Thursday, April 10, 2008

EMF - Questions and answers about wireless tecnologies

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This is a very informative report about wireless technologies by Andrew Michrowski.


Electromagnetic fields:
Questions and answers about wireless technologies
Andrew Michrowski, Ph.D.
The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc

What are the issues, the second-hand effects, and the standards for the wireless technologies?

Life on earth has evolved amidst a broad band of electromagnetic frequencies, which originate from throughout the universe. By 1980, environmental exposure to artificial, repetitive or random signals in the radiofrequency / microwave band has risen dramatically – by more than a trillion times, mostly for military technology.

Since 1980, mostly for newly-introduced commercial applications, the average “second-hand” exposure in Southern Canada has risen from about 0.005 microWatt/cm2 to the current background environmental range of 0.4 to 100.0 ╬╝Watt/cm2. We note an 8 to 20,000-fold increase with peaks in downtown Toronto and some centres, including Brantford and Mississauga. About 100 square kilometres in Southern Ontario have environmental broadband radiofrequency and microwave power emission exposures during timeframes that can exceed the Health Canada Safety Code 6 exposure limit of approximately 1 milliWatt/cm2 (100 microWatt/cm2). Such illegal irradiation coverage can be expected to rise exponentially to several hundred square kilometres in both Ontario and Quebec by the end of this decade, on a more persistent basis, as more and more wireless technologies are approved by governments and marketed. Note that individuals within such exposed zones may experience a continual body temperature rise, with time, (but actually “feel” colder, and may seek greater warmth).

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