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Spain will reduce the emissions 4,000 times / Ford, Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots / Children's Wireless Protection Act / Effect on electronic equipment?

The first ordinance in Spain will reduce 4,000 times the emissions of the antennas
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21/12/2009 - MD0/EP - Photos: Juan Luis Jaén
The Plenum Leganés City Council at its last meeting approved the new ordinance to regulate the installation of mobile phone masts, a "pioneer" document in the country that fixes the power of the towers at a maximum of 4,000 times lower than possible until now and which guarantees the Consistory the work of measuring and monitoring through a network control technology that will provide data in real time to citizens.
In this regard, the Planning and Industry Councilman Raul Street, said the issuance of the antennas shall be determined-according to "European standards" that have formed the basis of the ordinance-in a "peak power density of 0, 1 microwatt per square centimeter.

Furthermore, the document-which has worked for over a year in a consensual manner with the Federation of Neighborhood Associations of strict Leganes-control sets the maximum allowable radio installations, surveillance will be "specially controlled sensitive places such as inside homes, workplaces, schools, homes and hospitals and generally in any area of possible occupation by the same person for a period of no less than six hours, "said Street.

To enforce the ordinance and check that the antennas installed comply with the new rules, the council provides for the establishment of "a mechanism allowing residents access to information concerning the location of mobile equipment and transmitters of the intensity of these diffuse radio emission.

This will allow "all the neighbors can know at any time not only where there are mobile phone masts, but what is emitting power, for example, is close to home or school for their children," according to councilor.

Network control technology
For this, the new ordinance contains the possibility that the city council to control the emission of electromagnetic waves generated by telecommunications services, through enabling a "network technology" of strategically located measurement equipment, according to a plan implantation.

"We will not limit inspections to a plan, but we will launch a technical network that constantly evaluate and measure the emission power of mobile phones," said Street. Separately, a spokesman for the Federation of Neighborhood Associations, Juan Antonio Sanchez, said the importance of the ordinance lies precisely in the "real control of electromagnetic pollution.

Municipal sources remarked that, despite limiting the maximum allowable powers shall be guaranteed "absolutely adequate mobile phone coverage in all areas of the municipality. They also point that the goal "is not to restrict or impede the lawful business of the companies in the sector but to ensure the health of citizens."
Why why Wi Fi?  I wonder how much microwave radiation this (article below) will subject the car occupants to?  How many extra accidents will be caused because drivers brains are disturbed?  How many driving rage incidents it will initiate?  How much additional stroke, heart attack and sickness it will cause for families exposed to this dangerous pollution?
Ford are failing to protect their customers with this proposed idea.  They are risking huge liability issues!
Martin Weatherall

Ford Turning Cars Into Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots

New SYNC-Ready Cars will Offer Secure Wireless Connections

Next year, Ford will be introducing it's new version of SYNC, a technology it partnered with Microsoft on. This technology will allow you to have constant Wi-Fi in your car.

All an owner of a SYNC-ready car would have to do is plug in a compatible USB mobile broadband modem (or air card), and they will create a secure wireless connection that will be broadcast throughout the vehicle.

"While you're driving to grandma's house, your spouse can be finishing the holiday shopping and the kids can be chatting with friends and updating their Facebook profiles," said Mark Fields, Ford president of The Americas. "And you're not paying for yet another mobile subscription or piece of hardware because Ford will let you use technology you already have."

"The speeds with which technology is evolving, particularly on the wireless front, makes obsolescence a real problem," said Doug VanDagens, director of Ford's Connected Services Solutions Organization. "We've solved that problem by making SYNC work with just about any technology you plug into it. By leveraging a user's existing hardware, which can be upgraded independent of SYNC, we've helped ensure 'forward compatibility' with whatever connectivity technology comes next."

"Using SYNC with existing mobile devices helps Ford provide the most value, the most flexibility and the most convenience for owners," said Fields. "Constant connectivity is becoming a routine part of our customers' lives, and we're making existing technology more accessible without adding costs: That's the kind of value Ford drivers have learned to expect."

Ford has proven in the past to be a particularly Internet-savvy company. This was evident from an interview WebProNews did with Scott Monty, who runs the company's social media efforts:
Ford says studies by the Consumer Electronics Association show that as many as 77 million adults make up the so-called technology enthusiast drivers population, more than half of whom express the desire for a connected communications and information system in their vehicles. They say over a third of Americans would be interested in the ability to check email and access Web sites in their vehicles.
The Children's Wireless Protection Act
Dear Friends, Loved Ones, Business Associates, Acquaintances and People We have Not Yet Nor Will Ever Get To Meet;

The below video was prepared to help raise your awareness and gather signatures in support of protective  legislation we are bringing to inform the public about the FACT that cell phones can cause brain cancer, brain tumors and a host of other serious life threatening illnesses...

The legislation entitled The Children's Wireless Protection Act calls for warning labels on cell phones for children and pregnant women, the most vulnerable of the population.  If you would like to skip the video and just sign the petition for legislation, please click here...

We desperately need your signature...Recently, the state of Maine voted UNANIMOUSLY amongst the legislative council (4 Republicans, 6 Democrats) to introduce it as an emergency bill in 2010.  It now goes to committee and then to the full legislative body of Maine for a final vote  (approx. 200 legislators).  We will also be having hearings at the federal level in 2010 to vote this bill into law for all of the US.


PLEASE sign the petition and pass it on to every and anyone you know who uses a cell phone.  As you will see in the video, children are not the only ones at risk.

If you have already signed this petition, please pass this email on so others can watch the video, get informed, sign the petition and help us enact this bill.

If you would like to find out more about this dire situation, you can visit our website...

Thank you for signing.  Please pass it on to everyone on your email list who uses a cell phone.  Please post it on your Facebook, Myspace and Twitter account. 

Thank you for helping us enact this desperately needed legislation.  We cannot do it without your help.

If you would like to be removed from this email list, just send us an email saying PLEASE REMOVE ME in the Subject Line.

Sincerely, Liz Barris,
The Peoples Initiative Foundation

Do you have an effect on electronic equipment?

Caroline Grist, at the Discovery TV Channel, is looking to interview people who have an effect on electronic equipment.  They are doing a show on lightning and other unusual EM phenomenon and she asked if I could get some people to contact her directly who can't wear watches because they malfunction or who can't use computers for the same reason.  She would like to interview them.

Anyone interested should contact her directly at and could they send me a copy so I know how many contacts she gets.  My email address is  

As with most media people she has a deadline looming, so the sooner they contact her the better. 

She plans to do another show on EHS and will be looking to interview those people as well.



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