Monday, May 30, 2011

Cancer Societies ? / MP launches petition against mast in town, etc.

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30 May 2011

Cancer Societies ?
We've all heard for years about the mis-use of funds at the American and Canadian Cancer Society. Dr. Epstein had sent out a report about some of the industries they had supported, industries which were known polluters of carcinogens. In the British Columbia Cancer Society they have on their staff Mary McBride who is one of their major money makers and "researcher". She allowed people to believe she was a doctor, the Cancer Society promoted her as a doctor, and even after my husband and I  "outed"  her, she remains as a key figure on their staff. She has no relevant education yet does research, supposedly, on cancer. This the our Cancer Society and I, for one, will not give a penny to it. Instead, when I am solicited on the phone, I tell the person why I will not donate and often, always so far, they are stunned and upset.
Dr. Mercola has now provided more reasons to boycott the Cancer Society.

"And in fact, according to the report, the ACS has a reckless, if not criminal record on cancer prevention. Over and over again, they have promoted drugs and screening while ignoring environmental causes".
Sharon Noble
MP launches petition against mast in town
Missing Humming Birds
Three years ago I saw at least 19 humming birds at my home in Mission, British Columbia, Canada.
This year there are only 2 very tiny ones.
I have asked people in other areas and they are finding similar results.
Are others finding the same??
Documents provided to Patch show a higher number of inaccurate meters than PG&E has reported. By Kelly Dunleavy | Email the author | 6:00am PG&E's Smart Meters have spurred outrage in the community. D. Foti at A larger number of PG&E's ...

Newswise (press release)
Dr. Seyhan will share work performed at Gazi University demonstrating that the increasing use of cell phones—and the increasing number of associated base stations—are becoming a widespread source of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. ...

CDC Vaccine Researcher Charged with Wire Fraud, Money Laundering and Stealing Grant Money

Crooks will often park outside businesses, complexes, and schools when they set up the phony Wi-Fi connections. They will then steal your private information as you type it in real time. No one's private information or passwords were compromised as a ...

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