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21 February 2011

Brain Glucose Elevated by EMR
See the attached document.
This is an important new study by the chief of the National Institutes of Drug Abuse finding that cell phone radiation elevates brain glucose metabolism in the areas of the brain that get the most microwave radiation as measured in healthy human volunteers through PET scans following acute exposure..  They showed elevated glucose metabolism after 40 minutes of exposure.
Glucose metabolism can stimulate cell proliferation, and if cells are aberrant and proliferate, then cancer can arise..Increased glucose means that cells are activated and metabolizing at a higher rate, which is why they need more glucose.
The BIG question is what does this mean for the long term for people who are using phones this much every day and begin to do so as toddlers or children???
What is not in this paper is the long term impact of this sort of elevation of brain glucose and its implications for people with pre-existing cerebral cortex problems, like Parkinsons, autism, Alzheimers, brain injury. 
Of course, the literature showing that glucose is addictive is massive.   Human or animal babies will preferentially seek sugared drinks, and can be made addicted to them.  Maybe there's a biological basis to how cranky people become when you take away their sweets or  cell phones?? 
Devra Davis

The World's Largest Experiment-Part 2




Residents Protest Proposed Cell Phone Antenna

A Ronkonkoma neighborhood rallied against the proposed antenna, owned by T-Mobile and to be located on a LIPA transmission tower. By James Haag | Email the author | February 19, 2011 Angered by the proposed installation of a cell phone antenna on ...




Remove the Base Station

An excellent precedent has been set in the South Gauteng High Court on Tuesday 15th Feb 2011– Johannesburg, South Africa. Published in Business Day – link below

MTN is one of the main service providers who continues to place masts in schools, churches, on residential blocks and next to homes.





Blood Count, Evidence that can be used in court





Raising Awareness about Electromagnetic Pollution

You are being bathed in electromagnetic pollution of unprecedented proportions. What impact does this have on your health and that of future generations?

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