Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mayors of French Cities / Liechtenstein to adopt the BioInitiative standard / Letter to Councillor Minnan-Wong / CFL bulbs on News / Canada AM Television

- Association of Mayors of French Cities: Press Release

- Michel Destot, President AMGVF, Deputy Mayor of Grenoble.

- "The mayors of several cities request a trial period of reducing EMF exposure levels"

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- "In spite of opposition from the phone companies,
Liechtenstein confirms its intention to adopt the BioInitiative standard of 0.6 V/m"

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Toronto City Council

Councillor Minnan-Wong,

I am a research scientist and associate professor at Trent University in Peterborough and I do research on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

It was brought to my attention that you want to bring free wireless to Toronto.  While I recongize that you have good intentions, as this is an amazing technology that provides a gateway to the world and would be of particular value to those who cannot afford it,  you should also be aware of some of the potential consequences.  There are two ways of accessing the internet through wires and through wireless technology.  Wireless is certainly more convenient but it also increases our exposure to microwave radiation, the same radiation-although at lower intensity-used by a microwave oven.

The current guidelines used by Health Canada (Safety Code 6) are based on a short, 6-minute, average heating effect.  The assumption is that if this radiation during a 6-minute exposure doesn't heat
your body then it is SAFE.

With wireless in Toronto we would be exposed 24/7 and the more people using the system the higher would be the exposure.  If you ask Health Canada what their long-term exposure limit is . . . they don't have one.  While a 6-minute average exposure MAY make sense (if heating is our only concern) for a short 6-minute phone call on a mobile phone it does NOT make sense for long-term, continuous exposure.

Libraries in France are removing WiFi because of ill health complaints.  Scientists and doctors around the world are asking their governments to re-examine existing guidelines for wireless technology and to adjust them based on the results from countless scientific studies, which are showing adverse health effects at levels thousands of time slower than Safety Code 6.

A number of countries are doing this and the best guidelines in the world are in Salzburg Austria (0.1 microWatts/cm2).   Russian guidelines are 10 microWatts/cm2.  Do you know what our guidelines are?  1000 microWatts/cm2 . . . 100 times higher than the Russian guidelines and 10,000 times higher than the Salzburg guidelines!

I would strongly urge you to read the document I wrote on wireless technology (attached) and I would also encourage you to go to the website as this contains a document that references more than 2000 scientific documents on the biological and health effects of electromagnetic energy.

Wired internet is the best way to go.  It is more costly but it is also safer in the long-term. Please read these documents before you move forward, because you may be doing long-term harm for short-term gain.

-magda havas

Geeta Nadkarni is doing a segment on CFL bulbs on News at Six, CBC TV

Montreal at 6 pm this Friday (June 12/09).

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Canada AM Television Appearance

Kevin Byrne will appear on the 'Canada AM' television show, this Thursday at 08:40 to demonstrate EMF hazards in the home.

Possible demonstrations are: Wi-Fi router, DECT phone and a DECT baby monitor etc.