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W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

3 December 2014

Multifocal Breast Cancer in Young Women with Prolonged Contact between Their Breasts and Their Cellular Phones
Pathology of all four cases shows striking similarity; all tumors are hormone-positive, low-intermediate grade, having an extensive intraductal component, and all tumors have near identical morphology. These cases raise awareness to the lack of safety data of prolonged direct contact with cellular phones.

Maryland City Votes Unanimously to Alert Citizens to the Health Risks of Cell Phone/Wireless Radiation and to Oppose Cell Towers on School Grounds

In an effort to make these devices as safe as possible, the City encourages the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt radiation standards that will: protect human health and safety, reflect current use patterns, and provide meaningful consumer disclosure of warnings."
Hamburg Germany - 6 Schools Stop WiFi
The wireless network WLAN was too dangerous for the health of students.
(Note - this is a quick Google translation which still needs refining to be clear).

EMF Omega News
The Influence of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation on the Platelet Aggregation
International Journal of BioMedicine 4(3) (2014) 155-158
Gulzoda M. Khamidova, MD*
Tashkent Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) on platelet
aggregation (PA) in individuals working for a long time under a direct and continuous RF-EMF exposure. We examined 119
persons aged from 22 to 65 years. In individuals working under the direct and constant exposure to RF-EMFs, the various changes of PA with a predominance of hyperaggregation are detected. The dependence of the changes in the indicators of PA on length of work in conditions of RF-EMF exposure is determined.

The results of our study confirm the deleterious effect RF-EMF both on the blood cells and on blood rheology. In
individuals working under the direct and constant exposure to RF-EMFs, the various changes of PA with a predominance of
hyperaggregation are detected. The dependence of the changes in the indicators of PA on length of work in conditions of RFEMF
exposure is determined.
Idiotic Use of Modern Wireless Technology

How to sync your baby with your iPhone
A new Bluetooth-enabled dummy constantly records your baby's temperature and alerts you if they start to get ill, and will even sound an alarm if they wander away from you.

Comment left at newspaper

Why would you put a device that emits wireless radiation, a 'possible carcinogen', in a baby's mouth?
This is insane!
Look at the known adverse health effects at

Talks from the EU EHS hearing now available
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe presented an outstanding talk recently on electromagnetic fields and their possible effects at a meeting of the Physicians' Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIRE). In this talk she discussed the difficulty of assessing exposure accurately, the various known mechanistic effects of electromagnetic fields, and the varied susceptibility of human beings to different exposures of various kind. This is one of the best you'll find anywhere at the moment to learn about some of the possible effects of mobile phones, cordless phones, WiFi and tablets, and it's freely available online.
Lots of good information at this site
Several EMF Articles
On the Dr. Mercola website
EMF Collateral Damage: Volturino and Wi-Fi in Schools Revisited

A very sad video of farm animals aparently disfigured by powerful radiation from nearby antennas.  Volturino Italy.

Electro-Sensitivity Complaints Increasing In Britain And WiFi Could Be Responsible

Ottawa moves to strip power from top public health scientist

"Demotion and politicization of the chief public health officer is a wrong-headed move. It seems to be linked more to the public gagging of our government scientists than about promoting health or the public good."
My latest book LIGHT that HEALS: Energy Medicine Today & Beyond
is being released December 1.
The first section titled LIGHT that HARMS discusses EMF than can harm.
The second section titled LIGHT that HEALS discusses EMF being used to heal and leads the reader to LIGHT treatments AND
INTRODUCES a revolutionary treatment for cancer using lights and lasers.
There is a pre-launch special price for two days at  and it is also available at AMAZON as a paperback and EBOOK.
Donna Fisher
Baby monitor health warning
In a new book, she claims the electromagnetic field they emit can contribute to health problems, like chronic fatigue, nausea and cancer.She is also concerned the exposure can increase the risk of SIDS and autism.

So concerned by the health impacts, she is calling for a nationwide ban on wireless monitors and wants them removed from the shelves.

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is being destroyed," Mike Mullen, a 58-year-old Harrison Township resident, said before the hearing.
Man claims OUC's smart meter made him sick, files federal lawsuit
An Orange County man claims OUC's smart meter, which thousands of residents have on their homes, gave him major medical problems and he's filed a federal lawsuit.

"It leads to a lot of problems," said disabled veteran Bill Metallo. "I'm looking at a lot of skin problems, sleepless nights."
Meters not such a smart move

Australia - SMART meters
coming to NSW have to be one of the worst things inflicted on this state, and soon the whole of this country.

December 2014 - Science Update

The following is a quick summary of another twenty papers that have come out over the last few months related to effects of electromagnetic radiation. All papers with a green background are highlighted as being particularly important or relevant.

Click here for the full news story:

Please note that someone has been impersonating me on Facebook by using a false address.  I rarely use facebook, so if you receive a message with my name - 'Martin Weatherall' and the message does not involve the health effects of wireless radiation, and is obviously not legitimate, please report it to Facebook as spam. 
John Ott - Exploring the Spectrum, Pioneer in Time-Lapse Photography, Photo-Biology

EMF induced hyperactivity
Start watching video at 4:35 to see the difference between mice exposed to EMF and those which are shielded.
The mice on the left-side are exposed to low levels EMF which produces hyperactivity.
The mice on the right-side are protected by lead shielding and exhibit relative calmness

Poor quality EMF reporting by the New York Times
Professor Martin Pall's lecture

Please, watch prof. em. Martin L. Pall talking in Oslo, Norway, at the Litteraturhuset, October 18, 2014, about electrosmog as the new health and environmental pollutant.


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