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W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

9 March 2014

Wireless heart monitors causing serious allergy symptoms

Fitbit to Stop Selling Wristbands

A number of people have reported skin rashes, blisters, and peeling skin after wearing the device.

After hundreds of customers began complaining of skin reactions while wearing Fitbit Force, the company hired independent labs and medical experts to investigate. They found that about 1.7 percent of Force users have reported a skin reaction to the device, including redness, swelling, itchiness, and other irritation.
Colours: Black and Slate. Width: 19.2mm. Ships with: Fitbit Force tracker wristband
wireless sync dongle for laptop/PC/Mac
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Former British No1 Elena Baltacha diagnosed with cancer of the liver

30-year-old tennis player vows to 'fight' illness

Is this another cancer caused by exposure to radar speed guns on tennis courts?
Wi-fi in schools? Why we shouldn't risk children's health

"Putting wi-fi in schools could be social suicide," Francesca Romana Orlando, vice president of Amica, tells West. Associazione Malattie da ...
EMR and Health
Excellent newsletter.

NIH announces recruitment for clinical trial to test new tinnitus treatment device

"Tinnitus affects nearly 24 million adult Americans," said James F. Battey, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., director of the NIDCD. "It is also the number one service-connected disability for returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Note -  The military personel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan were probably exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation from communications equipment, radar and antennas on bases.  This may give a clue to the cause of their tinnitus.
Many people who suffer from electro hypersensitivity also suffer from tinnitus.
Look for effects of electromagnetic radiation
Childhood diseases are on the rise. People of all ages are now experiencing immune system deficiencies and attention deficit disorders. If the radiation we're being bombarded with is one of the major causes, now is the time to pay close attention and start taking action.
Israeli Wi-Fi Case - One of 10 Most Important Battles of the Coming Year
By Ma'Ariv Newspaper- (Translation to English is available). In a magazine published in The Newspaper weekend issue! 
Ontario - More Hydro One Billing Problems
"Our previous billing system was more than a decade old and needed to be replaced to continue to reliably and effectively meet our customers' needs and manage our business. While the new system did correct
some of the existing issues, the unanticipated result was that some of our customers have experienced prolonged estimated bills, delayed bills, multiple bills or no bills at all.
Timeframe bumped up for ComEd Smart Meters 
Is Chicago ramming through smart meters in the hope of avoiding a consumer backlash against wasteful spending on harmful and dangerous technology?
It seems strange that the US is so concerned about foreign terrorist actions, yet public utilities can subject US citizens to microwave radiation a known carcinogen and harmful toxin, endangering the health of residents of entire cities! 
When will this madness stop?

Cell Phone Radiation Litigation

Merchant Law Group LLP is pursuing class action litigation in British Columbia concerning cellular phone usage and allegations of resulting brain tumours.

Please note that joining our contact list for the Cell Phone Radiation Class Action creates no solicitor-client relationship, no financial obligation for you, and your information will be kept confidential.

If you are a B.C. resident and wish to receive updates about this action, particularly if you have used a cell phone and have been diagnosed with a brain tumour, please join the contact list by completing the form below. Please do not assume that this class action will result in individual compensation options being available. If you have any injury that you believe has been caused by cellular or other radiation, you need to contact your own lawyer and start an individual lawsuit regarding that injury without delay.

Merchant Law Group LLP has 12 offices across Canada, with lawyers practising law in six provinces. Merchant Law Group and Tony Merchant Q.C. are well known for pursuing class action lawsuits in Canada including litigation regarding Winners/HomeSense, Various Cellular Phone Fees, BCE Dividends, GM Gasket Manifolds, Hip Implants, Lead Paint in Toys (and similar consumer products), Maple Leaf, Celebrex/Bextra, Vioxx, Sony, Residential Schools and various other cases. Tony Merchant is known to be one of Canada's most active litigators with more than 600 reported cases in leading Caselaw Journals, having argued thousands of cases before the Canadian and American Courts, in Trial and Administrative Courts, and the Courts of Appeal of various American and Canadian jurisdictions, the Federal Court of Canada, and the Supreme Court of Canada. Tony Merchant, Q.C., has a long history in pursuing public policy cases and is a former Member of the Legislative Assembly (M.L.A.)

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THE CONTACT LIST FOR THIS CLASS ACTION OR TO SIMPLY GET MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE COMPLETE THE BELOW FORM.(Please note, providing your information creates no financial obligation for you. You are not charged any fee or cost for joining this class action - we are simply paid a contingency fee from the compensation recovered, if successful.)

Questions or Comments

No More 'Safe' Telephones?
AT&T is taking another step towards getting rid of copper landlines, and forcing wireless on everyone.
See FCC Public Notice for comment period below.

"A 'service-based' experiment is one in which providers seek to substitute new communications technologies for the TDM-based services over copper lines that they currently are providing to customers, with an eye toward
discontinuing those legacy services and in which others may propose new and innovative services that bring benefits
to consumers while preserving the enduring values of our nation's communications networks."

"for experiments involving the transition of two wire centers – one rural and one suburban – to all IP services and, in part, to wireless-based service."

I got a response back from the FCC that it's okay to just put 'prefer not to disclose' in the address fields, and that the system will not reject it if you do that.

He also gave me this link, which already fills in one of the docket numbers, but doesn't seem to allow attachments:
Spain - Isabel Gemio presenting la marathón to get money for research on rare diseases
Hypersensitive persons at 5 minutes the son of Angela who commited suicide last year.
He suffers from electro- sensitivity and lives a hell
Eure-et- Loir> Le Perche > Nogent -le- Rotrou 03/03/14 - 5:13 p.m.
The Echo Republican

- Jocelyne Legros

Bernard , a person from Perche region with electro- sensitivity , suffers when he is exposed to waves. He feels misunderstood and helpless.
"Giving testimonies ? but I do not know what to say . What I have tried to do, like others, has not changed the situation . Electro- hypersensitive people are not taken into account.
" In this small isolated hamlet in the Perche countryside, where he lives, Bernard , who suffers from intolerance waves , has not found the peace he expected.
Waiting for refuges
Even in his home kitchen to leave the least possible electromagnetic waves pass, it is not what it aspires refreshing rest and allows it to recharge . Is it more difficult to move.

His old van is one of the few places where it feels good . A protective shell . A refuge against the invisible adversity. " There are no electronics inside and thick sheet is protective. I find it a great help . "

Symptoms that hamper and make his life hell appear and intensify as it enters the field of electromagnetic wave radiation . Headaches , muscle stiffness, dizziness , concentration problems and aphasia ( language disorder ) prevent to live a normal life. And forced him to isolate him who loved singing, dancing, gardening . And hiking, he can no longer practice because antennas perched on many water towers of this beautiful corner of the Perche. Equipped with several wave detectors, Bernard can easily measure their exposure levels . " For those who want to know is a small essential equipment. They are not measuring devices certified but effective indicators . This gives us an idea of the bath wave in which we live , how we cooked sauce . When you do not have a meter and you do not understand what happens to you , there is something crazy. "

Wifi, wimax , indoor wireless phones , alarms , mobile phones, bluetooth, antennas ... are for the Percheron adoption words and pain became unbearable. "There is a parallel economy that expands to protect waves but this does not solve the problem at the source. Annoying and I'm labeled as retrograde . But what ? Progress is being destroy me , "says this misunderstood.
"You judge me retrograde but progress is being destroy me "
Other hypersensitive people have contacted after his first testimony. To the engineer , "the first aggravating factor of the waves emitted by all systems of digital wireless transmission, it is flickering . " Bernard wants the creation of safe havens that allow them to live normally , to regain strength . And it looks for a public writer to help make on paper what he wants to communicate to the greatest number.

Swiss - Dead tired but wide awake

WOZ No. 04 /2013 of 24/01/2013


Anytime, anywhere online - this has its price. The electromagnetic pollution has increased enormously . Electric Sensible people keep it in towns barely , and doctors warn .

By Bettina Dyttrich (text) and Tamara Jane (Photos)
Fully irradiated budget : Also energy saving lamps , cordless telephones and induction cookers produce electromagnetic pollution. Poster in the background : © Flag

" From a technical point of view I have to say that mobile technology is awesome. You can move freely wherever , even in an emergency you have a connection - . Tiptop
It is easy to imagine Marcel Bolli as Handyfreak : Technology plays an important role in his life . He has learned mechanic , let retrain the computer later. Long he rode enthusiastic motorbike . " Correct " is a word he does often .

But Marcel Bolli bears no cell phones . He bears no cordless landline phones and any wireless systems (WLAN). The 38 -year-old Schaffhauser is electro- sensitive: He is allergic to so-called non-ionizing radiation , short NIS .

And that is now ubiquitous . Since mobile phones are no longer used only for phone calls and text messages , but also to surf on the Internet and to download , via the mobile transported amount of data grows in eerie pace. At the same time soon every household already has a wireless router installed , many cities want to offer Wi-Fi in public space : so that all on the internet can , at any time , anywhere. Also, high voltage power lines, overhead beams of trains and other power lines , but in much lower frequencies.

Out of sheer fear?

Mostly it begins with a burning sensation on the scalp. Then the upper body comes off . "When the chest 'd squeezed " , it describes Marcel Bolli . The whole body is restless. If he spent several hours in heavily polluted areas NIS , begin to shake uncontrollably in the evening Bolli's muscles. Then he sleeps only a few hours. And the next day has trouble concentrating. That is why he tries to avoid cities as much as possible . "I 'm pretty limited in my options , you could say . "

However, many people take Electrosensitives not serious. You hold them for HypochonderInnen who develop symptoms of fear of loud mobile-phone radiation , or for Misdirected seeking the reason for their complaints in the wrong place .

" Quite clearly : There are people who suffer from electromagnetic fields ," on the other hand says Yvonne Gilli . The doctor and green National Councillor from the St. Gallen small town Wil is involved in the Physicians for environmental protection and has been for years to do with patients who attributed their complaints to NIS . It is important to determine each case exactly . To this end , she works with professionals who measure at home with the patient , the electromagnetic fields . "Sometimes the cause of the complaints completely elsewhere. Sometimes the suspicion is also plausible. " Gilli mentioned a patient with severe cardiovascular reactions and depression , showed in the measurements that she was heavily burdened by three mobile antennas. " She moved and was relatively quickly back to health . And it stayed . "

The doctor believes that NIS depression not only indirectly - such as lack of sleep - but also can directly trigger : "The radiation alters the electrophysiology of the brain, which can be seen in brain wave measurements. I think it is plausible that this can alter the biochemistry , even if it is not yet proven " the most important in the treatment is a resource-oriented approach . " There is nothing worse than when people get sick, but can not affect itself. As soon as you can help to shape , even disturbing influences endures one better "That's why Yvonne Gilli recommends to act electrosmog affected . Stress to minimize anywhere where you can influence it , from the cordless telephone to the electric blanket . To support the metabolism with a healthy diet to comply with regular rest periods . Sometimes treatment with antidepressants come into question. " They also act in depression that have to do with electromagnetic pollution. But of course that is a big intervention into the personality. "

Artificial bee

Marcel Bolli has parked his car at Schaffhausen Forest Cemetery . Not far from here , in the neighborhood Buchthalen , he used to live . Bolli serves two devices : one indicates whether are turned on near wireless router. The other , a so-called Electrosmog Detector , translated NIS frequencies into sounds. " This device impressed many people , keeping the electro-sensitivity for humbug. If they hear it, they notice : Because really something hats " When Waldfriedhof the air seems to be pure . Only a barely audible , fine noise is heard.
Electromagnetic pollution emanates from all devices and antennas.

As on the way to Buchthalen comes a tall apartment block with cell phone antenna in sight, the Electrosmog Detector begins to give a high, unpleasant sound, similar to a Radiostörgeräusch . In the shadow of the block Marcel Bolli measures fifteen switched WLANs - more can not show his device . The wireless frequency sounds deeper, like a swarm of artificial bees.

Bolli's former residence is actually ideal : in a small valley that descends to the Rhine . Mobile antennas are neither seen nor heard. But even here, the low hum of Wi-Fi.

It began four years ago : Marcel Bolli worked in radiology Spital Thurgau AG. And he could not sleep. " At night I was dead tired , but wide awake. » The family doctor gave him sleeping pills, it did not help much . Completely exhausted , he collapsed in the spring of 2009 and came to the hospital. A psychiatric examination did not yield any explanation.

Then a feast was held in Altdorf . There, in the small village of Schaffhausen on the German border , Bolli grew up. He went and stayed with my parents - and was able to sleep . This made him suspicious. " So I played around with the Schlaferei . " When he on an alp high above Lake Walen , a place with no cell phone reception , so good not slept in years , came to his suspicion : "In the Thurgau hospitals all internal communication worked over wireless phones. This is handy , but it takes tons of access points , often several per room. » At work , his head burned like after too much sun , little red dots formed . " The dermatologist found the pretty disturbing . " Bolli announced , but also the next job in Schaffhausen brought no relief . In autumn 2009 it also began a tinnitus yet to torment . Today he lives in Altdorf with their parents and proposes itself as part of a self-employed computer scientists, from project to project. He sleeps in a canopy made of cotton , are woven into the fine metal threads. They hold a large part of the radiation.

Peter Schlegel of the organization Bürgerwelle that supports electrosmog sufferers who knows dozens of people who are doing similar Marcel Bolli . He estimates that ten to fifteen percent of the population are electro- sensitive, though not all equally strong. " Cause and effect are mostly clear. Many suffer for years and eventually find out by accident that electromagnetic pollution is the problem. "

Radiation stressed out cells

It is a paradox : The NIS load increases sharply, the World Health Organization , the radiation 2011 " possibly carcinogenic " reclassified as - but the debate is dead To the turn of the millennium , when the mobile phone was new, the media reported far more critical than in the past years. In today's reports - such as the new mobile generation LTE - it's often just a matter of how much power is available when .

There will also be more difficult to get signatures for Elektrosmogvorstösse in Parliament , says National Councillor Yvonne Gilli . " One wants to technical progress does not stand in the way . " And often she gets to hear the harmlessness was indeed now been proven .

That's not true . It has been proven that NIS affects the human body at different levels. Cell phone radiation can alter the brain waves , which is visible on the electroencephalogram ( EEG). High - and low-frequency NIS change processes in the cell nucleus and can strand breaks the genetic material , the DNA , cause . Remains controversial : Are these changes dangerous? Can they promote cancer ? Some studies suggest an increased risk of brain tumors . An Italian court was in 2012 a manager right, who traced his tumor that for years he hung six hours a day on the phone. The strongest source of radiation for regular mobile phone users is the device itself

Primo Schär, cancer researcher at the University of Basel, says: "We have the basis of previous experiments no explanation for a possible increased risk of cancer. It is clear that non- ionizing radiation generated is not unique mutations such as UV radiation or cigarette smoke. The effects are much more diffuse . On the one hand reassuring, but also a challenge : Diffuse is much more difficult to study . "

Much of the research has focused on cancer. What about other health consequences ? About hypersensitivity , there are relatively few studies , and they have weaknesses :

• Many of these studies revolve around the question of whether notice EHS if they are exposed to the radiation . Conclusion: you can do it on average no better than other people. Many EHS also claim did not. You feel the effects a delay - it says Marcel Bolli - or only if they are trying to sleep .

• The examinations are held in cities : The burden is already high on the access road . Marcel Bolli's comment : "If I am staying for several hours in a city , and afterwards to say whether a router is more or less on - I do not think I schaffs . "

• The tests have little to do with reality : It is mostly short exposures of 30 to 45 minutes and a single frequency. Most people today are exposed but around the clock frequencies varied in changing strengths .

About the impact of these everyday stress has been researched enough. A Swiss research within the National Research Programme " Non -Ionising Radiation - Health and Environment" ( NRP 57 ) examined the individual NIS load of 1375 persons: " The environmental exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields at the beginning of the study showed no association with health disorders for one year were registered later. "

Unlike a study at the Medical University of Vienna. The researchers interviewed and examined 365 persons in the vicinity of mobile phone base stations in Vienna and in rural areas of Carinthia. They were very careful . Hans -Peter Hutter , professor at the Institute for Environmental Health , said: " antennas , against which there had been protests , we concluded , in order to avoid distortion. " Respondents also did not know that it's about mobile : " We said we collect various environmental factors such as air quality. " researchers tested among others, the response time of the study participants , they asked for their health and for their assessment of the risks of these environmental factors . " It turned out that fears about mobile antennas were not very big. "

The researchers measured the NIR exposure in the bedrooms of the respondents. With clear results : Higher loaded residents suffered some headaches and difficulty concentrating . " The sleep quality was worse at higher loads ," says Hans -Peter Hutter . In the analysis have shown, however, that during sleep the fears would have had a greater impact than the load . But it was really just the fear that robbed the people sleep? The question arises: How many people suffer from NIS , without knowing it ? Is the boundary between EHS and " normal " fuzzier than you think ?

Three-year with mobile phone

The reactions to the study were violently Hutter says : " Immediately came the accusations of scaremongering , and you would still have this and that measure or must raise - often by groups who themselves had not made any single epidemiological study. But no one has thrown away the phone because our study. When comes to a lot of money , independent science has a hard time , and when the mobile is extremely noticeable "He was used to that . " We make the Institute for Environmental Hygiene and studies on chemicals. Then also reports soon the corresponding industry and says it's all wrong. "

Hutter's colleague Michael Kundi , who was involved in the study, belongs to Bioinitiative (see " Scientists warn " ), an international group of 29 scientists who warn against the proliferation of NIS . In a lecture Kundi said there were around since the thirties a scientific controversy " about the nature of the interaction between radio frequency fields and the organism ." This controversy has never been a purely scientific matter , " . During the fifties because of the military importance of the radar, in the sixties because of the political importance of television , today because of the economic importance of mobile » Serve with a study by the University of Bern, which showed that fully or partially publicly funded research far more common NIS effects industry report funded as pure.

Hans -Peter Hutter says , until today only 25 to 30 studies have been published in scientific journals on the health effects of mobile phone base stations worldwide . « Austrian providers like to write , there are thousands of studies on the topic. That is simply not true . Even that is completely distorted . "

Troubled him , " is that resorted to wireless applications , without asking where it is useful and necessary, and where only gimmick. There is no public debate more about zero. Even three year olds come with the phone in the nursery ... "And also the commodity issue should not be forgotten : " Some essential raw materials such as tantalum come from Africa, there are a massive reason for war-mongering , this is obviously all care. But we have a responsibility , as well as for the electronic waste. "

It was not a question of demonizing NIS says Hutter . "We just say , there are effects that must be taken seriously in view of the immense spread of mobile telephony , the need for research is still huge, but for the sake of precaution we should take urgent measures. "

Yvonne Gilli , agrees to . Necessary , she says, would be a close collaboration between doctors and science: " We should take the cases of people gather with electrosmog complaints in a central database so that the many individual cases are statistically significant. "

The medical experience show clearly that there are particularly sensitive people : " For them, the stimulus filter is adjusted to some extent different, they suffer less. Often they also react strongly to chemicals. "Such complaints are now referred to as" multiple chemical sensitivity " ( MCS english ) . The cause were not mental health problems, says Gilli , but peculiarities of the nervous system and thereby an altered metabolism. " Twenty years ago there were many more ways to avoid the overstimulation. With the mobile phone , it has become much harder for these people. "

Rhine thank

" This takes the burden massively ," says Marcel Bolli, as we get into the narrow streets of the old town of Schaffhausen . Presumably there are many wireless systems in offices and shops. "Now I can feel it on the head. " We climb to Herrenacker where the Schaffhausen tourism office has a public access point set up. On the way Bolli loses the thread: " Now I do not know what I wanted to say. » The radiation make him so distracted that he almost dare not to drive a car . He has given up for some time , the Töfffahren .

At the bus stops are young people with smartphones. The Electrosmog Detector is booming , as we pass . Then the train tracks come into view , before three roofs with multiple antennas. The roar is deafening.

Help running water , says Marcel Bolli . In the summer he bathes almost every night in the Rhine. Then he can get some sleep better. Now , in winter, he takes a shower for ten minutes before he crawls into the canopy. This relieves the burning sensation on the scalp . Sometimes he dreams of a house in a remote valley , where the radiation can not reach. Or he wonders if he should be winemakers. The physical work would please him, and he would even rarer than they are today in the city. "But for the training I had in school. The load on the road would be high , and there they would certainly have Wi-Fi. So I can not learn. "

Warn scientists

29 researchers warn : " People are bioelectrical systems. Artificial electromagnetic fields can influence fundamental biological processes in the human body. " There is sufficient evidence that these fields could be harmful.

The scientists from ten countries , including the Vienna Medical Professor Michael Kundi ( see main text ) is to get an overview of the research on non-ionizing radiation (NIR ) have developed . End of December 2012 they published the results in the second " Bioinitiative Report" . The 1,500-page main document is understandable only for professionals , but the conclusions are aimed at the general population. Among the mentioned health risks in addition to cancer include an increased susceptibility to autism in children , effects on fetuses , metabolism , the immune system and brain functions.

Since the first report in 2007 , the situation has worsened : " Many more people are involuntarily exposed to radiation; well as people who deliberately do not use wireless systems , you can hardly avoid it. " It was necessary to " Wireless Tsunami " to reconsider and " to be set to less harmful forms of communication " : For almost any wireless application there is wired solutions.

What is electrosmog ?

What we refer to as " electrosmog " are electromagnetic waves. They are called so because they consist of coupled electric and magnetic fields that propagate waves . The electromagnetic waves next to cell phone radiation and wireless connection, and radar , ultraviolet radiation, infrared , X-ray or gamma radiation. And the light - of the tiny portion of the visible electromagnetic spectrum.

Gamma radiation is radioactive and consists of very short waves at high frequencies. She is so energetic that they can knock out electrons from atoms and thus makes the atoms to positively charged ions. It is therefore also known as ionizing radiation.

Radio waves , mobile communications, microwaves and radar waves are longer at lower frequencies. They are called non-ionizing radiation (NIR ) , because they do not have this destructive force of nuclear radiation . They'll be able to warm living organisms and organic material - so does the microwave oven. No one denies that this warming harms people : Accidents with radar led to severe burns . The limits for radar systems , mobile and other antennas are designed so that the human body is not heated. But that does not mean that weaker NIS is harmless. They changed cells and brain functions ( see main text ) .
Clarification - EHS in Sweden: A Functional Impairment
In Sweden, electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is NOT recognized as a medical entity; it is an officially fully recognized functional impairment (i.e., it is not regarded as a disease, thus no diagnosis exists; N.B. This is not special for Sweden, the terms "functional impairment" and "disease" are defined according to various international documents).

An impairment is - by definition - not defined or recognised by someone else or proven by certain tests, etc. The impairment is always personal (private) and develops when in contact with an inferior environment.

Do not try to change this. Always quote it in a formally correct way.

Olle Johansson
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

Florida Power & Light Co. customers who don't want a smart meter or extra fees to keep their old analog meters are seeking a full-fledged hearing addressing concerns such as privacy, safety and health issues.

But in a motion to dismiss the customers' petitions filed with the Florida Public Service Commission, FPL attorneys say that if regulators grant the request for a hearing, it should be limited to the opt-out fees.

It appears that FPL do not want the truth to come out!
Launch of a new European project on health effects of electromagnetic fields

GERoNiMO is a five year project.  The European population is increasingly exposed to new physical and chemical agents in the environment, some of which may be damaging to health. Among these, electromagnetic fields (EMF) are one of the most widespread, and their application in new technologies continues to grow, with novel uses being actively developed and commercialised.

Sleep machines may be putting babies a risk of hearing loss

An infant's ear canal is different than an adult's, Papsin said, and it's more susceptible to certain noise frequencies.

As a result, many parents are probably underestimating the level of sound that they're delivering to their babies, he said.

Turn off the baby monitor and the WiFi and the baby will sleep like a baby, without the noise machine!
Robert R
Dr. Martin Blank's new book is now available
Overpowered: What Science Tells Us about the Dangers of Cell Phones and Other WiFi-Age Devices

Excerpt from the front flap:
"Overpowered helps lay readers understand the biological effects resulting from low, non-thermal levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (levels considered safe by regulatory agencies) coming not only from cell phones, but many other devices we use in our homes and offices every day like computers, hair dryers, and microwaves."

Chapters and Amazon websites still say it's pre-order for release date March 11, 2014.

In the Preface, p7:

At various gatherings, when I am inevitably asked what I do for a living, an interesting sequence often ensures. "I am working on the biological effects of cell phones, WiFi, and related devices," I reply. That is followed by a slightly anxious, "So, are they dangerous?" After I say that there is a considerable body of evidence showing significant risk, the conversation usually ends—often with a statement such as, "Well there's no way I am giving up my cell phone."
In Chapter 1 (which is titled AN UNLIKELY ACTIVIST), p9:

You may not realize it, but you are participating in an unauthorized experiment—"the largest biological experiment ever," in the words of Swedish neuro-oncologist Leif Salford. For the first time, many of us are holding high-powered microwave transmitters—in the form of cell phones—directly against our heads on a daily basis.
At the very end of the book, p243:

Having access to accurate information and putting that information into action are the keys to success. I hope this book helps by providing you with the information you need to begin creating a safer environment for yourself, your family, and your community. The public health threat resulting from EMF exposure is real, and it is well within your power to greatly reduce the risks faced by you and your loved ones.
Barb Payne
Belgium - New regulations on the sale of GSM in force from 1 March 2014

GSM for children will be banned from sale.
It is also mandatory to mention the value of radiation ( SAR) of the mobile phones in different outlets.

New regulations on the sale of GSM

From 1 March 2014 , new rules come into force on the sale of GSM . On the one hand , it is prohibited to sell GSM specially designed for young children ( under 7 years). On the other hand , it is mandatory to mention the SAR value at all points of sale of GSM , not only in stores but also on the Internet.

Banning the sale of GSM for children

Mobile phones specially designed for young children can no longer be placed on the Belgian market. Referred adapted mobile phones for children under 7 years , which , for example, have few or keys are presented in an attractive form for children. Any advertising on the use of GSM for the age of 7 is also prohibited.

The value of radiation ( SAR) becomes mandatory information to the attention of consumers

You can now choose your new mobile phone , taking into account the value of radiation ( SAR). The SAR is the specific absorption rate (SAR or SAR in English, derived from "specific absorption rate "). The SAR value is indicated with other technical data of GSM, and not only in stores but also in online sales .
Why are these measures ?

These are precautionary measures. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC) , an increased risk of brain cancer is possible in case of intensive use of a mobile phone . For this reason, the IARC has classified radio waves as " possibly carcinogenic ." Pending clearer scientific findings , measures are taken. The goal is to educate users of GSM .

By opting for a mobile phone with a lower SAR value , you can reduce your average exposure . However it should not call for hours, because the way you use your mobile phone determines your exposure. To reduce your exposure sure to use a headset , texting and avoid calls when you 're in an area with poor reception . You can find more advice on the " Towards a reasonable use of mobile phones ."

Children enter early into contact with GSM devices. The total exposure during their lives will therefore be greater than current adults. In addition, children absorb more radiation than adults GSM (2 times for the brain and 10 times for the cervical cord ) .

Hence the importance of increased vigilance , given the classification of radio waves as " possibly carcinogenic " by IARC.

"Wind turbine syndrome" is real, scientists conclude
"there is a consistent cluster of symptoms related to wind turbine syndrome which occurs in a number of people in the vicinity of industrial wind turbines".

Ireland - Community opposition ends wind-turbines plan - report

The Irish Independent says plans for 40 windfarms have been scrapped as an agreement between Britain and Ireland on selling electricity to the UK is unlikely to go ahead
However, up to 180 other windfarms remain course to come on stream by 2020.
Port Angeles residents, city at odds over smart meter installation
Virginia and Tom Leinart look at a box they have built around the electric meter of their Port Angeles home to prevent the city from installing a "smart meter"
Former Enemalta employees indictedafter court hears firstwitnesses in smart meter scandal

Although many more consumers are expected to testify in the smart metres saga corruption case, after hearing five consumers testifying, the court said ...

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