Thursday, February 18, 2010

New research, Rajkovic et al 2010 / New ES web site from England / News from New Zealand / iPhones and Health

New research paper: Rajkovic et al 2010.
New ES web site from England

I discovered that I was ES some 8 years ago.
I have just set up a small blog where I talk about the issue with the aim of helping others in the same predicament.
The address of my blog is
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News from New Zealand

The government's response to the LG&E Report of 24 November 2009 is available from the link below.  It is unbelievably arrogant and simply abysmal!

Where on earth did "the government" get its advice? Where is the transparency and accountability? Who bears the costs of resulting harm- no doubt the communities who asked for more responsibly in the first place.

Whatever happened to listening to the communities who are affected. 

The government's response completely ignores the serious uncertainties in the NZS2772:1 1999 and that many European states have adopted a far more a precautionary approach with standards up to 1000 times more stringent than New Zealand. It ignored the warnings that are now widespread about unnecessary EMR exposures especially for children.

What influences have affected our government's assessment of the risk of EMR and made them so different from the far more considered assessment of the EU, and many individual European states? 

How did "Big Brother" come to know more than the Select Committee members who listened to the people? 

This is simply bizarre.
From: Pavan Sharma
Sent: Thursday, 18 February 2010 4:10 p.m.

Subject: Govt's response to cellphone tower report

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Please find attached for your information a link to the Government's response to the Local Government and Environment Committee's recommendations on the cellphone tower petitions:

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