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16 December 2016


Inaccurate official assessment of radiofrequency safety by the Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation.

The Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR) 2012 report forms the basis of official advice on the safety of radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields in the United Kingdom and has been relied upon by health protection agencies around the world. This review describes incorrect and misleading statements from within the report, omissions and conflict of interest, which make it unsuitable for health risk assessment. The executive summary and overall conclusions did not accurately reflect the scientific evidence available. Independence is needed from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the group that set the exposure guidelines being assessed. This conflict of interest critically needs to be addressed for the forthcoming World Health Organisation (WHO) Environmental Health Criteria Monograph on Radiofrequency Fields. Decision makers, organisations and individuals require accurate information about the safety of RF electromagnetic signals if they are to be able to fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities and protect those for whom they have legal responsibility.
Microcells - A New Danger

In British Columbia, Telus (cellphone company) is telling the people that they are installing fiber optic cable, offering to bring this straight to their homes "for free".  Boxes are being put on the outside of homes, providing wifi for phone, internet and TV, even for those who demand and are promised all will be hard wired. I was one of those people – and found, to my dismay, that after several hours of supposedly connecting the black boxes for the TVs and the modems for internet, all was a charade. There were hidden wifi connectors – which we insisted be pulled out the same day and we changed our provider.

There is something insidious going on – there is an urgency to get these boxes on homes even if Telus is not the provider. Is it all part of the 5G system?

Sharon Noble


Multiple Array (eNode) Is British Columbia a 5G Testing Lab?

Various sites in British Columbia had new antennas installed in 2015, and others in 2016.  Since that time media has shown how wireless companies boast about how their 5G testing is going, with extremely fast data rates.  Some of the resident who live near these new antennas have experienced health effects.   Are these BC towns with these new antennas the "Living Lab" for 5G experiments?  

 more Information :

Huawei and TELUS to create 5G "Living Lab" in Downtown Vancouver, 

BC Premier visits Huawei 

 Ensuring Canada's Leadership in 5G Innovation

FCC: intimidating press, suppressing science at "5G" announcement

----------------------------- also
New eNode Antenna maps showing far more then first thought.  Here is what we discovered so far in BC Canada:
Cellular Deception

Oona McQuat, a member of our Coalition, and her partner have created a beautiful youtube video explaining how RF is harming our world.

As the global push to sell us faster data intensifies, cell antennas are being installed on utility poles right by our homes, often without our knowledge or consent. Science warns that the artificial electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) these microcells emit disrupts wildlife, humans, and all living cells.


COW towers over school, threatens health of kids

 Rewachand Bhojwani School has written to Pune Cantonment Board (PCB), asking it to intervene in the issue of a movable tower — Cell on- Wheels (COW) — which has been put up next to the institute.
"It is a known fact that cellular towers are health hazards and around 900 students are exposed to the radiation from the tower. Please take appropriate action as we have a responsibility to take necessary measures for the safety of kids."

EMR and Health – December 2016

Lyn McLean, Director of EMR Australia, is a consumer advocate, author and educator and has been monitoring and writing on the subject of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) for over 20 years. Lyn has been producing a quarterly report on electromagnetic radiation since 1996. From March 2014, Lyn made the decision to make the report available at no charge as a community service.
EMR Aware Newsletter
Welcome to the November-December 2016 edition of our free EMR Aware newsletter. In it you will find a selection of the latest scientific and media reports on the biological, social, and environmental impacts of electro-technologies.


The estimated savings that each household could make once smart meters have been installed across the UK is less than half of what was previously ...
The smart meter roll-out is now estimated to cost £54m more than the £11bn previously forecast, and benefits to consumers have dropped by £415m overall.

Read more: - Which?
The smart meter roll-out is now estimated to cost £54m more than the £11bn previously forecast, and benefits to consumers have dropped by £415m overall.

Read more: - Which?
The smart meter roll-out is now estimated to cost £54m more than the £11bn previously forecast, and benefits to consumers have dropped by £415m overall.

Read more: - Which?
Anthony Miller, an analyst for TechMarketView, said the report contains detailed assumptions, calculations and estimates for a business case that never made sense from day one.
Safety Issue with smart meters ?

She said after a new smart meter was put in the first time, a crew came back out because the meter was running hot and not providing information.

So the crew put in a second new smart meter.

Two weeks later, the meter caught fire and a crew replaced the meter a third time.

"The guy came out and put this one in and said there's like a bad batch and that they'd had to replace several of them," Roberts said.

There were eight fires traced back to smart metres. The first one was in May 2014, at a house in Regina; at the time SaskPower maintained it wasn't a fire, even when it was called as much by Regina Fire and Protective Services. 

The latest figures from the province's energy agencies indicate residential consumers are burning nearly as much hydro at peak periods as they were before smart meters were rolled out. 

As well, cost of electricity at peak periods has soared 82 per cent since 2010, when smart meters and "time of use" pricing started becoming the norm for Ontario households. 

Did the Dangerous Electro-Magnetic Environment of a Hospital Cause the Death of Susan Kreider
RIP Susan Kreider - an anti-smart meter activist from Pennsylvania. We thank you for your work and sorry our f'ed up system let you down...

Written by a friend of Susan Kreider:  

On October 17 at about 4 PM in the afternoon I received an unexpected phone call from Susan Kreider. Susan told me that she was in the hospital. I asked her what had happened. She told me that she had fallen the night before and fractured her leg. When I heard that she was in the hospital for fracture, I was a little relieved, as I believe that recovery from such an accident is expected, even when one has a pre-existing condition such as Susan's Guillian Barre from her vaccine injury.
The next day when I tried to call Susan in the afternoon at Einstein Hospital I was unable to do and was told that she was in the ICU and could not take a call. I was puzzled by this as she had not told me that she was in the ICU and I did not think fracture patients usually went to the ICU. I later learned that she had been found unconscious that morning. What followed was four weeks of ups and downs as Susan improved and then had another catastrophic incident. I visited Susan 3 times during her hospitalization. On one of those occasions, the 2nd visit, she was quite alert and responsive and improving and we all were hopeful. By the time of my last visit which occurred on November8 , Susan was in a coma like state though I spoke with her anyway. Two days later she died.
Today a memorial service for Susan was held at the Friends Meeting center in Germantown, Philadelphia. It was a small memorial which a circle of her friends and family attended. Attendees recounted the memories of Susan and expressed their affection and admiration for her. I have attached a picture of the photo Memorial of Susan that was displayed in the meeting room of the service. I also have attached a photo of Susan that was taken in nursing school.
Susan was a very special friend of mine. Some of the most special people are those you meet has an activist in the almost hopeless causes we have been involved in; that would our anti-smart meter movement activities where with some of you and I served as Susan support on her many filings and briefs with the Pennsylvania Public utility commission and our anti-vaccine activities where Susan and I were coleaders in the Pennsylvania Chapter of Vaccination Liberation. Below is a link to a memorial page in Susan's honor that is posted on the Vaccination Liberation website. I hope you will go to it and find out more about the amazing life that Susan lived.
Susan was only 59 and her death was unexpected. I lost a very dear friend who lived on a day-to-day basis with the carnage caused by vaccines and who fought to her last breath the carnage that PECO and the PUC are perpetrating on the people of Pennsylvania with their smart meters.


Comment by Laura Sunstein:
When you realize that susan's passing at age 59 could have been precipitated by her hospitalization for a broken leg, it is all the more poignant.  She had fallen down and broken her leg less than a month after the initial PECO decision that she had presented a prima facia case of harm caused by the peco ami meter, but she had not hired lawyers or experts to present her case more fully.  Among other symptoms she had developed from the ami meter were heart palpitations and irregularities.  She had been forced to  remove the ami meter as a self help measure many months before her hearing, after attempting to live  with it for 15 months. Her hearing was on march 7, 2016.  The preliminary decision was in late September 2016.  In  October 2016, she was hospitalized for a broken leg, but there were no cardiac complications that I know of. Shortly after the surgery to repair her leg, she suffered a stroke (still in the hospital, I believe, but would have to check on this to be sure).  She was placed in the ICU, but was recuperating.  She then suffered another stroke, and fell into a coma, and died on November 10, 2016.  I know that hospitals are a hot bed of microwave radiation, which can result in heart arrhythmias in the vulnerable EHS population.  I myself suffer severe heart arrhythmias from overexposure to microwave radiation.  I do not want Susan's death to stop the fight she started against forced wireless radiation, but I want her death to set an example, a horrendous example, to reinforce what we already know.  The last time I spoke with her was shortly after the September decision in her case.  Susan vowed never to allow PECO to put an ami meter on her house.

Josh Hart MSc
Director, Stop Smart Meters!
The many problems caused by smart meters including fires, explosions and burnt out appliances, cybersecurity risks, invasion of privacy, cost increases, and health effects are documented at

Read more here:

Getting It Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

New Book Dismisses Cell Phone Cancer Risks

Interphone confirm glioma risk associated with use of mobile phones
Does cell phone use increase the chances of parotid gland tumor development? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, Dec 13, 2016

A systematic review and meta-analysis of research studies on cell phone use and parotid gland tumor risk was just published in the Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine by de Siqueira and his colleagues.

Using three independent samples including 5087 subjects from case-control studies, cell phone use was associated with a greater risk of salivary gland tumors. Cell phone users were 28% more likely to develop a parotid gland tumor.

This is the first systematic review followed by a meta-analysis to evaluate the association between cell phone use and parotid gland tumors. The parotid gland is the largest salivary gland. It is located in front of each ear along the cheek.

The authors warned that "Results should be read with caution due to the limited number of studies available and their retrospective design."

For more information see:

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, Dec 13, 2016

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director
Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety





13 Investigates cellphones and cancer: Is the risk real?

An excellent news story on cell phone risks by NBC in Indianapolis aired November 14

Doctors confirm thyroid cancer is increasing rapidly in Sweden

Thyroid Cancer explodes in US and other nations after introduction of smart phones

The increase has coincided with the growing use of so called "smart phones". These popular phones expose the radiation sensitive thyroid gland to high radiation due to the antenna's placement at the lower part of the device. Another possible factor behind the increase is increased use of computed tomography in health care.
Smart Phone Ban for Son
He becomes happier, more talkative and energetic.
Allergic to Wi Fi This Telescope can help
Video documentary produced by National Geographic about electrical sensitivity.  It was filmed in Green Bank West Virginia, a radio quiet zone, and in Peterborough, Canada.

Diabetes and electromagnetic fields: the evidence

Next-up Organization 11 07 2009

The connection between exposure to artificial electromagnetic radiation in high and low frequencies and the changing health of diabetics and MS sufferers is an established fact that has been demonstrated beyond doubt in numerous scientific studies [1] [2].

This correlation can be demonstrated not only scientifically but also informally by any diabetic by comparing their glycaemia levels during a few minutes spent in an irradiated zone and in one where the radiation level is low. Those who continue to dismiss this as "pseudo-science" are simply denying the facts.


Cell Tower Base Station Radiation Associated with Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Adolescents

Chinese Spying by Smartphone
For about $50, you can get a smartphone with a high-definition display, fast data service and, according to security contractors, a secret feature: a backdoor that sends all your text messages to China every 72 hours.
iPhones secretly send call history to Apple, security firm says

Russian digital forensics firm Elcomsoft has found that Apple's mobile devices automatically send a user's call history to the company's servers if iCloud is enabled — but the data gets uploaded in many instances without user choice or notification.

"OUT OF THE BAG" radio show:

This week's OUT OF THE BAG podcast guest: Olle Johansson, associate professor


Canaveral Groves couple shocked by $600 water bill

In September, residents in Hollywood, Florida learned  the city may have to pay more than $8 million to replace failing water meters that cost almost $7 million to install in 2008, the Sun Sentinel reported. The meters couldn't endure South Florida's hot, humid and wet weather.

Once water gets inside the electronics of smart water meters, they can go haywire, as happened in recent years in suburban Chicago. Last year, "smart" meters in Aurora, Illinois, showed usage when they weren't yet hooked up, according to the Chicago Tribune.


Electrosensitive has 'Smart' water meter removed by court

The High Court of Grenoble ordered mid-November 2016 referred the removal of the water meter radio frequency home a Iséroise electro, did we learned on December 9 near his lawyer Mr. Jean-Pierre Joseph and Next-Up association. In this trial presented as "a first" by Mr. Joseph and of which AFP obtained a copy, the court claims that are removed "the water meter installed in the apartment of Mrs. C. and that possibly installed in the boiler room and replaced by counters with annual statement. " These so-called water "smart" meters allow to know to remotely and the consumption of each subscriber, allowing the abandonment of the statement by officials. 

New Words that Expose Our Smart Phone Obessions
More sinister is the portmanteau "smombie", short for "smartphone zombie" and used to describe a mindlessly strolling pedestrian whose attention is consumed by their device.
You are Not Alone 

This EMF-EMR Web Directory lists hundreds of Web sites.

Two video presentations.

Olle Johansson at the Open Mind Conference 2014

Prof. Olle Johansson Covert Harassment Conference, Berlin 2015
Teamsters against WiFi, adverse impact on animals
Comment on Microwave Radiation Penetration
The idea that microwaves penetrate only a centimeter cannot be true. That should be obvious to everyone who uses a microwave oven.
Even visible light, which is much higher in frequency, penetrates deeply into the organism, as anyone who has ever transilluminated someone's head will verify.
An additional factor that no one seems to pay attention to is that the human body contains conductive paths. The wires are the nerves, blood vessels, and meridians. Whatever is received by the skin is conductive deeply into the body by these structures.

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