Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ELF Dangers With Cindy Sage On - Coast To Coast AM / Comment - Copenhagen Climate Conference

Interviews: ELF Dangers With Cindy Sage On - Coast To Coast AM
By TheOneAll
Appearing during the middle two hours, environmental consultant Cindy Sage discussed the dangerous health effects of electro-magnetic fields (ELF) radiating from a variety of sources. Of particular concern are the exponentially popular ... Many people may have a chronic low level exposure to ELF even if they aren't using equipment, through others' cell phones, wireless devices, and WIFI-- an "electromagnetic soup" that is kind of like second hand smoke, she explained. ...
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Comment  -  Copenhagen Climate Conference
There are at least four major environmental problems which are endangering the environment, mankind and future generations:
1.  Climate Change
2.  Electro Magnetic Pollution
3.  Chemical Pollution of the land and water systems
4.  Over population of the earth by humans
Of these situations, only one - climate change, is being discussed by world leaders.  This is a shame because each of these problems have the ability to endanger future life on earth.
A major disappointment has been the failure of governments and scientists to identify the main cause of climate change - over population and over use of the earth's resources. 
If the population of earth was to shrink by a large percentage, the need for oil, coal and other causes of greenhouse gas emissions would also shrink.  We would need less food, so that the land and forests can be managed better and animals can have their natural habitat back. 
Electro magnetic pollution and chemical pollution can be solved by educating world leaders and having them impose careful and sensible control of the dangerous devices being used and the pollutants emitted.
An important way forward to solve climate change and over population is to stop planning expanding economies.  What we really need are economies that do not encourage over population and over pollution, but provide sustainable and safe futures.
The World's ability to reproduce healthy and intelligent offspring is also of vital importance.  Exposure to electro magnetic radiation and chemical pollution must not be allowed to cause further harm to the environment and risk to future generations.
Martin Weatherall