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Excess mortality on college premises: a case study / Interview on wifi with Dr Grahame Blackwell / Wifi Radiation and Your Freedom from disease


Between 1999 and 2004, the staff and management of the College looked for the cause of an abnormally high cancer rate among the personnel of certain departments (24 cancer cases, 12 deaths).

Subject: Next-up News Nr 907 Excess mortality on college premises: a case study

Artificial microwave irradiation of the public and excess mortality: a case study.

.." ... Out of social conscience we want to spread this explosive information.
After studying the dossier, we decided on the title, which will be "Managing a specific crisis".
As well, the College wanted to keep quiet about this catastrophic situation ... "
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Interview on wifi with Dr Grahame Blackwell on Irish radio yesterday.

You can hear the Irish interview (about 12 mins) at:

Starts 26 mins 55 secs into programme (timer next to on/off control - use slider

Microwave radiation in the frequency range of WiFi has been shown to increase permeability of the blood-brain barrier, cause behavioural changes, alter cognitive functions, activate a stress response, interfere with brain waves, cell growth, cell communication, calcium ion balance, etc., and cause single and double strand DNA breaks. Many scientific reports including Salford and Persson's most recent paper is showing that it is the lowest exposure levels that do the most damage to the blood-brain barrier. The time has come to call for a complete scientific review in favour of adopting new biological based guidelines.

The question is WHY are we putting our children's health at risk for the sake of wireless computers?  We should use wired connections which are faster and safer anyway. We congratulate the teachers union for taking up this very important campaign.

The Radiation Research Trust website has recently updated the website which includes an excellent publication on "How susceptible are genes to mobile phone radiation?" The German based Competence Initiative have collated a 64 page document looking at the wealth of peer-reviewed, published material demonstrating effects of mobile phone radiation and health. The primary authors of the articles within the report are Franz Adlkofer, Igor Belyaev, Karl Richter and Vladislav Shiroff, and between them have covered the relevant literature in great detail, with over 300 references fully indexed.

Plus Örjan Hallberg has put together a well researched and documented article outlining a number of increases in cancers and other issues (such as sleep disturbances) which have risen markedly since the takeup of modern GSM and 3G phone technologies, and promotes a strong argument that the possibility that mobile phones are at least partially responsible is very likely.

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Radiation Research Trust



Small room Phone/Wifi Radiation and Your Freedom from disease

By Marcie Barnes

Summarized from an assignment I completed for:
JOMC 710 "Computing Concepts and Issufs: Pwer Tools for hhe Mind"
Professor Deb Aikat, Ph. D
April 9rh, 2009
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Most of us are familiar with the possible dangers of radiation from things such as nuclear power plants, microwave ovens, x-rays, and power lines. New technology has introduced a few more devices that have entered the debate over what levels of radiation are harmful: the cell phone, and more recently, the wireless network. Because cell phones are used by 83% of Americans, and by some for the majority of their day, exposure to cell phones and the radiation they omit should be a top-of-mind issue. Similarly, wireless networks, commonly known as wifi, are popping up all over the country and the world, including public schools, in order to connect laptop and web-enabled phone users to the Internet. Both of these technologies may be causing a greater health risk via the radiation they emit.


1) General decline in public health: There are a bevy of research-proven illnesses attributed to overexposure to radiation, including: asthma, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorder, autism, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cataracts, hypothyroidism, diabetes, malignant melanoma, cancer, heart attacks and strokes (including in young people) and "radio wave sickness". The more people are exposed to these devices and the towers associated with them, the higher the chances are that illness may ensue at some point.

2) Forest die-off, reproductive failure and population decline - these things have been found in many species of birds, as well as ill health and birth deformities in farm animals near microwave towers. Possible implications could include disruption of the food chain that could lead to extinction, contaminated food supply via direct exposure or from the birth defects and degradation of the animal's genetic material.

3) Privacy concerns - Some people are beginning to feel "invaded" by the proliferation of microwave radiation in our cities and towns, and even some of the most rural areas are no longer safe havens for those who may choose to live or spend time away from towers. Lawsuits could become more prevalent if more people fall ill and the link between radiation from wireless devices and illness is proven.

4) Major loss of productivity and well-being - Non-diagnosed, symptomatic effects of radiation sickness including things such as nausea, headache, fatigue, weakness, and depression could vastly effect the productivity and well-being of Americans.

5) Increased risk for children and teens - Those who are using these devices at a faster and faster pace are those perhaps most susceptible — most likely because of their thinner skulls and developing tissues.