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21 November 2010

Health Advocates Invite PG&E CEO Darbee to Wireless Summit

By Joshua Hart

"No Need to Spy to Learn Health Impacts of Smart Meters- Published Scientists Happy to Share Findings"

Opponents of PG&E's 'smart' meter program today delivered an invitation to PG&E's CEO Peter Darbee at the corporation's Beale St. headquarters, urging him to attend Thursday's high profile wireless health forum at the Commonwealth Club.

Last week, William Devereaux, the Senior Director of PG&E's 'smart' meter program was caught falsifying his identity in an attempt to spy on internal discussions within the EMF Safety Network, a group who have a legal case against PG&E pending at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), alleging health harm from the new meters and demanding an immediate halt on further installations.

The espionage has prompted widespread media coverage, Devereaux's resignation, and an investigation by the CPUC.

Although PG&E would like us to believe that Devereaux was working alone, circumstantial evidence indicates that the spying was known about, and sanctioned at high levels within PG&E. Glen Chase, a Systems Management Professor who has been consulted and asked to speak on the Smart Meter issue by a number of Bay Area municipalities, said: "The complex logistics and granting of authority to transfer a complete fleet of trucks to another location to foil a demonstration would be near impossible to accomplish by a single man. Other PG&E management and operations personnel almost certainly had to know. Otherwise who would have authorized the move, selected a new truck location, reserved the buses to bring in drivers for the trucks, briefed the installation contractor, etc.?"

Thursday's forum, dubbed "The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields," will feature dozens of scientists from all over the world who have published peer-reviewed research in scientific journals. Their findings include a variety of health problems from the same type of radiation that is being emitted by new wireless 'smart' meters.

"It is not necessary for PG&E to spy on our discussion groups to find out how 'smart' meters are hurting California families." Said Joshua Hart Director of Stop Smart Meters! "Scientists from all over the world will be happy to share their published, peer-reviewed findings that even low levels of microwave radiation have been linked with nausea, dizziness, and headaches, some of the many symptoms that people throughout the state are reporting after 'smart' meters are installed."

Nearly two dozen California cities and counties have demanded a halt to the program. Yesterday, the Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA), the consumer advocacy arm of the CPUC, blasted the appointed Commission for failing to hold hearings on the health impacts of 'smart' meters. The DRA commented: "Unless the public's concerns can be put to rest, there is a very great risk that PG&E's SmartMeter deployment will turn out to be a $2.2 billion mistake that ratepayers can ill afford."

Members of the media (as well as Peter Darbee) are invited to hear the testimony of ordinary Californians who have been suffering health impacts from wireless 'smart' meters at the conclusion of Thursday's Commonwealth Club Event, which is planned for this Thursday, November 18th from 11:15am to 4:30pm at the Commonwealth Club, 595 Market St. 2nd Floor. Look for "Smart Meter Not Here" signs in the Commonwealth Club lobby at 4:30pm.

Interviews with 'smart' meter victims can also be arranged independently by contacting Joshua Hart, Director of Stop Smart Meters! at 831 440 9814 or

Smart Meter Health Testimonials

SA, San Clemente CA
The very first symptom was my husband and I noticed that both of our ears were ringing. (The meter was located directly outside of our bedroom wall behind our headboard.)

Waking up feeling heavy crushing pressure on our chests, rapid heart palpitations, waking up at night at the precise same time for weeks (like 1:23 a.m.) emotions unstable constant agitation, red bumps, rashes, and thermal burns on face, strained speech, difficulty speaking or loss of words, poor memory, painful inflammation of ear canals due to cell phones, (especially blackberries and iPhones, within 150 feet from me), dect phones, wifi, electrified outlets, refrigerators, and other electromagnetic fields.

Sensation that the left hemisphere of my brain was actually being cut or splitting in two, back of skull feels electrified, back of tongue feels electrified, electric shocks through my eyes, legs and feet. Brain feels like mush, cannot communicate or articulate well, dry cough around cell phones and wifi.

A.E. , San Diego

It started with the aches and pains, the super dry lips and a loud squealing in my right ear. Even my teeth hurt. Then the buzzing sound intermittently mixes with the high pitch squealing noise in my ear, followed by extreme exhaustion or fatigue in random parts of the day or evening, to where I couldn't even stand. The headaches make me feel like I want to die. I can't sleep until 5 or 6 am and pop back up at 7 am. I am nauseas, and my ear in is extreme pain. I have feelings as if the ground or furniture is moving or being bumped. I get dizzy and have problems orientating myself when I go from standing to sitting or vice versa.

R.H., San Diego CA

I began having symptoms of head burning and pressure on my chest within a few days. As time progressed the symptoms worsened. I had severe burning in my head and headaches of a new type. I started having palpitations, arrhythmias and flutter. I called SDG& E. Three people including an engineer and the director of the Smart Meter program came to my home, spent an hour talking and photographing the meters. They took no measurements of the radiation, though they said they would on the phone. The next day SDG&E informed me that they would not be replacing the meters with the analogue meters. They assured me that they are concerned about people's health.

By six weeks in, my cardiac symptoms were so severe and erratic that I had to move out. I rented an apartment, which turned out to be unsafe as well. The Smart Meters are everywhere. With the intensification of my symptoms, I have become EMF/RF sensitive and now have the above problems around cell towers, Wi-Fi and other sources, accompanied by skin rashes and burning. I am being evaluated by a cardiologist. I have always had a strong, healthy heart, even told so by doctors. The cardiologist has sent me for an evaluation by a neurologist as well.

Five people have reported symptoms in my home: My father has experienced headaches and visual migraines. My mother reported having pressure on the upper part of her chest and palpitations. One neighbor exposed to these 16 cluster meters is experiencing headaches and chest tightness. Another neighbor has difficulty opening her eyes in the mornings after 8 hours by the meters. Her ophthalmologist could find no explanation. She said she uses her fingers to open her lids. All of the above symptoms have occurred since the smart meter installations. The symptoms are worsening for everyone.

I am running scared living this nightmare. I don't know where to live and fear for my well-being. I already have a prior immune disability and I thought I would be legally protected by the ADA. I don't know where it is safe for me to live. In addition, the financial impact of this disaster compounds. I pay my monthly mortgage and rented a place, which due to symptoms, I cannot stay in. I am not sure that I can rent or sell my condo in good conscience. I am seeking medical care including treatments not covered by any insurance. My out of pocket costs continue to grow.

Stop Smart Meters!


PG&E considers SmartMeter compromise

David R. Baker, Chronicle Staff Writer

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. is considering options for customers who fear that the utility's new, wireless SmartMeters jeopardize their health, although company representatives won't say what those might be.

"We want those customers to understand that we take their concerns seriously," said PG&E spokesman Jeff Smith. "We're still in a preliminary stage of review, including weighing the costs of any options. We will make this information public in the coming months as we develop it."

Until now, San Francisco's PG&E has responded to questions about the meters' possible health effects by insisting that the devices are safe - and by continuing installation. People who say they are sensitive to radiation from cell phones, laptop computers and other wireless devices have demanded a moratorium on the $2.2 billion SmartMeter program, only to be rebuffed by the company and state regulators.

The issue, however, has not gone away.

A scientific organization that advises the California Legislature on technical issues is expected to release a preliminary report on one aspect of the SmartMeter health debate in mid-December. The consumer advocacy branch of the California Public Utilities Commission recommended this week that the commission, which oversees PG&E, study whether the meters can threaten public health.

The idea that wireless devices can cause cancer and other illnesses remains hotly disputed. But in an interview Friday in the San Jose Mercury News, PG&E Chief Executive Officer Peter Darbee said the company is looking for a "compromise solution" for people who consider the devices a health risk. He didn't elaborate.

For months, PG&E critics have suggested two main alternatives: allowing customers to opt out of the SmartMeter program and keep their old electricity and gas meters, or using SmartMeters that transmit their data through wires. Smith declined to say Friday whether either possibility was under consideration.

Possible risks to public

Michael Peevey, president of the utilities commission, said he had suggested to PG&E executives that they find some way to address the concerns of people who say they suffer from "electrosensitivity." He did not want to say which options he had suggested.

"My personal view is that PG&E ought to consider some means to address people who sincerely believe they're affected," Peevey said.

In July, Assemblyman Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, asked the California Council on Science and Technology to examine whether the federal limits on radiation from wireless devices, including SmartMeters, adequately protect the public. The council sent him an update Monday, saying a preliminary report should be ready by mid-December, and the final version could come in early January.

The council, which draws experts from California's universities and national laboratories, has been reviewing the current literature on advanced meters and wireless health questions as well as soliciting input from specialists in the field, according to the update.

Seeking separate study

Sandi Maurer, founder of the EMF Safety Network, said she was pleased that the council was studying the issue. But she still wants the utilities commission to do its own investigation.

Her group filed a formal request with the commission this year asking for a detailed study of the intensity of the radiation emitted by PG&E's meters and the cumulative radiation exposure PG&E customers could face. The network also wants public hearings on the possible health effects of these devices. PG&E customers have been contacting the network, blaming the new meters for headaches, sleep disorders and painful ringing in the ears.

Maurer said that allowing individuals to opt out of the SmartMeter program wouldn't be enough to protect electrosensitive people, because other meters would still be transmitting nearby.

"It's like, 'We'll do your whole town, we'll just skip your house,' " she said. "That won't work."

E-mail David R. Baker at


Study - Wi Fi makes our trees sick

Andrew Goldsworthy  16 hours ago ( response to article)

I live near a park in West London adjacent to a large busy mobile phone mast with multiple antennas. It has been there for over 15 years, and during that time more and more trees within about a quarter of a mile of it have died, not only of the symptoms described, but of various diseases as the radiation saps their immune systems. At present, many more trees there are scheduled to be cut down there because they have been so damaged as to be dangerous to the public. It seems that there is an additional price to pay for our WiFi and mobile phone calls.



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