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24 April 2010

Citizens for Safe Technology Society

Empowering the public to protect children & youth from unsafe wireless technologies

April 21, 2010

House of Commons

Standing Committee on Health

Ottawa, Canada


Re: Public Health Threatened by Cellphone Radiation

Citizens for Safe Technology Society is a non-profit educational organization representing hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals in Canada who are extremely concerned about the exponential and uncontrolled increase in exposure to harmful wireless technologies. The wireless technologies which are causing increasing health damage include, but are not limited to, cell towers and antennaes, cell phones and other wireless personal devices, wireless internet (wi-fi & wi-max), cordless phones and smart meters.

We join with respected scientists worldwide who claim our standards for modulated microwave radiation are obsolete as they are based solely on thermal effects, with no concern for biological damage. Damaging health effects are scientifically documented to occur at levels thousands of times below existing public safety limits.

A profound and growing urgency exists to protect the unsuspecting public, especially children, youth, pregnant women, and the ill and elderly, from this serious and damaging environmental toxin.

Children and youth are at special risk. These young people represent the future of our country, and yet they are totally unprotected from reckless and greedy industry. When young people are exposed to the same amount of radiation as an adult, the harmful effects of the radiation will be far greater for children. They have smaller body mass, softer skull bones, more fluid in the head so radiation is more easily absorbed; also their cellular structure and nervous systems are changing and developing more rapidly thereby increasing risk of damage. Studies at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, found that children who were exposed to radiation as low as one milligauss (1mG) over long periods of time have twice the normal risk of developing leukemia. This appears to be only the tip of the iceberg with regards to health damage from microwave radiation.

Children and youth today will be exposed to this type of radiation for a much longer period over their lifetime than their parents. Thus, the exposure risk is much greater. Evidence is already pouring in from around the world clearly documenting modulated microwave radiation as the cause of various and serious illnesses and much physical distress for both adults and children.

The individual and personal experiences of pain, suffering and debilitation from microwave radiation continue to escalate. The mass of people who have become electrohypersensitive from exposure to damaging effects of microwave radiation is growing every day.

My personal experience is unequivocal in confirming the damaging health effects reported by so many. In 2008, my internet service provider activated a wi-fi system in my home office without my knowledge. I had no explanation for the sudden onset of strange and frightening health problems. Here is what I experienced daily:

- dizziness, headaches/migraines, heart arrhythmia and palpitations, anxiety, painful teeth & gums, insomnia, anxiety, nausea and digestive disorders including irritable bowel symptoms, memory loss, inability to concentrate

My health deteriorated so rapidly, that within one week from the onset of symptoms, I was unable to work. My doctor was at a loss to explain the situation. At one point, I was admitted for medical testing due to symptoms of heart attack.

After about 6 weeks of this terrible situation, a visitor using a personal computer noted that I had excellent wireless internet in the house. This was a tremendous surprise to me, as all our computers had always been hardwired. Also, we live on acreage and do not receive second hand wi-fi radiation from neighbours. The service provider was then contacted, and they confirmed the wireless capability had been activated remotely. Upon request, the wireless internet in my home office was immediately shut off from their head office.

I was thankful, yet amazed, when all my terrible health problems disappeared within minutes or hours from shutting off the wireless internet. I assumed that this was the happy solution to a puzzling health problem, but not so.

Since my exposure to wireless internet at home, my body systems have become extremely sensitive to modulated microwave radiation emitting from most if not all wireless devices, including wireless internet (wi-fi and wi-max being the worst), cell phones, cell towers and antennaes.

I must now carefully plan activities to avoid wi-fi and wi-max or I will very quickly become disabled with dizziness, migraines, heart arrhythmias and severe digestive problems. When I travel, even driving locally, I need to avoid as many cell towers as possible due to their ill effect upon me and I can no longer use a cell phone, or be in areas where many people are using their cell phones, for the same reasons. In short, I cannot work, travel nor live freely in this society any longer due to the ill health effects caused by modulated microwave radiation from unsafe wireless technologies employed by the cellular industry. Unquestionably, my life and that of my family, has now been changed forever due to exposure to unsafe wireless technology.

As I tell my personal story, I know that I am not at all unique and my heart goes out to everyone who is suffering from this problem. Unfortunately, I am part of a growing population within Canada and the world whose health has been damaged and lives destroyed by modulated microwave radiation used by the telecommunication industry. Some have even chosen to take

their own lives as they find it impossible to live healthily in our communities, which have become so polluted by this microwave radiation.

It is urgent that the Canadian government takes time to understand the biological health risks and takes action to protect its people. Do not let industry ravage the population, as we have seen with the asbestos and tobacco industries. The cost to families, communities and the wealth and strength of Canada as a whole is truly frightening when we examine the incalculable health risks of this wireless technology.

Our government needs to be cognizant that this industry no longer carries insurance protection for those who experience physical harm from their technologies. This risk is being passed on to individuals, groups and businesses, who have no concept they could be liable for legal claims and costs. What would happen to our already beleaguered school systems if they also had to pay out compensation for damaged health and ruined lives of children suffering from cancer or other illness caused by exposure to wireless internet microwave radiation (wi-fi) while being educated? Would our local churches survive a class action lawsuit by cancer cluster victims claiming the cell mast on church property has destroyed their health and livelihood?

The question of how destructive to community this emerging personal injury liability issue will be is as yet unanswered, although there are a number of lawsuits worldwide that could trigger an avalanche of similar. And as science becomes more able to understand how damage occurs and mechanisms of harm, evidence is mounting.

On behalf of concerned parents, I request that you protect children and youth immediately by recommending hard wired connections instead of wireless internet in schools and other learning institutions, libraries, and community centers. Require cell masts and antennaes to be sited safe distances away from schools, colleges, universities and homes. Where industry fails to warn, provide protective warnings to parents on safe cell phone use, so they can properly protect themselves and their loved ones.

Finally, please work towards protecting the public by enacting biological health standards for modulated microwave radiation as recommended in the BioInitiative Report. Take note of the warnings and other safety measures now being implemented by other governments in their efforts to secure a

healthy and valuable future for their citizens and ultimately, for their countries.

I encourage you to make a decision at this very moment to protect children and youth. Do not delay what you can do today. Start implementing steps right away to bring safety to our schools, libraries and wherever children and youth congregate. They have no voice to speak out to protect themselves from greed, manipulation and the addictive properties of this new technology. They must rely upon the wisdom, integrity and bravery of those strong enough to think clearly and act effectively. Let the children be the first among us to receive protection.

With respect and hope,

Una St.Clair-Moniz

Executive Director

Citizens for Safe Technology Society


                                                                                 Dunham le 23 avril 2010 

Mme Christine Holke-David

Greffière du comité permanent sur la santé

     Je suis diagnostiqué "Intolérent aux rayonnements électromagnétique" depuis juillet 2007.  N'ayant pû trouver de soins professionnels j'ai décidé de faire mes propres recherche et j'aimerais vous en faire part.

     La section santé et sécurité des télécommunications est régis par le Code 6 de Santé Canada.  Ce code a été élaboré seulement avec des test de chaleurs effectués sur des périodes de 6 minutes, aucun test biologique à long terme  n'a été fait.  Les médecins canadiens quant à eux se base sur les seuils de l'ICNIRP lesquelles sont à peu de chose près comparable au Code 6.  Or il existe une compilation d'études biologiques qui ont été analysées par 14 scientifiques indépendants et qui s'intitule "Bioinitiative report"  Il y est clairement indiqué ( section sommaire pour le public) que les seuils de tolérence gouvermenentaux acceptables pour la santé sont nettement insuffisants.

     D'autres part l'intolérence aux rayonnements électromagnétiques (ou électrosensibilité) est équivalent aux syndrôme des micro-ondes, une maladie qui a été observés dans les années 50 en Russie alors que ceux-ci se servaient des micro-ondes dans les tours de contrôles pour communiquer avec les avions.

        Personnellement je me sert d'un code de sécurité élaboré par des biologistes allemands (Baubiologie)  qui me semble complet et adéquat.

     Il me semble que la nocivité des technologies sans fils est clairement démontrée et que des mesures drastiques pour arrêter ce fléau sont requises

Daniel Lareau

Dunham, Qc


Subject: SC6
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 10:11:11 -0700

My name is Barb Makota,  I would like to bring to your attention, the ever increasing global fears and concerns of Canada's so called Safety Standards of Safety Code 6

I am not a scientist, but I study scientific research of cell phone radiation and how it affects your health. I have been doing this for 12 years now. Previous to that I worked selling and programming cellular phones from 1996 to 1998. I loved my job, but while I was there I began to feel sick and nauseous everyday and I was developing re occurring lesions on the left side of my face. I'm left handed. I was having headaches daily. I had never had a headache ever before this. I also had a tight numb feeling in my brain in the area of the antenna. My face also felt numb and tingly and my hand would cramp up. I wasn't sleeping well. I couldn't concentrate, and I was irritable and would sometimes snap at people and this was not my usual soft mannered way. I just was not feeling well.

The lesions kept reoccurring every few weeks and each time was worse than the last. They started out as a hard lump under the skin and would have a dry flaky ring around the lump. But now it would open up from the centre and pus would form a crusty burning painful sore. Each time they would be bigger and more painful. I was so desperate I went to many doctors as not one would figure it out. I went through many tests and no answers. The lesion would appear on the cheek bone or the centre of my cheek or above the jaw. My sinus was swollen and painful and my eyes were burning and very painful. I had high anxiety and was very frightened and the though crossed my mind that I didn't want to live any more. I felt ugly and ashamed of these horrible painful sores.

I just felt sick to my stomach every day with nausea and fear of what was happening to me and my health. It should have been the happiest time of my life. I was in my prime. I had a great paying job; it was the job I had always wanted. I loved where I lived. I had a new love in my life, we are now (after 13 years together) parting ways because of the stress from this injury and my 12 year battle for compensation from this arrogant uncaring, uninsured corporation "Motorola".

This burn on my tissue, is a clear indication that this very low radiation can in fact burn tissue and these phones can and do exceed Canada's Safety Code limits. I fear for young children who unknowing of the dangers use these devises like they were a toy.

Canada's safety standards are not adequate to protect the general public especially children,pregnant women, immune deficient and the elderly. However, they do look to our Gov't for assurance that they are purchasing a safe product. At this you have failed.

Industry Canada and Health Canada continue to pass the blame on each other and insist the problem doesn't exist and neither is taking responsibility or the appropriate action.

SC6 has many errors in it's calculations, which are based on a 6ft. 200 pound man using a phone for 6 minutes, no calculation for accumulation of radiation, and biological effects are not even included. These are just a few of the very obvious errors inSC6, we should look at Europe for solutions as their Safety Standard are 1000 x lower than ours they have acknowledge a problem exists.  

Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy has solutions to the problems that exist, at this point what do we have to loose in investigating his theories, as well as Dr. Magda Havis, Dr.George Carlo and Olle Johansen. Fiber Optics also would be a safer way of transporting cell phone ICRF.

Thank you for your interest in this very serious problem.

I pray we will find the solution soon.

Barb Makota 


Dear Ms. Murray,

I am writing about the meeting scheduled for HESA on April  27 and 29 to begin discussions about Health Canada's need to re-visit Safety Code 6, which is the guideline used to protect public from radiation from FM and cell phone transmitters, DECT phones, WiMax, WiFi, etc.

There are hundreds of groups across Canada, comprised of 1000s of Canadians, who are worried because Health Canada is allowing 1000s of times more radiation than do many other countries, and this decision seems to be based on industry-funded studies. My husband and I spent months researching the scientists in Health Canada, on the Royal Panel, and those whose studies are used as the basis for Safety Code 6. We found that in an alarming proportion of situations, these people are affiliated either directly or indirectly with the telecommunication companies.

The same is true, unfortunately, of WHO and ICNIRP, other organizations supposedly establishing levels to protect the public. Health Canada did not deny our assertions, but rather stated that funding source does not affect results. We all know that statement to be ludicrous.

Credible, peer-reviewed studies, many by government agencies, have found for decades that microwave radiation disrupts the natural body's electrical system. Now that we have transmitters everywhere, and we have no control over the placement (only Industry Canada does and it has decided they can be put anywhere without notification or debate with the municipalities or people living in the vicinity), our children who are the most vulnerable are exposed 24/7/365. Their schools and homes are wired. They will pay the price in 10-20 years.

I ask you to please, after you've heard the information from the noted scientists we've invited, to demand further investigation of our complaints. Please read my petitions: and 255b


Please see the science that money has bought us.

We need and deserve protection from the telecommunication industry. Our children deserve the right to healthy futures.


Sharon Noble

Chair, CAUSE (Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions) a group of hundreds of citizens on Triangle Mountain, Colwood, living and dying from FM radiation.

Victoria V9C 3V5


Week of April 25th . . . wireless technology and health.

It seems that a lot is happening this coming week with:

(1) CBC Radio, Sunday Edition, interview on WiFi and cell phones with Drs. Krewski, Lai, Gilbert and Havas.  Listen live on Sunday morning or hear it as podcast on the following Tuesday.

(2) House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) meeting on  Radio Frequency Radiation, April 27 and 29 in Ottawa.

(3) The new BRAG Antenna Ranking of School Report is due to be  released in Washington, D.C. April 28.  For those of you who would like to see this report, it will be available (free pdf) at 10 am on April 28th at, and

(4) Congressional Briefing on cell phone antennas and cell phones, also on April 28th (afternoon) in Washington, D.C.
Job posting - Health Canada is advertising on their website  - looking for RF expert that can.....

Writing and revising content for the "Sun Safety," "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity," "Power Lines," and "Vitamin D3 and Sunlight" Web sections


'SmartBoards' not so smart.  This Bluetooth technology will trigger the typical EHS symptoms for some, and teachers have a right to know. So do the parents and the kids.  With other words, citizens and employees should still have a right to know and a right to choose in a democracy, especially if it is based on consumerism.

Middle school leading way in technology

School implements SMART technology

Author : Coleman Molnar

CMS Students use the interactive SMART board in class.

APRIL 20, 2010

Students and teachers at Coquilhalla Middle School are completely 'dialed in.' Each classroom at CMS is equipped with a SMART Technologies interactive whiteboard, a state of the art technology with a touch screen, internet capabilities, and all the advantages of a modern computer.

"Anything that shows up on my computer, shows up here," said Sheldon Stuttard, a math, science, and physical education teacher at CMS.

Students can participate in lessons by brainstorming on their computers and sending their ideas wirelessly to the SMART board, by solving equations by tracing their fingers over the board, or even by throwing a ball at items on the screen.

"It really does keep the kids paying attention. I use it every day for at least part of the lesson," said Stuttard.

The interactive whiteboards were installed at the beginning of this school year following the distribution of laptops to students last year.

"This is the first year that every kid has a laptop," said CMS principal, Leroy Slanzi.

This technological evolution was brought about at CMS when teachers realized that students were, regardless of how they were being taught at school, completely immersed in today's technologies.

"Every kid in the school is texting and emailing—they're dialed in," said Slanzi. "Instead of fighting it, we're embracing it."

These gadgets were not cheap, however.

"It probably cost about $20,000 to put SMART boards in the classrooms," said Slanzi.

"Teachers made a real sacrifice by diverting fund raising dollars used for traditional expenditures (team uniforms) towards SMART boards."

Slanzi says he believes this is a great step toward an interactive education that will better serve students.
"We're trying to get to a point where kids will be able to dictate how they learn and what they learn while they're in school," added Slanzi.

"The school is really far ahead of the curve in terms of technology," said Stuttard. "It's really cool."

Submitted by Linda

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