Monday, June 15, 2009

CFLs on CBC Montreal News at Six / Public hearings before cell towers / EMF effects on kids

CFLs on CBC Montreal News at Six

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Go to Friday June 12, 2009 & scroll down until you come to: Compact florescent lights could be bad for your health.

Geeta Nadkarni reports (last one) and hit "watch" runs 3:41 minutes.


Parents will get public hearings before cell tower deals

By ADAM EMERSON | The Tampa Tribune
Families demanding to be heard before schools arrange to place cell towers on their campuses now will have a voice.

Hillsborough County commissioners Thursday night changed their land-use codes to force tighter restrictions on schools pursuing cell tower leases.
Now a public hearing is required before the towers can go up.

Commissioners took up the measure after hearing from a vocal group of parents who complained that schools were quick to make lucrative deals with cell phone companies without hearing from those opposed.

Many parents who attended the commissioners' meeting wanted to ban all towers from schools, fearing radio frequency emissions could damage their children's health. But commissioners said they were tied by federal law, which won't allow such bans based on health concerns.

"I don't think people want cell towers,"Commissioner Mark Sharpe said. "They're looking for resources to help their schools."

Principals say the leases provide a financial boost to schools that have suffered budget cuts in recent years. Some schools buy supplies. Others bankroll weekend reading camps.

Linda Cobbe, a spokeswoman with the school district, said the board and administrators supported the commission's vote.


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