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29 April 2010

Fiorito: See that big microwave tower? Me, neither

By Joe Fiorito City Columnist

Cities, like oceans, have unseen currents; much happens below the surface. Here is something you should know:

Will Marlatt and is wife Lee bought a condo in a quiet enclave near Leslie and Sheppard. They moved in last July, not long after the baby was born.

We were talking at their kitchen table on a recent evening. The house is near a busy road, on the edge of a mall parking lot. There are railroad tracks nearby, but there are also plenty of trees. The overall impression is quiet and leafy green.

And then?

Will said, "I came home one night. My neighbour asked what I thought about Bell." He must have responded with a blank look, because the neighbour asked if he'd seen the notice.

It seems Bell Canada wanted to erect a 131-foot microwave tower on the edge of Will's back yard.

Will didn't get any notice because he and his family had just moved in and they weren't yet on the property register.

Or some such stupid reason.

He led me outside, to show me where the tower was supposed to go. We walked along a grassy berm. "You see that fence?" It is chain link, and borders his back yard. "It's 38 feet from the back of my house. You see that tree? That's where they want to put the tower."

A nice tree, by the way, with a fat branch that could hold a swing for a kid.

No swings allowed on towers.

Then Will turned and pointed to a bedroom window at the back of his house. "That's my son's room. He's one year old." You'd be ticked off, too — about the lack of notice, yes, but mostly about all those microwaves so close to your baby's room.

Will is like you and me; he's a regular guy, and his concerns are our concerns: home and family first. The difference is, Will now knows a lot more about microwave radiation, and about community organizing, than he used to.

He took up a petition.

That's how he met Wilf McOstrich, a neighbour who happened to drop by as we were talking out back.

Together, the men organized a neighbourhood coalition to fight off the microwave tower.

Wilf, an artist, said, "We called a meeting in March. Bell came, and 70 people from the neighbourhood showed up. I think Bell was surprised. We had 200 signatures on the petition, and a lot of questions. But Bell supplied no information; it was a shambles."

Will said, "The city has a protocol for these towers. The protocol discourages towers in neighbourhoods; it also discourages towers within 120 feet of a neighbourhood." He pointed to his fence.

"This is 12 metres."

We went back inside. The two men showed me plans and letters and documents. As we were talking, Will's wife Lee came by with the baby, a sweet kid.

Lee said, "He's a miracle baby. It was a high-risk pregnancy. I did everything I could to have a healthy baby. Nobody I know can put their hand on their heart and tell me microwaves are safe."

Wilf pointed out that, if the tower was built where Bell wanted to put it, the value of their house would drop. And Lee said, "We can't afford to move, even if we wanted to. It's disheartening."

Money is not her first concern.

When I left, they were waiting for the results of a review of the situation by Industry Canada. But I had word from Will the other day.

Bell blinked.

There will be no tower in the Marlatts' back yard. And yes, it takes a good strong undercurrent to cut down a microwave tower.

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Another misguided Government Plan

$225 million gov't funds allocated to subsidize companies expanding high speed accessibility in Canada. In the beginning of the report it mentions concerns about health effects as being environmental effects, but later in the report mentions equipment disposal as the environmental effect.


Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields

Does anyone know if electromagnetic fields might cause temporal lobe activity/seizures in susceptible people? For instance, could the electromagnetic field in a car, or near a computer, TV or in a hospital where a lot of equipment is in use cause a temporal lobe reaction? I've been reading lately about how scientists have been stimulating the temporal lobes with electrodes and magnets to cause hallucinations, dreams, out of body experiences, religious experiences, etc. and I was wondering if the EMFs in the everyday atmosphere might trigger seizures in people who for some reason are sensitive to them.

I have had 2 abnormal EEGs, and been diagnosed with temporal lobe seizures. I've never seen a description of temporal lobe seizures that exactly fits what happens to me. I think I'm falling asleep, or I have dreams while I'm aware of what's going on around me. These aren't random; they almost always happen in a car, near a computer, TV, when I'm sleep deprived or very bored. My neuro said I'm not falling asleep, and he can't explain the dreams. All he said was that I have a seizure disorder and I have to accept it. Keppra has controlled most of this, but there are some times that it's not controlled.

I can canoe in class III-IV rapids and never have a problem. I don't have episodes while walking down the street or hanging out with people or doing things around the house. But before medication, just put me in a car, near a computer, in front of a TV or sometimes on the phone and I'd slip into a lucid dream, drop off for a few seconds or lose time on a frequent basis. Fluorescent lights could make me feel like I was going blind or crazy by the end of the day.

Does anyone else have this very predictable, non-convulsive type of TLE?

I keep trying to make sense of this, and I can't. That's why I keep coming back with these questions--hoping someone else will say "oh yeah, that's exactly what happens to me!"


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Topic: Living With Epilepsy - Adult Issues


Smart Meter Meeting - Dumb experts?

At last night's PG&E Smart Meter forum, held in Sebastopol, Michael Herz, of PG&E and Leeka Kheifets, hired by PG&E staffed the table designated for radio frequency (RF) questions. Neither could answer basic RF technical questions about Smart Meters. When asked what the peak power signal strength (not time averaged) was at 8 inches from the meter, Herz said that unfortunately, they couldn't answer that question.  They did not know the duty cycle, or how often the meters send or repeat RF signals. They could not answer what the RF exposure would be for a home with multiple meters. They didn't even know the make and model of the meters.

I suspect that PG&E doesn't have any RF technical experts in their company. How can we trust a company to deploy such a massive RF installation-on every home-if they cannot answer basic RF public safety questions?

PG&E turns out to answer concerns |

Sandi Maurer

EMF Safety Network



See the video -

HARTFORD – Last night, April 27th, legislation to have cell towers not be sited within 750 feet of a school unless the Siting Council finds that there are no economically feasible alternative sites within the municipality passed the House of Representatives according to State Reps. Livvy Floren (R-149), Lile Gibbons (R-150), Fred Camillo (R-151).

"This cell tower language seeks to put added focus on the safety of children, students, and adults who work in schools first when siting cell towers in the vicinity of these venues," said Rep. Camillo, a member of the Environment Committee.

Rep. Livvy Floren added, "This bill is a first step and takes into account local input regarding health and safety concerns about placing cell towers near schools."

Rep. Lile Gibbons said, "Although not an outright ban of siting a cell tower within 750 feet of a school, the bill does require the Siting Council to acknowledge the proximity of a school as well as safety standards, neighborhood concerns and the latest transmission technologies in rendering its decision."

The vote was unanimous in the House of Representatives 139-0. The bill now heads to the State Senate.



Report on School Safety: Cell Tower Proximity Concerns Expert


Published on Thu, Apr 29, 2010 by Brad Behan

WASHINGTON, D.C. - There is new evidence it's not just cell phones that might harm children's health, but the invisible radiation from cell towers and antennas sited near schools across the country. A new four-year study released Wednesday ranks children's potential exposure to radiation at more than 6,000 schools in U.S. state capitols.

Dr. Magda Havas, author of the BRAGtm Antenna Ranking of Schools, says many cell antennas are located too close to schools.

"In some states, for example, there's more than 100 antennas within a quarter-mile of the school. That's very high levels of radiation."

Many regulatory bodies take the position that radiation is harmless unless it is powerful enough to heat tissues, such as in a microwave oven. Havas, a professor of environmental and resources studies at Canada's Trent University, says her research indicates daily exposure to such radiation, called non-ionizing, increases the risk of developing cancerous tumors and other serious health problems.

"Things like difficulty sleeping, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, headaches, and problems with cognition, both in terms of concentrating and in recall."

The report also allows parents to look up information about their children's school, if they live in a state capitol. Havas says few people are aware of the danger.

"This is something that parents need to know about, teachers need to know about, and school administrators need to know about."

Jim Turner, chairman of Citizens for Health in Washington, D.C., says previous studies have considered only short-term radiation exposure - while children in schools near antennas are being exposed all day long.

"You start with a vulnerable immune system and you start dropping this daily for ten or 15 or 20 years, and you can end up with very serious problems in the long run."

The report recommends the Federal Communications Commission require wireless towers be kept at least 1,500 feet away from schools. In the past, citizen and community protests against siting antennas close to schools have been stymied by a provision of the Telecom Act of 1996, which limits state and local governments' ability to consider health or environmental concerns in the siting of wireless infrastructure.

Havas' report is available online at



This is a link to the microwave hearings that were held on Tuesday in Ottawa. The music at the intro has been removed, you can fast forward and rewind it - and you can download it to listen in an ipod.

Robert W


Dear Members of HESA,

First, on behalf of the 100s of people in Victoria who were listening today to the meeting, I would like to thank you for having this gathering and for allowing an open discussion of these important topics -- microwaves and health. It hopefully will be first of many.

When Ms. McLeod stated that she felt like going home to advise her constituents not to allow the tower, the response by Mr. Hill implied that that was your and your constituents' choice. But that is not true. Industry Canada has taken this power of choice away from us. We cannot protect ourselves because Industry Canada won't let us. Even when we know the radiation is dangerous because the transmitters are mere meters away from us, there is nothing we can do.

According to Industry Canada policy (CPC 2-0-03) and practise, transmitters can be put anywhere, on anything, with no notification or consultation. Municipalities and residents are told only if a new tower is being erected, because Industry Canada believes people are concerned only with aesthetics, not health, as told to me by Mr. Jim Laursen and Mr. Bruce Drake, both Industry Canada officials.

Even where a new tower is being erected and people are advised, and the municipality objects, the final decision rests with Industry Canada and the company. There is nothing your constituents, Ms. McLeod, can do. It is a sad state of affairs when you are told you cannot object on the basis of health -- but that is Industry Canada's policy. Neither can you object on the basis of property value (which on average decreases 30-40% when a tower is nearby) -- that is Industry Canada's policy.

And when one tower is up, as many transmitters can be placed on it as the companies want. And there is nothing you can do to argue it -- that is Industry Canada's policy. In fact, Industry Canada won't even tell you when a new transmitter or new transmitters are added -- that, too, is Industry Canada's policy.

Mr. Muc or Mr. Habash said Safety Code 6 doesn't need to be revised because people could use caution when using devices, such as phones. People can choose not to use cell phones or to use them less. But there is no way people can use caution when living near transmitters. We have no choice but to being radiated all day every day -- that's Industry Canada's policy.

Respecfully and with regards,

Sharon Noble

Victoria, BC


Invisible Dangers Inside Every Home

April 28th, 2010


Don't let electropollution—the newest toxin—zap you and your family.

An array of seemingly unrelated symptoms—acid reflux, ADHD, anxiety, asthma, blood sugar surges, blurred vision, changes in blood pressure, chills, chronic fatigue, circulation problems in the extremities, depression, dizziness, fibromyalgia, hearing loss, heart palpitations, insomnia, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, and even seizures—have been linked to exposure 24/7 from all those gadgets that make life easier for us.

"Modern society continuously exposes the population to electromagnetic radiation, the effects of which on human health—in particular reproduction—are still unknown," write Italian scientists in a new study. Their findings? Even extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) significantly reduce fertility in animals.

That's just the tip of the iceberg—electrically speaking. Environmental exposure to electropollution from faulty wiring, high-frequency broadcast waves, power surges, and those barrel-shaped transformers on power lines contribute to electropollution—as much as air conditioners, cell phones, computers, microwaves, PDAs, TVs, stereos, and wi-fi all contribute to auto-immune problems (including cancer), multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and miscarriage.

Dr. Ann Louise's Take:

I've been writing about the dangers of EMFs for over a decade, researching this problem to discover the invisible cause of all those unrelated health problems my clients—and I myself—have been mysteriously experiencing.

Unfortunately, few healthcare professionals have a clue about electropollution. Europeans are far more concerned about this problem than Americans, and one recent study shows that a third of German physicians associate EMFs with patients' health complaints.

Further complicating things, environmental toxins—increasingly prevalent in today's world—increase the risks from electropollution. Combined exposure to endocrine-disrupting atrazine and to EMFs significantly increases the number of mast cells, which are involved in auto-immune problems like allergies, in young animals in recent research.

And several studies show that people watching television have an increase in mast cells. Even fluorescent lights (including those new low-energy bulbs) can cause problems for certain individuals.

What Makes Electricity The Newest Pollutant?

Researchers now tell us that the US electrical grid is polluted by invisible "dirt"— high- and mid-frequency signals—that may be responsible not only for damaged machinery but also a host of physical symptoms (ranging from headaches and joint pain to memory loss and seizures) in people.

Our electrical system was designed for light bulbs and motors—not widescreen plasma TVs and computers in every home. Most electronic equipment plus air conditioners and refrigerators—anything with a thermostat—create a power surge every time they turn on. Arcing—itself a power surge from faulty wiring or even a tree limb brushing against electrical wires outside your home—is yet another way electricity can turn "dirty."

While you probably have your computer and other delicate electronic devices plugged into a surge protector, there's no such device to keep you or your family safe from dirty electricity! But there are numerous ways you can keep your home from becoming an EMF version of the Amityville horror.

· Don't microwave if you can help it. Microwaves levels within the kitchen can be significantly higher than those from nearby cell towers—and EMFs travel through inside walls, affecting anyone on the other side.

· Cordless phones emit almost as many EMFs as cell phones and microwaves. Use a corded phone whenever possible.

· Electric blankets and waterbed heaters have been linked to miscarriages. If you use one, turn it off before getting into bed.

· Whenever possible, replace electrical gadgets—egg beaters and mixers, knives, pencil sharpeners—with hand-powered devices. Because hair dryers emit EMFs, invest in a wall dryer that uses a flexible hose.

· To prevent the risk of arcing, replace light switches that are old, poorly made, or worn. Also remove dimmer switches, which emit broad frequency radiation, or at least use them on "high" or "low" instead of the middle range.

· Have a certified electrician check for electric code violations, loose connections that may cause arcing, and neutral wiring whose insulation has been pinched. Better yet, consider consultation with a certified EMF safety advisor at

Recently, a certified EMF remediator surveyed our home—only to find that my body voltage in the master bedroom rated "extreme concern" —no wonder I kept waking up throughout the night, sometimes with heart palpitations! Apparently a power line outside the house was creating stray voltage that entered our home—causing silent and invisible health risks.

Since we all need 8 or more hours of sleep, bedrooms are primary areas to check for EMFs. Removing all electronic devices (even clock radios) and unplugging all electrical devices before sleep can make a difference there.

Nutritional Support

Calcitrol, the active form of vitamin D3, combats low-level background radiation in the home. This form of D helps facilitate cellular communication, which is interrupted by EMFs, and also activates a healthy immune response, which can be tamped down by exposure to "dirty electricity." Take 3 capsules (twice daily) of Female Multiple or Male Multiple. I've recently increased the daily dose to 1000 IUs of this form of D in both of these multis—along with EMF-protective antioxidants and minerals.

Because electropollution can seriously reduce the body's production of melatonin (the antioxidant-like hormone linked to cancer protection), I recommend taking 3 to 15 mg daily, preferably in a time-released formula. Unlike other antioxidants, melatonin is able to cross the blood-brain barrier—meaning that it can actually breach the membrane designed to prevent toxins from entering your brain—and has been found twice as effective at preventing free radical damage to cell membranes (one of the prime targets of EMFs) as vitamin E.

How to Stay Young and Healthy in a Toxic World


San Francisco cell phone warnings

May 10 at 10:30 am hearing for cell phone warnings  in San Francisco at City Hall.

I have been carrying the torch a long time and I need your help now more than ever. If we do not get A LOT of people there , this will lose. WE DESERVE TO KNOW!!! Your kids and grandkids deserve to know.

This legislation will die without your support- we need babies, teens, young adults, parents, educators, doctors, retailers,- take the morning off – this is critical to the lives of so many. If this continues and 10% of cell phone users develop brain cancer as 10% of smokers developed lung cancer, we will see 500,000 million brain tumors worldwide in the next 10-20 years. I never thought this would happen to us. Have your family members or friends who live if SF come – but if you live nearby come also-it does not matter. I cannot stress the importance of this. SF is first city to have the guts to do this- we need to support that and get this momentum going. CA. has started legislation. Read May Men's Health, Harper's, Newsmax- read yesterday's SF Chronicle. This is for real. BUT without your help people will remain uninformed. I know it is a work day- please do what you can to come and encourage others- especially stay at home parents to come with their kids.

I will send a reminder. Please do not rely on others to do this for you. Thank you on behalf of all I know that are already dead or dying from this. Thank you on behalf of our future generations.


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