive appropriate disability support. To schedule an appointment, please contact us via e-mail at: or;

or via phone toll free at: 866-620-4459.

Our Guided Self-Help Program is intended for those suffering from these conditions not able to travel to one of our Treatment Clinics. The goal is to provide, long-distance, as many of the benefits of the Treatment Clinic as possible, including support for diagnosis, treatment, disability and insurance coverage. There are provisions included for a Medical Risk Assessment, an in-home EMR Exposure Assessment done by a certified professional, and personal clinician consults. This EMR Intervention Program is described in more detail at:,

and is organized around a onetime membership fee of $850. To join online, please follow the Registration link on the website. For a consultation prior to joining, please contact us to set an appointment at: or 

or via phone at: 866-620-4459.

Our experience with EMR-disease sufferers underscores the need for special intervention programs that complement existing health care delivery systems where there are impediments to proper treatment for these unique and emerging conditions. The programs we announce here are experiential and based on pilot work we completed earlier this year in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. As we move ahead with this work, improvements and changes are expected, so these programs are works in progress. Those of you who participate with us at this early stage will not only receive personal health benefits but will be instrumental in providing the basis for others to avoid the pain and suffering that you have endured. Our gratitude to you continues….

G. L. Carlo

16 December 2008



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W.E.E.P. does not endorse any of the information in these messages or any other commercial enterprise.  The information is provided simply for your knowledge!