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6 June 2010

Here is an interesting link. What can kill can also cure.

Before anyone gets too enthusiastic about this and suggests that the radiation from mobile phones is also good for you, we have to remember that the ionising radiation from normal radiotherapy also kills cancer cells.

It does so by damaging their DNA and breaking their chromosomes so that fragments of broken chromosomes are lost each time a cell divides. This means that the daughter cells are genetically incomplete and die. Non-dividing cells are relatively unaffected because, even though their chromosomes may be broken, the fragments are not lost and, for the most part, broken chromosomes will still work.

We need to look more closely at the article when it is published, but what it may really be saying is that electrical effects on the brain are like ionising radiation and could also cause cancer in a proportion of otherwise healthy people. It may be an excellent and relatively benign cure for brain cancer, but no one should use it or anything like it (such as mobile phones) prophylactically.

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(Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy)


Lankan mobile phone vendors urge TRC to crack down on phone mafia

By Bandula Sirimanna

In the wake of new evidence of health hazards connected to poor quality mobile phones coupled with the flooding of sophisticated-looking but counterfeit and poor quality Chinese mobile handsets, Sri Lankan mobile phone vendors are urging the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) to block the import of such phones or sue vendors who are selling it.

The mobile phones with fake or invalid IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers could be blocked from the networks of mobile service providers, easily as the TRC possessed all the IMEI numbers of handsets imported to the country, Shamzil Ramiz, chairman of Amgoo Telecom Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, a registered importer, told the Business Times.

A leading Sri Lankan ENT Surgeon said that several of these sophisticated-looking but cheap phones in the market emit levels of radio frequency radiations far higher than what is globally accepted as safe. He said that a large number of youth in the age group of 20- 30 years had sought treatment recently for hearing ailments and pain in the ear and neck after using cheap Chinese phones for a considerable period. According to international research studies there is now considerable evidence proving that microwave radiation from fake mobile phones and cordless phones causes brain tumors, disturbed brain function and other health disturbances. The reason is that their microwave radiation has harmful effects at intensity levels far below the prescribed limits.

Some of those fake phones can take two sim cards at a time, come with an extra battery and have very attractive functions, like touch screen. There is, however, ample evidence that those types of phones freeze very often, have relatively very short life spans of less than a year, and the batteries go dead in just months.

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EMF-Omega News

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