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Further Information on Firefighters & Cancer

I don't know if you've seen the piece on my website about US firefighters, posted August 2004. I think you (and the Aussie Fire Service) would find it very interesting.
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Thanks for sending this information, Martin.

I want to remind people that Joe Foster, a Vancouver BC firefighter, gave an excellent presentation on this subject at the 2006 ICEMS Workshop in Italy.
Joe introduced the resolution that was adopted by the International Firefighters Association in 2004, I believe it was, calling for removal of commercial antennas on firehouses. His power point presentation and abstract of his talk can be found on the ICEMS website under 5th ICEMS Worshop, under his name in the last session on the program.

Is the additional revenue from renting out the roof worth the risk of exposure to firefighters who need to get restful sleep and and produce sufficient levels of melatonin like everyone else? Who is monitoring exposures to ensure safe levels are adhered to in general for these public safety workers? Why don't we show more compassion for our first responders in gratitude for what they do in service to the rest of us


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As a former firefighter, I can tell you that in my experience nothing that firefighters were exposed to "In the past" would yield higher cancer rates. I was a firefighter for 7 years, the equipment they use virtually guarantees no fumes are inhaled. It's even not a very stressful job to be honest, more like you just know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

I believe this may be a factor relating to EMF. These days firefighters carry around tremendous electronic gear, high powered radios, cell phones, wireless location finders, and more. Most fire stations have dozens of radios plugged in and/or charging at the same time, and these are MUCH more powerful than the stuff we used to use. All stations that I know of have WiFi in them, as well as specific GPS related gear, and some high powered equipment for finding people in smoke filled situations. Firefighters are exposed to a *LOT* of EMF that they weren't exposed to just 15-20 years ago. Years ago our gear was basic, the only person on site with a radio was the field boss. Nobody else was carrying anything remotely electronic. Rigs, and stations had pretty low powered, lower range basic radio equipment.

Who knows really, maybe there is some "Chemical" in their new suits. Our old stuff was just canvas sprayed with a non-toxic fire retardant. These days who knows, they probably have entirely different suits and other junk. So tough to say really. I wouldn't be surprised if Cops didn't start showing signs of increased cancer, you look inside a cop car these days and it looks like the cockpit of a Tie-Fighter from Star Wars, then add in the 1-2+ cell phones each officer carries, etc.

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Thanks for this, Martin: I have reported in the past that radiology techs in our area are saying they are seeing lots of brain cancer lately. She did not provide any information as to occupation or any suspect exposure. However, one contact who is a healthworker in a local nursing home indicated they are seeing lots of brain cancer in policemen.
I will be taking up the issue of currents on gas meter service pipes soon and will hand-deliver a copy of your email and the articles to the firemen at our fire station near oiur house and along the same high voltage lines as those that are too close to our house.
HIgh on my list of suspects re the firemen (and also police) would be the radios they carry on their shoulders as well as probable excessive cell phone usage. I think our firefighters do have landline phones in their offices but suspect they make their phone calls from recliner chairs and beds, etc. for comfort as well as privacy.
Re prostrate and testicular cancer, a major concern, in my opinion, would be the probability of carrying cell phones in pants' pockets. Since large numbers of the general population are reporting they actually sleep on top of cell phones, that, of course, is another major concern if firefighters are doing the same.
I know even the Chief of Police for a nearby suburb has or had a police radio, a cordless phone and transformer, an electric clock and cell phone charging on his nightstand.
I would think the military might also be experiencing similar increases in the same types of cancer. Take care - Joanne
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