Friday, December 19, 2008

Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy Interview / The Health Dangers of Wireless Technology

Hi Martin,
I have just received an email from Mast Victims saying that they have put on-line an off-the-cuff interview that I gave for them in a not-too-secluded corner at the recent Radiation Research Trust Conference on EMFs and Health. They seem very pleased with it and it can be found at . You can skip most of the intro. but there is a link at the end to an MP3 of the Interview. Please feel free to reproduce it if it is of any use to you.
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Subject: The Health Dangers of Wireless Technology

Daily Planet
Discovery TV

Hi Daily Planet

Earlier this week your TV show featured wireless technology to monitor a fetus and WiFi Max to provide internet service without wires. Unfortunately both of these services can cause serious harm, (a) to the health of the fetus and the mother and (b) to the population living in an area radiated by the WiFi Max.

There is a very serious danger that wireless devices which are in common use in many homes and neighborhoods are slowly harming a large part of the population and that they will eventually cause a massive amount of cancer and death. I request that the Daily Planet broadcast a show that is dedicated to showing the adverse health effects of microwave and radio frequency radiation. It is important for Daily Planet, a science based program to provide its viewers with real facts that may affect their lives and their family's safety.

I have provided you with research information from Dr. Neil Cherry (below) that will demonstrate the significant dangers that we all face. You should also look at the Bio-Initiative report - for a more comprehensive review of the science.

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall
Co-Director WEEP (The Canadian initiative against) Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution