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Address to Stratford City Council Committee about the danger of Smart Meters / Swiss Schools WiFi / Toxic Triggers

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21 October 2010

Press Release

By Martin Weatherall

Candidate for Mayor of Stratford, Ontario.

This is the information that I presented at the City of Stratford Finance and Labour Relations Sub-Committee Tuesday 19 October 2010. Councillor Clifford was Chair, Councillor Mark, Councillor Culliton, Councillor Brown, CAO Shaw, Linda Edwards and Mayor Dan Mathieson were present.

The Committee chair had already read and past a resolution on smart meters without allowing me to speak. The resolution stated that Stratford smart meters were safe because they were within Health Canada safety standards. After having to interrupt the meeting to be heard, I was granted five minutes to make a presentation.

Here are some of the health problems that Stratford residents have experienced, since Smart Meters were installed:

1. Several people have advised me that they have been experiencing sleeping problems since the meters were installed.

2. One person is having to sleep in the basement to avoid radiation exposure from the smart meter and to be able to sleep properly.

3. A person has had to move out of an apartment building, because 29 smart meters were installed in the electrical room next to her apartment and strong radiation was coming through the master bedroom wall and into other areas of the apartment, causing sleep disruption

4. One person with several meters outside his town-home, advised me that he now suffers from frequent headaches since the meters were installed, previously he did not suffer from them.

5. One house owner is unable to use a bedroom and has had to shield other areas of the house because of the very high strength and almost continuous microwave radiation that is being emitted by the smart meter, which is passing through the brick wall and into the bedroom.

6. A person (with six smart meters on the wall of her kitchen) has started to suffer seizures much more often, since smart meters were installed on the wall outside her kitchen.

I then read from this letter, provided to me by another victim, just prior to the meeting:

Re Smart Meters. October 18th 2010.

Some time ago, I started experiencing sleep disorders, nightmares, vertigo and headaches. Around the same time, my dog's behaviour changed drastically. She too was getting up every hour throughout the night. I would find her huddled in her bed whining and howling, looking terrified and staring at me wide-eyed, like she did not know who I was. I thought that she had a stroke.

After two weeks I was experiencing unexplained fits of rage (only at home) and forgetting things, and the dog's behaviour had escalated to the point she was headed to the vet, never to return home.

In the meantime, I started to hear rumblings around town about the new smart meters. I realized that a panel of these meters had been installed on the outside wall of my building, right around the time all these problems began. This was the same wall that the head of my bed and the dog's bed was against.

I decided to try an experiment. I re-arranged my bedroom furniture so that the beds were against a wall farthest from the smart meters. The meter wall was blocked by armoires and bookcases. Within forty eight hours the headaches and nightmares stopped. The dog's behaviour began to return to normal and we were both sleeping better. By the end of the week, the vertigo subsided, the temper flare ups stopped and the dog was herself again.



The committee members showed little or no concern for these victims of smart meter radiation.

Here is a link to the front page news report on this meeting by the Beacon Herald 20 Oct 2010 -


Please see the attached documents from Dr. Magda Havas about Wi Fi in schools, in Switzerland.


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