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13 November 2010

Dear Martin,

In 2002,  I investigated strange symptoms, which started near a phone mast in my village, when an Orange mast was activated 14 metres from homes. 

In a pond in a garden behind a house, a large mass of frog spawn was destroyed around the edges, with apparently dead tadpoles in some places, patches of black and areas of spawn with a nucleus or developing tadpoles. All the goldfish died.

The owners of the house were suffering insomnia headaches nausea dizziness ear problems -and the husband lost his voice every time he went into the kitchen, where the mast could be seen - 14 metres from the house - antennas level with the front bedroom window.



The above message was written in response to this information (below) which had been previously reported in WEEP News -

An experiment has been made exposing eggs and tadpoles of the common frog (Rana temporaria) to electromagnetic radiation from several mobile (cell) phone antennae located at a distance of 140 meters. The experiment lasted two months, from the egg phase until an advanced phase of tadpole prior to metamorphosis.

Measurements of electric field intensity (radiofrequencies and microwaves) in V/m obtained with three different devices were 1.8 to 3.5 V/m. In the exposed group (n = 70), low coordination of movements, an asynchronous growth, resulting in both big and small tadpoles, and a high mortality (90%) was observed. Regarding the control group (n = 70) under the same conditions but inside a Faraday cage, the coordination of movements was normal, the development was synchronous, and a mortality of 4.2% was obtained. These results indicate that radiation emitted by phone masts in a real situation may affect the development and may cause an increase in mortality of exposed tadpoles. This research may have huge implications for the natural world, which is now exposed to high microwave radiation levels from a multitude of phone masts.

PMID: 20560769 [PubMed - in process]


EMF & Health Workshops

Join us on Saturday December 4, 2010 at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre with Dr. Magda Havas, PhD, and Guest Lecturers to experience a full day of learning about EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and the effect that they have on the human body.

For more detailed information about this important event visit -

Contact - Dianne Knight Tel: 416.551.7259


The Current
with Anna Maria Tremonti

Nov 10/10 - Medical Evidence

John Ioaniddis has spent a long time pushing evidence-based medicine. And in the process his faith in how we search for truth has been shaken. Dr. Ioaniddis feels much of what we think we know about medicine is wrong and that much of the information doctors base their treatments on is flawed.

Note - This is a very interesting interview which suggests that doctors are basing their treatments on faulty research.  (Similar to EMF issues).


Phone companies yank cord on white pages

Regulators have begun granting telecommunications companies the go-ahead to stop mass-printing residential phone books, a musty fixture of Americans' kitchen counters, refrigerator tops and junk drawers.


Microwave News

We have recently added a new column to the Microwave News Web site.

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Among the recent posts are:

-- ICNIRP's stunning rejection of precautionary policies for power-frequency EMFs;

-- An Australian TV video on a brain tumor victim who blames her glioma on heavy use of a mobile phone. The piece includes an interview with Interphone's Bruce Armstrong;

-- Another video on the latest EMF scam;

-- The New York Times' outlook on EMF/RF health risks (with a link to Mike Repacholi's WHO EMF Project).

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Louis Slesin

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Colwood residents protest new transmitters

Residents on Triangle Mountain might never have known of a 3G cellular transmitter being added to an existing transmission tower, had they not spotted workers installing it.

The Rogers Wireless transmitter was the first new addition to towers on the Colwood-side of the mountain since the City revised its communications antenna policy in December 2008. Under the policy the company should have consulted with the City before work began.

But Mayor Dave Saunders was as surprised as anyone to learn of the new transmitter.

"The policy relies on companies to act in good faith and inform us of their development plans," he told about forty people who had assembled near the base of the tower in protest on Nov. 8.

Sunders clutched a first-full of e-mails he'd sent to Rogers and Industry Canada requesting information about future plans to develop the towers, but he said both parties had told him the information was confidential.

"They obviously have something to hide," he said as the crowd waved signs with messages such as "cell towers cause cancer" and "Rogers is a bad neighbour."

Organizer Sharon Noble of the group Citizens Against Un-Safe Emissions (CAUSE) said this would be the first of a series of rallies in the location. The group is calling for a moratorium on transmitters being installed on the towers, which are as near as 30 metres to some homes.

"Triangle mountain is the wrong place (for transmitters), it's densely populated with families and children," she said, pointing out that scientific studies have linked exposure to wireless technology with adverse health affects.

Nobel said the group isn't against cellular technology, but rather concerned with the strength of the signals and their proximity to homes.

In an written statement to the Gazette, Rogers spokesperson Sara Holland said the company sets the radio frequency (RF) levels on transmitters at a rate approved by Industry Canada.

"The credible scientific community and international bodies responsible for setting RF safety standards continue to believe that cell phone towers, or base stations, do not pose any health risks," she wrote.

She also said Industry Canada the company consult the public before working on an an existing tower. "We are not required to consult with the local authority or the public when performing modest changes such as we are doing," she wrote.

Saunders said Industry Canada a llowed the company to go around local policy. So he's trying a different approach to get the information, telling Industry Canada that the City requires cell company work plans for the purpose of worker safety.

"If something happens to somebody working on the tower and we need to send in our Colwood firefighters to help, we need to know the site is safe," the mayor explained.

Tammy Jeske was glad to see so many people working together on the issue. She's a member of Colwood's EMR task force and currently a resident on triangle mountain, though she's considering moving to be further from the transmitters.

"I don't want my family and children to be a guinea pig for industry," she said.

She's done what she can protect herself, covering the beds in her home with protective shielding material that blocks the radiation.

In addition to emissions from wireless technology, mountain residents also experience electronic interference from FM radio transmitters.

"We put up with so much," Jeske said. "It feels like protesting is the last option."

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