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19 December 2013


Study puts glare back on cell tower risks

Prithvijit Mitra


KOLKATA: It has always been feared and debated; now, a study has reinforced the belief that radiation from cellphone towers are taking a toll on the health of people living near them.

Cellphone tower radiation could be triggering a range of disorders - from fatigue, memory loss, headaches and hearing impairment to more serious problems like cardiac diseases and even congenital defects, claims the study conducted by researchers of the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Research Institute (NSCRI).

It has always been feared and debated. Now, a health impact study reinforces it. Cell phone towers in Kolkata have been taking a heavy toll on the health of people living close to them. It could be triggering a range of disorders from fatigue, memory loss, headache and hearing impairment to more serious ones like cardiac problems and even congenital defects, claims the study conducted by researchers of the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Cancer Research Institute (NSCRI).

Continued exposure to electromagnetic waves from cellphone towers could even cause cancer, the study warns. Researchers from the institute studied and observed 200 people residing in areas with a high density of cellphone towers in central Kolkata. While some lived in buildings that had towers on the roof, others live within 50 metres of such buildings.

Almost everyone said they had been experiencing some form of physical discomfort.

Around 70% suffered from fatigue; 30% had partial loss of memory; 20% had dizziness and 25% had sleeping disorders. While 20% had skin infections, around 12-15% had hearing impairment and 10% suffered from cardiac problems. Almost half of those surveyed said they had difficulty in concentrating and 30% said they were irritable. Two babies - each born in the last six months - had congenital defects, the study found.

Even though the study does not directly correlate the disorders (see box) to the cellphone towers, it points out that the complaints were restricted to a 50-metre radius of the towers.

"Interestingly, most of the subjects of the study said the intensity of their ailments goes down once they leave their homes and reverts to the earlier stage once they return," said
Ashish Mukhopadhyay of NSCRI. "While we need further evidence, this is indeed something that technical experts should worry about," he added.

Electromagnetic waves emitted from towers could cause cell damage, leading to cancer, Mukhopadhyay said. "Continued exposure to such waves could cause cell damage, leading to cancer. It could also trigger cardiac disorders," he added.

The radio frequency (RF) standard that the cellphone industry had adopted prior to September 1, 2012 - 9.2 Watt per square metre at 1,800 MHz - was considered safe for short-term exposure of around 6 minutes. The revised standard - 0.92 Watt per square metre at 1,800 Mhz and 0.47 Watt per square metre at 900 MHz - is valid for a maximum of one hour's exposure per day. It is still not safe, believe several experts.

"We already have level I evidence to prove that those who live near towers and are exposed to this radiation 24 hours a day are not safe. It is quite possible for them to suffer from disorders, especially hearing impairment, visual problems and loss of memory. There is as yet no direct evidence to show that tower radiation causes cancer. But we need more studies to check whether brain tumours are related to this," said Jaydip Biswas, director, Chittaranjan National Cancer Research Institute (CNCRI). Biswas added that even without such evidence, towers should not be allowed in congested neighbourhoods and near schools.

Gautam Mukhopadhyay said: "Continued exposure to electromagnetic waves has got to have an impact. Even if it doesn't trigger brain tumours, it could well be causing a host of other ailments. These could snowball into a major disorder," he added.

In Kolkata, most cell sites emit radiation of nearly 100 Watts per square metre. The government argues it has adopted the guideline of 9.2 Watt/sq m set by International Convention for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection as a safe limit. What it does not mention is that the norm is for exposure to radiation for 6 minutes a day.

IIT-Kharagpur professor Sudarshan Neogi, who co-authored a pilot study on cellphone radiation, commissioned by the state government, believes the prescribed limit - 0.92 Watts per square metre - is faulty. "For every 6-minute exposure, there is a 23hour 54minute cooling period. This does not happen in areas with a high concentration of towers. So, health hazards are a possibility. But our hands are tied till we can prove that the standard is indeed faulty," Neogi said.

Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) director-general
Rajan Mathews argued that the radiation levels were within prescribed limits and have not yet been proved harmful. "The existing limit in India is lower than what is allowed in 95% of the world's countries. More importantly, it has been set by the government. So far we have not had a single violation. In Kolkata, we had received reports of violation but they turned out to be false," he said.




Smart meter rings alarm bells & more

Maisch documents a number of case studies from smart meter users in Melbourne in which individuals are complaining of nausea, heart palpitations, headaches and shortness of breath.

There is, Maisch argues, "practically no research on possible ill health effects of exposure to smart meter radio frequency emissions".

This is despite a US survey of smart meter users showing that 49 per cent experienced insomnia, 43 per cent stress, 40 per cent headaches, 38 per cent ringing in the ears and 26 per cent heart problems.

Just don't call them "smart"
Citing "compelling research" and the experiences of its own physicians, the AAEM quoted a study by Dr. Federica Lamech, MBBS soon to appear in a peer-reviewed journal, which notes that smart meters "may have unique characteristics that lower people's threshold for symptom development."
Blackmail by BC Hydro
At the beginning of December, BC Hydro started charging a $35 monthly surcharge from each of those 19,380 customers, or 30 per cent of the holdouts
How Sacramento's electric utility powered up smart-grid data
A new Distribution Control Center was opened, a wireless mesh network to support automated metering was built out, more than 600,000 smart ...
Sensors in the automated system monitor from three to 10 variables at each point, from transformers to customer meters, and the number of points in the system being monitored quadrupled to about 7.5 million.
I wonder if they considered calculating how many people the additional radiation may sicken and kill?

Dirty Electricity from 'Smart' Meters: Answers from the Experts

According to experts, the switch mode power supply (SMPS) contained in millions of 'smart' meters (but not their analog predecessors) has essentially 'polluted' the electricity coming into our homes with high frequency transients.  Which means at the end of the day, there is no "opt out" when the "smart grid" is being deployed in your area.  Even with no RF microwave wireless antennas, a "smart" grid of SMPS-equipped meters can still threaten your health.

Health Concerns Grow: Consumers Are Getting Sick From Wireless Smart Meters


Smart Meter Resolution 315 Passes In Ulster County, New York

The Ulster County Legislators passed this resolution unanimously.

As we move ahead we hope that there will be an investigation in New York State as to how transmitting "smart" utility meters were ever approved by the New York State Public Service Commission with absolutely NO health and safety testing! 

And finally, we hope to see these dangerous devices recalled here in NY State, across the U.S. and around the world!

Because of the bold and swift actions of a few amazing legislators in Ulster County, NY, the following legislation was passed tonight: See the attached PDF Document (Ulster)



Cancer's lost generation: the teens and young adults

It is true that cancer is rare among young people. But it is also the leading medical cause of non-accidental death among them – and the TCT says that in the past 30 years, cancer among teens and young adults has risen by 50%;
Since younger patients tend to develop the rarer forms of cancer – leukaemia's, lymphomas, sarcomas, germ-cell tumours and cancers of the central nervous system – there is an urgent need for more research to group the specific symptoms of these malignancies.
New Zealand - TV coverage of parent's concern about Wi Fi in school
TVNZ One News coverage of 2 Horowhenua's parent's concerns about Wifi at their children's school, Te Horo, after the son of one of them died of a brain tumour last year...
Clip starts about 9 minutes in.  Martin Gledhill is the unnamed EMF tester at the school.


The Quiet Zone – Where There Is No Cell Service, by Law


Hundreds gather in Tsawwassen to oppose U.S. radio towers

Opponents, including guest speaker Milt Bowling, expressed a myriad of concerns, including potential health impacts as well as interference with frequencies and electronic equipment, issues they say made the towers hugely unpopular in Ferndale. They also note there was no public notification on this side of the border by either the FCC or the applicant.


Tell the FCC to reject the Pirate "Border Blaster" in Washington State

 Wi-Fi petition presented to board

"The responsibility of any institution includes ensuring the safety of the public, and a board of education is no different," Barnett said. "In fact, it is bound to protect children as part of its mandate."


Kim Horsevad, the students' biology teacher at Hjallerup School, said: 'This has sparked quite a lively debate in Denmark regarding the potential adverse health effects from mobile phones and wifi equipment.'

The results will bolster the findings of researchers in Holland, who found that trees exposed to wireless radio signals suffered from damaged bark and dying leaves.


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