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3 December 2016

Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Health of Canadians
1.  The Minister of Health was due to respond to the Parliamentary Health Committee's Report on Safety Code 6 guideline,  by early/mid  October. 

The Minister responded on Oct. 6th: 

2.  Health Minister Philpott's official response to the 2015 HESA Recommendations.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Minister did not investigate the issue directly herself, but accepted the response from Health Canada at face value. We continue to believe that Health Canada is not supporting the direction from the Liberal government to base its policies on
evidence-based decision making. The response contained the same non-transparent, incomplete and outdated-science based responses we have heard for years. Health Canada continues to dismiss current, published, evidence-based science  that shows harm below current Safety Code 6 levels.
Frank Clegg
When theory and observation collide:  Can non-ionizing radiation cause cancer?
New paper in Environmental Pollution, published online November 28, 2016:  "When theory and observation collide:  Can non-ionizing radiation cause cancer?" by Magda Havas

November 29, 2016:  The Missing Link:  Why your government isn't protecting you from mobile phones and Wi-Fi when research shows this radiation causes cancer.

The American scientific journal, Environmental Pollution, reports in its next issue that government safety guidelines for microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, and other common wireless devices, are fundamentally flawed and fail to protect the public from this possible carcinogen.


This paper presents a highly probable mechanism that involves an increase in free-radicals, which–in turn–explains the increased risk of cancers documented in epidemiological studies that are associated with environmental exposure to RFR and ELF EMFs at levels well below international guidelines.

•  There is sufficient scientific evidence of cellular damage caused by non-ionizing radiation (NIR) well below thermal guidelines.
•  Applying the ionization model to NIR is inappropriate as mechanisms of biological interactions differ.
•  Free radicals can and do cause cancer and NIR can and does increase free-radicals.

"Ionizing radiation increases free radicals in the body directly.  Non-ionizing radiation increases free radicals in the body indirectly, by interfering with repair mechanisms that neutralize free radicals.  Free radicals are carcinogenic.  Therefore by interfering with the body's ability to repair free radical damage, microwave radiation is also carcinogenic."

For more information and to download the paper visit:

Recent GUARDS FCC Filings

1.  GUARDS Century Landline FCC Testimony (elimination of landlines).
2.  GUARDS 5G Boeing NEPA (thousands of Wi Fi satellites)
See the excellent attached pdf documents
VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE for the World Health Organization (WHO) and its EMF Project

We, the undersigned, being aware of and/or harmed by the adverse biological effects of EMFs, hereby declare our
VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE for WHO and its EMF Project, headed by industry-biased Emilie van Deventer—an electrical engineer (with no medical or health credentials), who has publicized her support for the wireless telecommunications industry and has a major conflict of interest, given her industry-funded research aimed at promoting and advancing wireless communication technology.
Please sign this important petition.
Heads in the Sand

Health Canada denies the proven dangers of microwave radiation
No Safe Place
The following report (sent to the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on 15 June 2016) has generated an overwhelming response from people all over the world. Many of them have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), but some of them are discovering this information for the first time and are alarmed by how the dangers of microwave radiation have been distorted, downplayed and denied by those elected to protect our well-being. Get the facts. Protect your health. 

Recent Dutch paper on Electro-Sensitivity

We propose that people may be assigned the 'status' of EHS when having suffered from a certain number of health symptoms cited here, which were alleviated by EMF reduction and shielding. We aim to achieve appropriate medical attention for electro-sensitive people, and help in creating electromagnetically
clean living and working conditions.

Smart Meter Case Testimony Before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Part 4 of 4  By Catherine J. Frompovich This is the continuation of the testimony I will present before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's Administrative Law Court.


We are all awash in a sea of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which come from a variety of sources, including power lines, cell ....
The Link Between Brain Cancer and Cell Phones
The Hardell study list below this email is, in my view, the MOST  IMPORTANT study of all.  The second generation GSM modulated (2G, GSM) cellphone's averaged radiated power is 1,000 fold higher than the third generation UMTS modulated (3G, UMTS) cellphones.  Yet per 100 hours of use the risk of brain cancer from use of a 3G, UMTS cellphone is 3.4-fold higher than use of 2G, GSM cellphone,
EMF Omega News
Shocking facts about the health dangers of Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is convenient but many have raised doubts concerning the safety of unseen forces that permeate everything around us. Since the introduction of Wi-Fi in 1997, researchers have performed dozens of studies to explore the subject. The results are clear and shocking — Wifi can negatively affect overall health and brain health, especially in children. - See more at:
EMF Omega News

The Weekly Buzz on EMF Radiation

News and information about EMF issues.

Canada needs Wi-Fi-free preserves

Canada should set aside huge tracts of the country where electronics don't work. We could call them Faraday Preserves, after the scientist Michael Faraday who in 1936 invented mesh enclosures that could block radio waves. They could be places where technological development is flash-frozen at the cusp of the industrial revolution, before the electricity-driven compression of space and time.


Is Your Cell Phone Putting You at Risk?

The SAR level does not measure the risk from the frequencies of the cell phone, the erratic pulsing and modulation of the signals, or the magnetic fields created by the batteries.

Scientists now know that many of the effects from cell phones are non-thermal. In other words, they occur at levels too low to cause significant heating to tissues.

HUD ruling re. "hostile environment harassment"

Department of Housing and Urban Development:  This is the final ruling released in September 2016 as it appears in the Federal Register:

Possibly HUGE implications for those fighting smart meters and wireless on neighboring properties.

Home of the Future?
A healthy home was created in Taranaki's, New Plymouth in New Zealand. GEOVITAL radiation protection against the ever increasing exposure to microwave radiation from phone towers, smart meters and the like, was incorporated.  The finished home feels warm, calm and like a sigh of relief as you enter the door.

Dangers of Wi-Fi Series: Cable Distribution Info

Thank you to those who have watched the newly released five-part Dangers of Wi-Fi series and asked for information on how to offer it to your local cable stations. 

My understanding is it has now been uploaded at TelVue for national distribution, and most cable stations are members. Those in Massachusetts can also access it via Mass Media eXchange (MMX). You can forward the attached flyer to your local cable station and as a resident request that it be considered for airing. There is a link to TelVue and MMX, and for stations that are not members, the YouTube links are also included in the flyer.

It is exciting to see that as of today, 362 people have begun to watch the series on YouTube, I've seen it shared on social media too, and I am told cable stations in five states have already picked it up.

I hope you'll agree this is a nice opportunity to think globally and act locally. Can I ask that you drop me a line if your cable station runs it? Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to share this with others on your distribution lists.

Cece Doucette
PLC - Power Line Communication Meter
Uses the power lines to transmit utility usage data.  Though this is a wired system, 'dirty electricity' used to send the signal also radiates into living spaces from unshielded wiring.
Here is a report from someone who suffered severe symptoms after a PLC meter was installed in Idaho:

"My ears have rung non-stop since a week after installation, heart palpitations, ear aches, dizziness, wake up several times a night, on and on.  Submitted a letter to Idaho Power and the Idaho PUC from my doctor requesting the return of an analog meter, but they both have said no. But with PLC, and analog meter will not help enough since PLC purposely distorts the 60 Hz sinewave creating dirty electricity all over the house and is the biggest problem.  PLC, BPL need to be banned in itself because of this.  I've successfully helped people shield from wireless SMs, but shielding from PLC is nearly impossible."

Also, more about PLC and the other types of "smart" meters here in our FAQ:
Rooftop Telecommunications Towers on Toronto Community Housing Buildings
To the City Clerk:

Please add my comments to the agenda for the December 1, 2016 Executive Committee meeting on item 2016.EX20.42, Reviewing the Procedure for Approving Rooftop Telecommunications Towers on Toronto Community Housing Buildings

I understand that my comments and the personal information in this email will form part of the public record and that my name will be listed as a correspondent on agendas and minutes of City Council or its committees. Also, I understand that agendas and minutes are posted online and my name may be indexed by search engines like Google.

The Toronto Housing Authority and the City of Toronto have a duty to not cause harm or kill the people they house.  Strong scientific evidence indicates that persons exposed to powerful wireless microwave radiation, such as emitted from cell phone antennas, have greatly increased risk of various cancers, depression, heart problems, sleeping problems, immune system problems and a host of dangerous and unpleasant sicknesses.
Placing powerful microwave antennas on roofs, close to where people live, is one of the most stupid and harmful things that anybody could do and is likely to cause serious illnesses and early death to people being exposed.  The persons responsible, whether they are from the Housing Authority, The City or the Antenna Company are quite likely to face charges of Criminal Negligence Causing Harm or Criminal Negligence Causing Death in the future as more people become ill and die and their health problems are related to wireless radiation exposure.
A few years ago Toronto had a fine Medical Officer of Health Dr. Sheela Basrur who recognised the danger, warned the City about the dangers of wireless radiation, and put in place strong standards to keep City residents safe from this new danger.  Even though there is now far more evidence about the dangers of wireless radiation, it seems the Toronto Health Department becomes more dumb as wireless exposure in the City increases.  There is a great need for the City Health Department, City Council and City Staff to be educated about the adverse health effects of wireless education and how they can act to stop a massive health crisis in the near future.
I recommend The Bio Initiative Report which can be accessed for free at as a comprehensive scientific report to learn about the great dangers of EMFs and wireless radiation.  I also recommend that the City hire an independent EMF and wireless expert, who is knowledgeable about the health effects of wireless radiation, to assess the buildings where antennas are already located on the roof, to advise you about the exposure levels and any safety concerns at each location.  While this may entail some expense to the City, it may also save millions in future liabilities.
I am a retired Toronto Police Officer, I have studied the health effects of EMFs and wireless radiation for twelve years, I have read thousands of scientific studies and have been in touch with many leading doctors and scientists who specialize in the health effects of wireless radiation.  I am also in touch with many people who have been badly harmed by wireless radiation and their lives have been shattered.  The public are in great danger and I ask that Toronto Council give this danger the full attention it needs, to save lives.
Martin Weatherall 

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