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Doubt is Their Product: How Industry's Assault on Science Threatens Your Health

Dear Friends Researching and Resisting Xenobiotic EMR:

As you know, for 20 years I've advised communities to rely on actual scientific conclusions rather than the mass media's unscientific conclusion of "uncertainty" regarding the hazardous nature of xenobiotic EMR. While based in the primary science, this advice also responds to the public relations tactics I've observed to come out of corporate thinktanks such as the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis. This corporation, funded by some of the largest and dirtiest corporations on the planet, had bought the rights to use the name Harvard, but is in fact *not* financially related to Harvard University. In some circles, the Center for Risk Analysis has given the University a bad name. I've observed and frequently deconstructed this corporate thinktank's use of a wide variety of tactics, including illogic intended to fool even the most rigorous of scientific minds.

For this reason I share with you another's observation of the untruthful, public-fooling tactic: doubt or uncertainty. (See book, above.)

Many people believe they sound more humble and appealing claiming as the major media do that the scientific community is uncertain about EMR; which claim is blatantly false. They think they will more successfully win over the public and succeed in their legal battles using this industry tactic.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as proven from long, direct experience on the ground of resisting wireless technologies and chemical corporations. Remember, the major media ARE the telecommunications industry!

I have watched a devoted gentleman with a double PhD and 6-7 masters deploy publicly in writing Heidegger's Uncertainty Principal, thinking it would protect his children in a school next to prospective church antennas. He lost.

I watched while thinking people in Concord, MA let themselves be quoted in a magazine as believing the science were "uncertain". They not only lost, but caused others to lose, as well.

A group in Newton Lower Falls lost because they went on and on to the local TV station about how "uncertain" they thought scientists were; while those in the very next door community of Newton Upper Falls cited scientific studies proving the hazard, and won against all odds.

Many other communities cited the Precautionary Principal, not aware of the actual language of that international law, and lost because their "strongest" foot-forward was "uncertainty"!

Berkeley and Mendocino, CA lost, despite voluminous efforts, because they insisted on claiming publicly that the scientific community was uncertain (simply because some individuals were personally uncertain!); while a small town in Riverside, CA won by citing plenteous science. Their Planning Commissioner Chief concluded, "This is *not* the usual community opposition", to explain his unusual decision against the industry. Eureka and Arcata CA each cited lots of science and won big - even in one case where the antennas were fully approved and under construction!


Let us be clear that the citation and even inference of uncertainty loses battles against large corporations. There always exist both certainties and uncertainties. If you wish to win, you will need to focus on actual certainties rather than some vague, unnamed uncertainty. As any academic philosopher will tell you, any extant uncertainty is uninteresting and irrelevant, because the same is the case with every question one can conceive.

I want you all to win. That is why I take unpaid time to point this out over and again to every community.

Take a look at David Michael's book Doubt is Their Product: How Industry's Assault on Science Threatens Your Health . Even if you don't read the book, at least read the title. Understand that industry rejoices when you cite "uncertainty": they will win money, while you and your community will lose your due process (which requires fact-finding, including about the science) and some health. If people in your community cite their own subjective belief of uncertainty about the science as if it were Objective Truth rather than simply letting the scientific conclusions speak for themselves, they do assault that science, according to the author's premise.

We are all in some small way involved in the struggle for the very continuation of life on the planet. As such, we all need to understand what works and what by contrast harms our own and others' efforts. Thank you for reading.

All the best,

Coalition for Local Oversight of Utility Technologies (CLOUT) is a new, nationwide grass-roots coalition of individuals and organizations committed to restoring local governmental control over telecommunications towers and related wireless facilities in the United States. Our efforts include amending Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 so that the health and environmental effects of cell towers and other commercial wireless facilities be made a legal, legitimate component of all deliberations involving their placement, construction, and modification.

Please visit our website below, sign the petition, and circulate it widely. Please also encourage community organizations and local elected officials
who might be interested to consider a formal endorsement. Suggestions about additional content for the website are also welcome. Thanks.

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

for your information.

Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society) Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog

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