Monday, April 7, 2008

The French National Library gives up WiFi

Paris 07 04 2008 - The management of the famous France National Library (BNF) just decides a moratorium on the Wi-Fi hot spot giving access to internet that were supposed to be installed by a private corporation on the entire area.

The given arguments being the research of the service quality, but also the precaution principle to be applied in order to avoid the exposure of its staff and of all visitors to of electromagnetic fields 2,45 GHz radiation risks.

This decision is justified by an argument that is supported by scientific literature which proves genotoxic effects from Wi-Fi waves, specially :
- An american research study from Professor S. Lee and al. at the Chicago University about genetic alterations in human cells exposed to radiofrequencies fields of 2, 45 GHz (Wi-Fi frequency). [ Scientific Study : NCBI.Gov – PubMed ]

-The scientific Consortium BioInitiative report with conclusions of an immediate revision of the actual Standards of exposure to electromagnetic radiations of the population,[in progress International Petition] as well as the Clermont-Ferrand Blaise Pascal University research study.

Arnaud Beaufort, director general manager confirms the moratorium with this terms : « …we wait the results of a current study and we give time to choose the most adapted technology. »

In a paper article from ‘The Parisien’ dated April 4, 2008, “The BNF gives up Wi-Fi in turn”, the BNF management confirms this Wi-Fi cancellation, by adding that the reason are multiple : “the choice of wired connections were necessary because it’s also the only that allows an very high data rate delivery transmission”. For the mass researchers who go regularly in the BNF this option is important as it’s expected there will be a connection for around 50 % of the seats by the end of 2008.

The fact remains that BNF that is one of the France biggest Institution is as well a modern symbol in management, with a consequence that this decision impact is going well over this Paris prestigious place. It’s a spectacular and symbolic put in question of the Wi-Fi connection installation as a precaution measure.

It’s also a first great new (premiere) due to its scale that demonstrates that the wired connection alternative is a credible solution to Wi-Fi specially also appropriate for all establishments open to public and above all for National Education. This decision comes just after the moratorium of some libraries of Paris City where Wi-Fi is questioned following some staff personnel having uneasy feelings.

The movement seems to spread out inexorably as the Genevieve Library staff is also asking with a petition to disconnect the WI-Fi terminals and the sanitary and security committee of the Censier-Sorbonne University in Paris just decided to disconnect a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Associated Documents : - Press Release of SUPAP- FSU : "France National Library is giving up Wi-Fi" - By Amy Worthington. " The Radiations Poisoning of America "