Friday, January 23, 2009

CBC radio and TV

The CBC radio and TV network today aired a piece on the radio show about cell phones and children. It delves into the funding controversy, interphone study as well as the science. Devra Davies is interviewed for this program.You can listen to this show at the following link on Friday, Jan, 23rd.

Tomorrow night, Friday, Jan, 23rd at 8:30 on CBC, the TV programme Marketplace will be doing another expose on the issue. It will cover the same information as in the radio show but will be much more in depth.The following link is to view this programme but I'm not quite sure when it will be on line. Possibly on Saturday.

I am glad we are finally getting this out in the open in Canada. I listened to the radio show and found it to be very accurate and it focused on the 'cover up' issues as well as the health issues.

Best to all

Sue Parsons