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15 November 2011

States weighing pros, cons of utility smart meters
European Electrosmog Protest on the 16th of Nov. in Brussels
The EU-conference on EMF and Health will be held on the 16th and the 17th of Nov. in Brussels (Belgium) in the Charlemagne building (Rue de la Loi 170).
For details on the conference go to:
We will protest during the conference. The European Electrosmog Protest will be held on Wednesday the 16th of November 2011 between 16h and 18h30. The protest will take place in the street 'Rue de la Loi' in Brussels, across from the Charlemagne building, at the entrance of the Schuman metro station.    
In the attached pdf you'll find more information on our protest.
For further information, please e-mail:

The organisers of the European Electrosmog Protest:
Collectif Dé-Mobilisation

The protest is supported by: Prof. O. Johansson, Prof. Dr. Eng. G. Spadanuda, Prof. M. Al Salameh, Prof. Dr. K. Richter, Prof. D. Henshaw, Prof. Em. Dr. F. Decreus, A. Goldsworthy BSc PhD, Dr. med. G. Oberfeld, Dr. med. D. Favre, A. Philips BSc (Eng), H. Sanctorum (Flemish Parl.), P. Zazzera (Italian Parl.), E. Lannutti (Italian Parl.), K. Kunze (director movie "Disconnect"), and by the organisations:,,,,,,,,,,,,, Elettrosmog Volturino, Electrosmog-Free Italia Network,, Centro Tutela Consumatori Utenti,, and
This day, November 13, 2011, I say this about the EMF/health area:
 Independent money must be spent - now!; independent scientists - without any career considerations or fear of retaliations - must be allowed to investigate this, it must be "safe" to study "safe" technologies - otherwise I smell a rat; projects must be funded all the way from start to finish; and if it is "safe" with all the modern man-made EMFs, these scientists will show it...! 

I am tired of waiting for moral and ethical responsibility - it must come alive now! There must be an end to simple-minded political and economical considerations. The public health must be put in the high seat - not big corporate's profit and greed.

With my very best regards
Yours sincerely

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


The Royal Institute of Technology
100 44 Stockholm
As you know, I have in my lectures, opinion articles, television and radio appearances, newspaper interviews and written comments pointed to the potential radiation risks for children and adolescents. However, I have always hoped that I should be wrong in my suspicions, but ...

... with these new Russian data (described below), then it is untenable to continue to expose children and adolescents! What are the responsible persons doing? How do they really think and reason? I shudder!

Psychophysiological Indicators for Child Users of Mobile Communication.

Message 1: Present State of the Problem

N. I. Khorseva, Yu. G. Grigoriev, N. V. Gorbunova

Radiation Biology Radiation Ecology 2011; 51: 611-616

Psychophysiological Indicators for Child Users of Mobile Communication.

Message 2: Results of Four-year Monitoring

N. I. Khorseva, Yu. G. Grigoriev, N. V. Gorbunova

Radiation Biology Radiation Ecology 2011; 51: 617-623

Professor Yury Grigoriev is Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, a member of the WHO's International Advisory Committeeon "EMF and Health", and one of the authors of the Seletun Statement.

"It has been shown that the children's organism is more sensitive to this kind of exposure than the adult one. We have identified the following major trends of the psychophysiological indicators for child users of mobile communication: an increased number of phonemic perception disorders, abatement of efficiency, reduced indicators for the arbitrary and semantic memory, an increased fatigue. A steady decline of the parameters from high values to bottom standards has been found."

Best regards

Canadian children drugged in record numbers

Atypical antipsychotics lead to complications  (This story appear to be related to the one above).

Smart Meters Raise Privacy, Health Concerns in Vt.
Hauben said he formerly lived near a power substation and that its electromagnetic field made him ill and has left him hyper-sensitive to such exposures now ...
That smart meters are a sinister invasion of our privacy, part of a "Big Brother" conspiracy that goes back decades to take control of your mind and the world? Those kinds of concerns brought nearly 170 people out to the Glendale Moose Lodge for most ...
By Susan Morse YORK, Maine — As Central Maine Power installs Smart Meters in southern York County, a group of ratepayers has brought its fight against the wireless technology to the state Supreme Judicial Court and a South Berwick lawmaker is filing ...
The City of Medicine Hat
is hoping it will be able to avoid the kind of Smart Meter controversy that has erupted in other parts of North America
Smart Meter Law Suit
I believe that the Smart Meter issue is all about the government [in this case CPUC] participating with the big utilities, like SCE, to violate our federal civil rights under color of state law. I do not believe "lobbying" or "public protest" will bring the relief from this type of criminal conspiracy necessary and because so few receive the financial benefits while the majority pay the cost through their higher bills, lost health, privacy, and property rights. In these tough times the battle must move from the streets [with Occupy] to the Courts instead. That's why I am suing each and every CPUC Commissioner individually. Because until we hold the individual government decision makers personally and severely liable for their actions against our constitutional protections as individuals the rule of the people for the people, the very essence of what makes us Americans, is lost.

So follow my suit in the Court [which CPUC is trying to get dismissed] and pray I get a jury trial like I am requesting so the CPUC Commissioners can explain to a jury of our peers why they should be allowed to violate the constitution with impunity from damages claims for their individual actions doing so.


Michael E. Boyd President
CAlifornians for Renewable Energy, Inc.
5439 Soquel Drive
Soquel, CA 95073
Phone: (408) 891-9677

Growing field of 'smart grid' technology faces opposition
Ci-joint le Communiqué de Presse qui sera diffusé  lors de la conférence de presse à la salle 130-C du Parlement  à Ottawa.
À 12h 30 Lundi 14 novembre 2011.

(Rapport de décembre 2010
Les organismes Sauvons nos enfants des micro-ondes (SEMO), l'Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA) et Option consommateurs (OC)
rencontreront la presse parlementaire le lundi 14 novembre afin d'exiger du gouvernement canadien qu'il donne suite aux recommandations du Rapport du Comité permanent de la santé
concernant l'impact sur la santé des micro-ondes des technologies sans fil.
Merci de votre intérêt,

François Therrien
Collectif :  Sauvons nos Enfants des Micro-Ondes  ( SEMO )

 450 4718371

Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?
Documentary video clip.
Spying on your use of the toilet
City Hall will know when you have flushed.
Cell Phone Label Bill
Berkeley City Council voted to support a cell phone label bill, similar to San Francisco's. It's time we pushed our federal MPs to support the same bill.
It's a short clip, under 4 minutes. It's great to hear this man speak as a person who cares more about everyone's wellbeing than about what voters, big corporations, or anyone else might think of him.

How the Telecom Industry Seeks to Confuse About the Dangers of ...

By Dr. Mercola But like the Interphone study, which also initially reported no link between cell phones and brain cancer, this finding is seriously flawed ...
Stress Break - completely off topic but worth a look. 
Looks a bit fishy though
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity:
 two sides of the same coin?
In several countries EHS, MCS and fibromyalgia are already classified as functional disabilities

Several experts from different European countries agree that Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is a real, physical illness and for some of them this condition seems to be strictly related to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). This is what came out of the congress **Mobile Telephony, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max: Are there Health Risks?**, held at Palazzo Marini – Chamber of Deputees in Rome on 14 June 2011. The event, organized by the Association for Environmental and Chronic Toxic Injury (A.M.I.C.A.), was meant to give an overview on the health dangers linked to the use of wireless devices
Prof. Belpomme speaks  about MCS  and  EI
Prof. Dominique Belpomme, Oncologist, Professor of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Necker-Enfants Malades, Chairman of Research for Anti-Cancer Therapeutics (ARTAC), in his lecture **Diagnostic and Therapeutic Protocols for Electromagnetic Fields Intolerance**, showed the results of a clinical observation on more than 450 patients enrolled from 2008 to 2011. He and his team use a new technique to make the diagnosis to people reporting reactions to electromagnetic fields, a condition that he prefers to define as **Electromagnetic Fields Intolerance* or **EFI Syndrome** rather than **Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity**.
The new technique is the **Pulsed Eco-Doppler"**of the brain that combines the eco-doppler with a computer to evaluate brain perfusion. Unlike some other methods, this one is not dangerous and it does not involve any ionizing radiation. The results show that people with Electromagnetic Fields Intolerance have a reduced perfusion in the brain, particularly in the left part of the limbic area of the brain, compared to the control group. This is a very particular area, because it is the **ancient** part of the brain that controls many body functions.

**These results are very important – Belpomme said at the congress – because for the first time we are able to define the Electromagnetic Fields Intolerance as a physical illness based on objective tests**.

His team uses also other tests, such as the dosage of histamine, of protein S100B, and of heat shock proteins hsp70 and hsp27 in the blood. The 70% of the group of patients observed showed a serious reduction of vitamin D, about 1-2% of the patients showed an increase of proteins hsp27 and hsp70, while more than the 40% of the sample had increased histamine, a fact that is fully compatible with a physiological interpretation of this syndrome.

About 10% of the patients had an increased protein S100B, which is a marker for Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) permeability. In one third of the sample, a reduction of melatonin in urine was found, and this can explain symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia and depression in these patients.

These alterations are quite similar to the ones found in patients with  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS),  particularly regarding the brain perfusion reduction, the neurogenic inflammation, the oxidative stress increase, and the reduction of the defense mechanism. The fact that EMF induces the opening of the BBB may interfere with the brain protection from toxic chemicals. It is not uncommon, in fact, that patients with EFI Syndrome have MCS symptoms, while many patients with MCS also react to EMF.

The increase of oxidative stress in electrosensitive patients was found also by Dr. Valeria Pacifico, who lectured in Rome about **Metabolic biomarkers of oxidation-reduction imbalance and susceptibility to non-ionizing radiation**. She works in the team of Dr. Chiara De Luca at the Experimental Laboratory BILARA at Istituto Dermopatico of Immaculata in Rome that published several works on the role of oxidative stress in environmental sensitivities. (1, 2)

**To make a diagnosis of this syndrome we need to listen first to patients and we need to verify if the symptoms improve or disappear when they stay away from EMF sources**, Prof. Belpomme explained. In order to demonstrate if the electromagnetic fields were the real cause of the alterations found in these patients, the patients had to repeat the tests before and after a period of avoidance of EMF for three months. The results show that after the period of avoidance the levels tend toward the normal standard.

Given the strong correlation found by six epidemiologic studies on EMF exposure and Alzheimer Disease (AD), Prof. Belpomme believes that any electrosensitive patient with memory dysfunctions should be evaluated also for AD. He stresses the fact that AD is a loss of long term memory while EFI Syndrome often involves the loss of short term memory, but this symptom may be considered as a pre-Alzheimer condition.

Prof. Olle Johansson, Assoc. Prof., The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute; Professor, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, talked in Rome about **The precautionary principle: from Bioinititive to the Seletun consensus**. He dedicated his lecture to people affected by EHS and MCS because **they have a very difficult life**.

He is one of the most dedicated scientists in the promotion of new biologically-based safety guidelines for EMF. He was in Benevento for the ICEMS resolution in 2006, then in London in 2007 for a new resolution, and he was also member of the group of independent scientists that published the famous Bioinitiative Report in 2007, which had strong ecological concern in the political agenda. Thanks to this report, in fact, the European Parliament signed a resolution on September 4, 2008 to state that the actual safety limits for EMF are obsolete and to warn EU governments about the increase of new environmental illnesses such as EHS, MCS and Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome.

More recently, Prof. Johansson was part of the group of scientists who prepared the Seletun Consensus, published last February in Reviews on Environmental Health (3). It states that present standards do not protect global human population from electromagnetic fields and all EMF should be reduced now instead of waiting for a definitive proof of danger. It also states that people reporting EHS symptoms should be considered as having a functional disability.

In Sweden, for example, EHS, MCS and fibromyalgia are already classified as functional disabilities. This means that people affected by these conditions are not considered patients, but it's the environment that creates limitations for them so it's the environment that has to be changed. This kind of classification represents the full concretization of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, signed by governments on March 30, 2007. This convention should be enough to push all governments to find the right accommodation and the best welfare strategies for people with environmental sensitivities, and put an end to discrimination.

Author: Francesca Romana Orlando, journalist and Vice President of A.M.I.C.A.
1.De Luca C. et al., Biological definition of multiple chemical sensitivity from redox state and cytokine profiling and not from polymorphisms of xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, YTAAP-11818; No. of pages: 8; 4C.
2.De Luca C. et al., The Search for Reliable Biomarkers of Disease in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Other Environmental Intolerances, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2011, 8, 2770-2797; doi:10.3390/ijerph8072770
 3.Fragopoulou A ed al., Scientific panel on electromagnetic field health risks: consensus points, recommendations, and rationales, Rev Environ Health. 2010 Oct-Dec; 25(4):307-17.

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WHO receives delegation of representatives for the environmentally ill
An Italian Law Proposal for Environmental Illnesses and Disability
International Conference: Environmental and chemical pollution cause health injuries and disabilities
Italian Parties united under the MCS cause
               best wishes

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