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6 June 2013

"Garlic Seed Crop Devastated by Wireless Broadband Tower, 300 meters away, Victoria Harbour, Nova Scotia"
In October,2009, Len Levine, Victoria Harbour, Nova Scotia, a grower of organic seed garlic for more than 30 years notified Industry Canada and Eastlink, Nova Scotia of his intention to seek appropriate remedy from the Federal Court claiming that the placement and operation of the wireless internet tower 300 meters from his fields and curing barn will cause irreparable harm to his crop.
Broadsided by Industry Canada's Safety Code that does not include biological effects within the guidelines for safe distances and a non-existant CSA standards system for organic food production in Canada, the case rested on the evidence of a probable harm, one that had not yet happened. The Court did not rule in Len's favor citing that there was no evidence of probable harm to his seed crop.
In March 2010,  tower 312 began wireless  broadband service for Victoria Harbour, a remote rural area on the North Mountain,bordered by the Bay of Fundy and the Annapolis Valley. It is a pristine,unique ecosystem of cool, moist Fundy air, blasts of hot Valley temperatures, with a rocky soil, high in minerals and water that is pure and sweet.
For at least 30 years, Len Levine's organic seed garlic has been supplying most of the growers in Nova Scotia,parts of the Maritmes and Eastern Canada.
Av Singh,Perennia Organic Specialist for the Nova Scotian government, believes that Len's contribution to the Maritime organic movement and to the culture of garlic growing in Canada has been instrumental in the development of seed garlic, using only organic farming principles and a four year crop rotation that consistanly produced a superior brand of four clove seed garlic. For more than 30 years, Len LeVine produced a crop yielding 70% ,4 cloved garlic.Then, after the commissioning of the tower for wireless broadband in March 2010 and after only two harvest seasons, July 2010, July 2011, Len's signature brand of 4 clove seed garlic dropped to 35% and then 3 1/2%. Those 3 1/2% were mostly underweight while the rest were 7 and 8 cloved. There were a few 9 and 10's. It was startling to see how quickly this occured.  
When the provincial government representitives and agrascientists finally visited Len's farm, Len already had enough field study evidence to show cause. Emperical evidence was gathered from the various growers of Len's garlic in the neighboring regions from 2009 to 2011. This clearly documents and shows the correlation between clove degradation and the commissioning of the wireless broadband tower in March 2010. One of those growers, Preston Ilsley, Berwick, 15 miles away, planted Len's seed in 2009 that would consistantly yield 4 clove garlic for the next seasons. That seed was produced before the commissioning of the tower in March 2010. (See attachment: Emperical Evidence,2009-11.)
Though well meaning, the first suggestion by the NS Deputy Minister of Agriculture at that time suggested protecting the growing fields from the radiation emitted from the tower with a Faraday Cage.That matter was not persued and the issue was dropped politically although another MLA has taken interest since and attempts to bring the issue up at the legislature . Fortunately, Av Singh, the Organic & Infrastructure Specialist, Perennia, N.S government, continued with his investigations and was dilgent in his research bringing in two other scientists for field studies and observation. Additionally,senior academics, Drs Sean Myles, Acadia University, Nova Scotia and  Phil Simon of University of Wisconsin were consulted. They suggested that a change to the DNA of the garlic through a virus or nutrient disorder was very unlikely because of the consistancy and rapidity of expression and believed that an environmental stress was likely the cause.
After conducting yet another field study,Av Singh, Perennia, concluded in Oct 2012 that the only event consistant with the change in the garlic was the commissioning of the tower for wireless broadband, March 2010, 300 meters away. After three years, Av Singh had 
exhausted all possible explanations of the rapid change in the clove expression(ie, soil quality and fertility,climate,etc) He was, he said, disappointed to witness one the pioneers of the organic movement in Nova Scotia and a major contributor to the culture of garlic growing in Canada, after 40 years of growing, having the integrity of his Brand devasted by this.
Ironically,Tower 312,Victoria Harbour,Nova Scotia does not provide full coverage and many residents are still without internet access. They have petitioned  the NS Government for another technology option like fiber optics. At the court proceedings in 2009, Eastlink had insisted that to ensure full coverage, the tower could not be moved.
So far, every year, after 30 years of consistant yields, there is a change in his crop. This year, instead of the usual cull of a few plants before harvest, there will be at least 100 culled and maybe more. Generally, his plants are not robust as they had been before the commissioning of the broadband tower.
Although Len continues planting and harvesting his garlic, his sense of stewardship of the land and his personal sense of satisfaction in the integrity of the garlic is greatly diminished.
Carol Fennell
Nova Scotia
Len LeVine, Farmer,
Victoria Harbour, Nova Scotia,Canada- November 3,2011
Emperical Evidence of Garlic Crop Degradation from 2009 to 2011
Over the past 25 years the quality standard for Len's select organic foundation seed garlic was a four clove corm with an average bulb size of 2.5 inches and an average weight of 75 grams. The variety is two types of hardneck Continental.
The market for this garlic is seed stock for other growers. A consistant bulb size and clove count is achieved by planting seed  garlic from four cloved corms. When clove count exceeds four there are invariably runt or flat cloves that must be culled out and the result is less and less seed stock.
Len's average 4 cloved yield of 5-10,000 plants up to 2009 was 70%. Recently this ratio has taken a sudden and dramatic degradation with 4 cloved yield dropping to 35% in 2010 and 3.8% in 2011. Eastlink's high-speed internet tower 300m from the garlic planting and storage area was turned on in March 2010.
The following is a timeline of events and observations first at Len's farm then comparative results at five other locations all using Len's seed garlic. The seed is described as either pre-tower or post-tower to clarify the timing. This can be considered as reliable field testing.
1) Len Levine, Victoria Harbour
October,2009- Planted a typical 7,000 cloves from own 4 clove seed in a pretower environment as he has done over the previous 25 years.
March, 2010- Eastlink high-speed internet tower turned on approximately 300 m from the crop.
July,2011-Harvested crop with 35% 4 clove yield with average clove count of 7-8 per corm. These cloves are smaller and cannot be considered suitable for seed stock. From a sample of 500 corms,2200 suitable seed cloves were produced with 900 culled flat cloves.
Oct,2011- First and only planting of not all 4 cloved garlic seed with anticipated questionable results.
2)Preston Ilsley, Berwick
Preston's last purchased seed from Len in 2009 and has maintained a 70% 4 clove seed yield to date using his own 4 clove seed as per Len's instructions. He is 4-5 from any telecom tower. Therefore his garlic had remained in a pre-tower(no tower) environment and no change occurred.
3)Joe Bengivenni, Concession
Joe has been growing Len's garlic for 15 years and last bought from Len 7 years ago. He planted only 4 cloved garlic seed as peer instructions consistantly but since 2010 has not harvested any 4 cloved garlic corms. He is surrounded by 4  telecom towers that were recently commissioned.
4)Philip Spinney, Greenwood
Planted 31 of Len's 4 clove seed in 2010 from garlic post tower. There is no tower nearby but the seed had been exposed to Eastlink's tower at Len's farm.(2010 harvest)
5)David Lahey, Mahone Bsy
Bought 4 cloved seed from Len in 2009(pre-tower) and has used his own seed since then.
He has planted only 4 cloved seed as per instructions and has consistantly harvested 4 cloved seed since then. there is no tower near his place.
6)Laurie Lowe, Aylesford
Bought 4 cloved seed from Len in the late nineties and continues to grow 4 cloved garlic corms. There are no towers near him.
As a result of this emperical evidence there is a direct correlation between clove count degradation and proximity and timing of a tower. Other input elements of the soil, air and water have remained consistant throughout the years. Therefore it is not hard not to view the close proximity and timing of the electromagnetic radiation as the "smoking gun".
This strain of garlic(Continental) in this location (Victoria Harbour, NS) was affected in this way(suppression of 4 cloved corms) at this time (July 2010 harvest) after a long history of consistant 70% four cloved corms (20+ years) harvest from planting only 4 clove seed annually(October) with a collapse in 2011 of 4 cloved corms to 3.83%.
See the attached chart which illustrates the harm caused to this crop.
Just released by Diagnose-Funk (Germany):

Burnout and electromagnetic fields

The article by Warnke and Hensinger about the link between burnout and electromagnetic fields, which was published in the edition 1/2013  of   "Umwelt-Medizin-Gesellschaft", a German journal for environmental medicine, is now also available in English. It can be downloaded from: 

Englisch and German version : or

Increasing incidence of burnout due to magnetic and electromagnetic fields of cell phone networks and other wireless communication technologies

Ulrich Warnke and Peter Hensinger

Abstract: Burnout syndrome (BOS) is a psychosomatic stress disorder. Exogenous stress leads to oxidative cellular stress, the formation of excessive reactive oxygen species, reactive nitrogen species, and reaction products (ROS/RNS). This then leads to mitochondrial metabolic dysfunction, which results in a lack of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and subsequently in a diminished performance of cells. Lack of ATP is a crucial factor in BOS, as well as in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). A crucial element in the multisystem disease BOS is inflammation as a consequence of nitrosative and oxidative stress, as well as the acquired mitochondriopathy. Weak ambient magnetic fields (e.g. from transformers in devices) and various radio-frequency resonances increase the level of free radicals and their reaction products that have toxic effects. The nonionizing radiation of cell phone networks and other wireless communication technologies (cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.) also leads to cell stress. There is a correlation between the stress trigger due to living conditions, magnetic fields, and RF radiation of cell phone networks and other wireless communication technologies. The affected person will suffer from functional impairment and diseases; and if these are hereditary, they will be passed on to the next generation as a pre-existing defect, as is the case with e.g. "acquired energy dyssymbiosis syndrome" (AEDS).

Katharina Gustavs
Digital Detox

Response to Joe Schwarcz

Re: "No evidence of health hazards from radio-frequency devices" (Joe Schwarcz, May 4)

Dr. Joe Schwarcz has just written an interesting article designed to make us all relax and forget all fears about smart meters — not to mention that he seems to have just scheduled psychiatric treatment for all those who find themselves electro-sensitive (which, by the way, is a government treated disease in Sweden, and not treated as a mental disorder).

Dr. Joe, just like Hydro-Québec, assures us that the radiation that is being hotly debated — the low level non-ionizing radiation — just doesn't have enough power to bother human metabolism, and, as are all of the proponents of an unbridled extension of the use of any and all devices emitting electromagnetic radiation, he is sitting comfortably behind an edict from Health Canada. Security Code 6 states very clearly that there is no proven relation between this radiation and the human body. Unfortunately this position of Health Canada is a carbon copy of the U.S. position, which itself is 20 years out of date.

I don't really want to debate with Dr. Joe about smart meters, or Wi-Fi or cellphones, I want to talk about Health Canada' Security Code 6 — the shield of protection for all who do not want to look at the current state of scientific research. It is inconceivable for these people to believe that these tiny not-powerful electromagnetic fields can affect human health, simply because they have only considered one single mechanism of possible effect, the one that they see with X-rays and UV-rays and microwave oven waves. It is pretty narrow science that states that only one mechanism of cause and effect is possible and all evidence that contradicts that flat Earth theory is heresy.

I invite Dr. Joe to walk down the street from his McGill offices and visit the Royal Victoria's Invitro laboratory, also part of McGill University, where through six years of careful work Dr. Paul Héroux has proven that electromagnetic fields far weaker than those given off by the smart meters do change the chromosome counts of human cells — effecting basic DNA changes. Dr. Héroux is not out to condemn smart meters or anything else — he is looking for a non-drug, non-intrusive cancer treatment. But along the way, he discovered that low-powered electromagnetic radiation can radically change human metabolism by mechanisms other than the "thermal effect." This is research that punches a gaping hole in Health Canada's position of absolutely no-effect. If you would like to read a detailed paper on this research that I have written for Montreal city councillors, you can find a link to this information on the home page of my website:

Dr. Joe and I both have shows on CJAD, so we can each rant and rave about each other with monologues, but what do you say that we have a face to face debate about Health Canada's Safety Code 6 on neutral territory — like on Tommy Schnurmacher's show?

Jon Eakes

Home Improvement Show, CJAD

Mold Toxins Skyrocket with EMR Exposure

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt narrates this 5–minute video recounting the discovery of a Swiss scientist who grew mold cultures first in a faraday cage (shielded from ambient electromagnetic radiation) and then exposed to ambient EMR in the lab.

The mold cultures were initially shielded from ambient EMR by having a silver-coated cloth draped over them, effectively creating a faraday cage.

When the cloth was removed and the mold cultures were exposed to the ambient EMR in the lab, coming from the lights, computer and nearby cell phone tower, the molds produced more than 600 times the quantity of biotoxins that they produced when shielded from EMR.

And the biotoxins produced by the molds weren't simply more plentiful, they were also more potent and virulent.

This finding could explain many things – from the rise of 'superbugs' sweeping through entire hospital wards (hospitals are bristling with cell towers, wifi and EMR in general), to the reason that some people are far more sensitive to EMR than others. The sensitive people may well have an underlying Candida infection or other microbial infection that is flooding their bodies with biotoxins in response to the exposure to wireless emissions and other sources of EMR.

If you are wondering why on earth you might want to oppose the nomination of Tom Wheeler to Chair the FCC, please read this excellent blog by Joel Moskowitz, PhD, epidemiologist.  
Mr. Wheeler was actively involved in preventing the biologically-based RF safety limits from being established that would have protected those of us with radiofrequency sickness from getting it and prevented unsafe wireless devices from being on the market.

Jerry Flynn
103-1910 Capistrano Drive
Kelowna, B.C., V1V 2S5


Sent via Registered Mail


May 30, 2013


Mr. John Walker

President and CEO
Fortis BC - Electricity
Suite 100, 1975 Springfield Road
Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 7V7


Dear Mr. Walker,


The Dangers of Wireless Technology, Especially Smart Meters in Meshed-Grid Networks


I was surprised and alarmed to learn that Fortis BC ('Fortis') intends to remove my perfectly safe, effective, reliable, robust, inexpensive analogue meter and replace it with a largely-plastic, outrageously expensive, digital meter that contains two unauthorized, untested, unproven, fire-prone pulsed microwave-spewing radio transmitter, receiver and antennae circuits! I became even more alarmed once I researched what Fortis is planning to do and realized that my life and that of my family would be jeopardized - forever - were we forced to live in a "meshed-grid network" community. Given what I consider is the stealthy, artful and disingenuous manner which Fortis is attempting to mislead and deceive the general public into believing that wireless smart meters in meshed-grid networks are totally safe and pose no threat whatsoever to their health, general well-being, personal privacy, safety and security, I am hereby challenging Fortis, here and now, i.e., either you, personally, or any of your senior executives or Dr. William Bailey of Exponent U.S.  to debate with me – publicly, with the media in attendance – this whole subject matter. The timing and location of the debate I'll leave to your discretion; my only stipulation is that the venue must be large enough to accommodate at least several hundred members of the general public as well as representatives from both print and broadcast media.   


I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who spent 22 of my 26+ years in the military in the arcane fields of Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). Highlights of my relevant experience include a two year stint in Canada's National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare and, prior to that, two years as the Executive Officer (2-i/c) and Operations Officer of one of Canada's largest intelligence-gathering stations.  In the latter case, I directly employed some 200-odd specially-trained radio operators and technicians. Suffice it to say, wireless radio communications were my bread and butter for more than 22 years; hence I know far better than most how vulnerable any wireless radio system is and how easily they can be interfered with, jammed, defeated and/or literally destroyed. Operationally, I've conducted radio warfare and electronic warfare operations both at sea, onboard Canadian warships, and in the field with NATO army units in Germany. I've also completed a major NATO army EW officers' course in Anzio, Italy. Because of the strategic sensitivity of my work (I had Top Secret-Codeword security clearance), I was formally taught about electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and how dangerous/harmful it can be.


From my own global research over the past 2-1/2 years I am convinced that the already-large and rapidly-growing number of independent world-class scientists from every corner of the globe are correct in saying that science is running amuck, and governments everywhere are guilty of gross malfeasance for not protecting the public, i.e., governments should insist that new technologies, such as Fortis' proposed wireless smart meters in meshed-grid networks, are first subjected to science-based testing - by independent scientists having no connection to industry – the results of which must prove conclusively that the technology poses no threat to the health and general well-being of the public and all other life forms. Should BCUC approve Fortis' application to roll-out their smart meters, the immediate "short-term" winners clearly would be Fortis, its shareholders, governments and the other wireless-related companies who have colluded with you. Sadly, the losers would be the public – the poor, innocent, ignorant, helpless and trusting public. Ultimately, society will prove to be the biggest loser, for the inevitable health care costs – especially for future generations - will surely bankrupt not just British Columbia but, I suspect, the whole of Canada. History will judge you harshly, Mr. Walker, you and your company, and all of the other 'players' who along with you are forcing this evil, despicably-cruel unprecedented money-driven experiment on decent Canadians – most of whom, sadly, still naively think Canada is a democracy. I'm eagerly looking forward to debating this whole subject matter with you or any one of your senior executives or with Dr. William Bailey of Exponent U.S. The unvarnished truth must come out! Please advise me of the scheduling details and of the name of the person with whom I'll be debating at your earliest convenience. Thank you. 

Yours truly, 


Jerry Flynn


Smart Meters – What Utilities Don't Tell You


·       Wireless smart meters in meshed-grid networks have never been tested and proven to be safe in an actual, real-life, densely populated residential community in any country of the world;

·       The chronic, low-level non-thermal or biological effects of wireless pulsed microwave radiation has never been proven – in independent, science-based studies - to be safe to humans and other life forms in any country in the world;

·       No scientist on Earth yet knows what - if any – level of chronic, low-level, non-thermal, pulsed microwave radiation is safe for humans and other life forms;

·       Electric utilities are not conducting base-line studies to first determine what ambient levels of EMR already exist in communities before they install meshed-grid networks – meaning they have no concern for how much EMR might already be burdening a community. Yet, independent, world-class scientists have said that ambient levels of EMR on Planet Earth have increased 100-200-million times in the past century, and more than 1,000,000 times in just the past decade, due to the ongoing widespread proliferation of wireless technology such as: Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cell phone towers, smart phones, cordless phones, laptop and tablet computers, baby monitors, AM and FM radio, satellite TV and radio, GPS satellites, military and police radars, XBox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii U video games, Wi-Fi zones (restaurants, towns, cities, buses, trains, airplanes), Wi-Max zones, TETRA radio, to name just a few.

·       In each community, whatever incalculable amount of EMR is produced from a meshed-grid network, that amount must then be added to the ambient level of toxic radiation already in the community from the plethora of other wireless devices, examples of which are mentioned above.

·       Inside every smart meter are two (2) radio transmitter, receiver and antenna circuits: one being the LAN (Local Area Network), which operates on 900 MHz and radiates for a distance of 3 Km; the other being the "ZigBee," which operates on 2.4 GHz - the same frequency on which microwave ovens operate! 

·       The ZigBee's sole function is to control what utilities call the "HAN" (Home Area Network) which they envisage will comprise up to 15-or-so 'smart' appliances per home.

·       Each 'Smart' appliance has its own pulsed microwave radio transmitter, receiver and antenna circuit that also operates on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz! (This means that inside each home will be 15-or-so transmitters, all of which will irradiating the occupants 24/7/365 – in perpetuity - with pulsed microwave radiation on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4GHz!) 

·       Electric utilities envisage meshed-grid networked communities ranging in size from 500 to 5,000 homes.

·       Using the above figures then, even in the smallest meshed-grid network community of just 500 homes, the residents will suddenly find themselves subjected to microwave radiation from:

v  500 LAN transmitters - all pulsing virtually non-stop 24/7/365 in perpetuity and radiating for 3 Km (i.e., every home's LAN transmitter will radiate and be radiated by every other home's LAN in the entire community)! 

v  500 Zigbee transmitters (one inside each Smart Meter) each radiating for a radius of 250 feet and emitting microwave pulses periodically throughout the day 24/7/365 in perpetuity - on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!

v  7,500 (appliance) ZigBee-compatible transmitter, receiver and antenna circuits (i.e., 500 homes each with 15 smart appliances) - all emitting pulsed microwave radiation periodically throughout the day 24/7/365 in perpetuity - on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!

v  Every meshed-grid network must have a Collector Meter, whose job it is to relay all traffic - in both directions - originated by the utility and, in this case, 500 homes. Collector's can have either three (3) or eight (8) microwave transmitter, receiver and antennae circuits depending on the utility's choice of meters. Regardless of whichever meter is used, it will have a WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) transmitter, receiver and antenna circuit which operates a dual-band duplex radio circuit the frequencies of which are unique to the Collector and the utility to facilitate the relay – in both directions - of all communications between the utility and all home LANs.

v  Given the above, it can be seen that even the smallest community of just 500 homes will have a total of 8,503 or 8,508 (depending on the choice of Collector meter employed) transmitter, receiver and antenna circuits, of which a staggering 8,001 will emit pulsed, low-level, non-thermal microwave radiation on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!

v  Customers need to note that, unlike many of the other wireless devices in our environments today, smart meter transmitters cannot be turned off or unplugged by the customer – they'll remain active, emitting toxic pulsed microwave radiation 24/7/365 in perpetuity!

v  Customers also need to note that smart meters offer not one single meaningful advantage for the average home owner – not one! On the contrary, the electric utility is about to invade the privacy of your home, to the extent they will now know heretofore personal and private details about the human activity going on in your home – such as: what electric/electronic devices are turned on, for how long they are on, and when they are turned off, what channel of TV you're watching, etc. None of this is at all necessary and should not be acceptable in a democratic society.

v  Home owners also need to know that as people become better educated about the dangers of wireless technology, communities and homes having smart meters installed will see their property resale values drop precipitously!

v  Home owners should also note that insurance companies will not insure companies against health-related lawsuits attributed to the effects of chronic, low-level, non thermal effects of microwave / radio frequency radiation.

v  And lastly, jurisdictions all over the world continue to report inexplicable fires allegedly caused by newly-installed smart meters, yet not once has any electric utility, anywhere, admitted culpability or accepted financial responsibility for damages done to electric appliances that sustained electrical damages within the home, or to homes that literally burnt to the ground shortly after smart meters were installed.

·       Once a person understands the basics of how meshed-grid networks work and realizes the staggering amount of additional toxic radiation they'll emit, they will then understand why electric utilities everywhere are going to such pains to try to keep them, the public, ignorant. But once we allow a Smart Meter to be attached to our homes, it will be too late! Because electric utilities are our only supplier of electricity, it will be virtually impossible for homeowners to have Smart Meters removed!

·       But there's more. In addition to the enormous, if not incalculable, amount of EMR that will result from the above, for a microwave radio-based system to function in a meshed-grid network (microwave emissions being line-of-sight), literally dozens to conceivably a hundred or more relays will be required: from house LAN - to house LAN - to house LAN - to house LAN ... and so on - on each and every transmission, in both directions - before any transmission can successfully reach its destination! Nowhere on any electric utility website is this enormous, inescapable amount of "additional or secondary" EMR mentioned.

·       And still more. It is doubtful that electric utilities understand - or care - about all the "dirty" electricity" that will piggy-back along with any meshed-grid network. All one has to do is Google: "Dirty Electricity" to understand what this means. This is a far more serious problem than most people – and probably electric utilities themselves - realize, but it is one that can have very serious consequences for all of us human-and-other-living "guinea pigs" who are compelled to live in meshed-grid networked communities.  

·       And finally, electric utilities make no mention of what are called Reflection "hot spots" which can and do occur in various rooms of most if not all homes caused by the EMR reflecting off surfaces such as stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, tiled floors, etc. This too scientists say is another significant concern for the public for it creates areas within a home which are even more dangerous than the others. This too adds significantly to the electro-pollution that will result in meshed-grid network communities.


In conclusion, unless governments make electric utilities stop this wireless madness, there can be little doubt that history will record those complicit governments as having committed the most inconceivably cruel, evil, criminal technological experiment on an innocent, ignorant, trusting and helpless public in human history. The shame of it is, there are perfectly safe, proven technologies available today that are far faster, far more secure and emit no radiation whatsoever, i.e., fiber optic and coaxial cable being but two examples. 


Jerry Flynn

Metal implants causing suffering?

As a small group of people who have received metal implants we have gathered mounting evidence that people with metal implants are more prone to suffering from Electromagnetic radiation as a result of antenna effects from the implants. We would like to hear from anyone suffering from the effects of electromagnetic radiation who has received a metal implant, particularly Metal hips. The information received will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be used to present evidence to the British Hip Society ( and possibly other patient groups if requested). 

Please note this dos not apply to those with metal dental fillings.

Geoff Simmonds MSc 

Please Email to:  


Cell Phone Use, Acoustic Neuroma and Cancer of the Pituitary Gland

Women who used cell phones for ten or more years were two-and- a-half times more likely to develop an acoustic neuroma. Their risk of acoustic neuroma increased with the number of years they used cell phones.

The results for acoustic neuroma re-affirm one of the two major conclusions by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its recent monograph about radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and form the basis for classification of cell phone radiation as "possibly carcinogenic" to humans:


Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson responds to two questions: 

Can exposure to Wi-Fi cause irreparable damage to DNA? 

Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson is asked about irreversible sterility in mice."


Dear Friends,

Thank you all for getting in touch with me in recent weeks or months with your information, personal stories and resources on electrosensitivity.

Here is a link to a podcast of a 15-minute radio interview I did today on this subject on Radio CHLY in Nanaimo, BC:

For those of you who have not yet heard, I was thrilled to learn last month that I have been funded with a Canada Council grant to research and write a book on the subject of electrosensitivity. More info here:

I have now created a website for this project here:

I am particularly interested in finding more EHS sanctuaries, white zones and other safe areas to include on my Sanctuaries page:

If you know of additional safe havens I could list on this page, please let me know.

Some of you may be interested in joining the Electro-Sensitivity Forum on Facebook, where EHS people are sharing information and strategies on shielding, health recovery, etc. It's a good place to ask questions:

I have kept all of your emails on file, and I will be following up with some of you at some point to get more information about your personal EHS story. (When I learned last month that I have been funded to work on this book, I was not expecting it, and I was already at work on three other books. I must finish at least one of those books before I can turn my attention fully to this EHS book.)

Best wishes, and stay strong!

Kim Goldberg 

Nanaimo, BC

Refugium & The Coming Electroplague

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