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14 March 2010

Cell Phones-Our Kids At Risk?

A young person with a mobile phone against their ear may not feel the effects of certain foreign frequencies on their body. Nevertheless, these effects are still there. Children, with growing brains, nervous systems, immune systems, and thinner skulls, are more at risk from low frequency radiation within the body. The long-term health effects are still under investigation, yet this is not stopping many cell phone companies from aggressively targeting children with character image phones. The wireless industry, being increasingly competitive, markets these phones to children as young as 8 years old.

Adults like the idea of being in touch with their children at all times. I agree this is a valid safety precaution. Teenagers see cell phones as status symbols. However, what are the risks? Many doctors and scientists are worried about the biological changes that can occur from continuous cell phone use.Kids are using cell phones at a younger age than any previous generation. They will be exposed over many years, and spend more time each day with phones against their heads, than ever before. I've heard that some children even sleep with their cell phones under their pillow, to allow them to get text messages or calls anytime.

The problem is that these biological changes can cause many different symptoms. Everyone's symptom is different, depending on their susceptibility and level of exposure. Short-term exposure can cause headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, fatigue, compromise immune function, affect sleep, decrease the effectiveness of therapeutic drug treatment, and decrease mental and physical well-being.

Long-term exposure can cause mutations, cancer, and degenerative brain diseases.

Some people dismiss these concerns, looking at research that shows no reason for worry. Health Canada admits potential cell phone effects in internal documents. However publicly, it has not commented. The Canadian Cellphone Association says on it's website that "overwhelming evidence in the scientific community…supports the conclusion that there is no demonstrated health risk".

In contrast to this, many European countries have issued public warnings to parents. There have been warnings in Germany, France and Russia. In Britain, the health officials have been the most outspoken.

They have told the wireless industry repeatedly to stop promoting cell phones to children, and have publicly discouraged kids from using them for any non-essential calls. There have been no such public warnings here in Canada, or in the USA.

Even though various studies, and the findings in my clinic, indicate biological effects, the World Health Organization has not informed the public of any proven health effects. They wish to continue studying the problem. Meanwhile, children are using cell phones at an increasing rate. Some telecom experts estimate that over half of the pre-teens in North America will regularly use a cell phone by the end of this decade.

Another consideration is that the cell phone industry is relatively young in Canada, being approximately only 25 years old. Cellular telephones for the public were fairly rare, and they were mainly used by business people, during the first 10 years. It is only in the last 10 to 15 years that customers have been able to get unlimited calling and texting, affordable monthly rates, and highly subsidized phones. Cellular telephones have become an important business and social need, and this leads to more time spent using these devices. Some researchers believe it will take many more years of research to determine the long-term health consequences. I believe we should err on the side of caution, and start protecting ourselves and our children NOW!

Article Source: ABC Article Directory

About The Author:

Paul Inkpen is a graduate of the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. He specializes in vibrational medicine, natural homeopathic remedies, and Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure protection and removal. For the past seven years, he has studied the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radiation on the human body. He practices and lectures in Toronto, Canada.

Note  After an EMF article written in the Wire Report, the reporter received some criticism.  Here is the reporter's assessment of the situation and then there is a reply to him.

The Wire Report

As a journalist with daily deadlines I hope you can appreciate that I always don't have the time to give more complex stories, like this one, the full research they sometimes deserve. At the end of the day, I need to have something published because we are a small publication and have subscribers who count on daily content.

The impetus for this particular story was the decision by the Bloc Québécois to look into forming a sub-committee to explore the health risks associated with RF signals. That is what I tried to focus on. As I'm sure you know, SEMO and the Bloc have counted on the Bioinitiative Report to support their claims that RF signals are indeed harmful.

When I spoke with Dr. Daniel Krewski, possibly the top researcher in Canada on the potential cancer risks associated with cell phones, he told me that he had never heard of the report. If you were in my shoes, this would surely raise a few questions and probably a little skepticism.

So I wrote my story to the best of my abilities with the information I had at the time.

What I found, at least, was that most authoritative research had not found any concrete links between cell phone use and cancer. If you read the article again, however, I'm sure you'll notice that I also said that research on the long-term effects of cell phone use and the health risks associated with children has been rather slim and inconclusive to date. I don't think I gave the telecom industry a free ride, but you may disagree.

If you want to send some more research my way it would be appreciated. Depending on how this sub-committee goes I'm sure there could be some good opportunities for a follow-up.


By the way, we are actually independent. The Wire Report is owned by The Hill Times Publishing, a respected independent publisher that also publishes The Hill Times newspaper and Embassy. 

I have no ties to the telecom or broadcasting industries, apart from the fact that I cover them on a daily basis.


Dear Mr. -------------,

I must admit with embarassment that I copied you by accident with me initial email. I thank you very much for the courtesy you extended by explaining your situation. I appreciate it greatly. If I could make one suggestion in response to your statement that you must write something because your readers expect content, it would be that it might be preferable to write nothing than to write something that is misleading. I hope to give you further information that, I also hope, you might provide to your readers as a follow-up.

Please allow me first to present some additional research for you to consider, as requested. Attached is a petition I submitted to the Auditor General of Canada. In it you will find many studies which show that damage is caused by RF radiation as well as evidence to support my assertion that Dr. Krewski and members of Health Canada are associated with the telecommunication industry. If you wish to see the responses,which in no way question my assertions but, to the contrary confirm them,  just google my petition (#255 and #255b). Should you have difficulty finding them I would be happy to send them to you.

There are no doubt many who would dispute your consideration of Dr. Krewski as one of Canada's top, if not the top, researcher into cellphones. He has been involved with the Interphone Study, the results of which are dubious due to its funding by the industry. Other countries (there were 13 involved in the endeavour) have reached conclusions that differ widely, and the report has been delayed due to the pressure being brought to bear by the industry.

I must admit amazement with Dr. Krewski's statement that he has never heard of the BioInitiative Report. This is a compilation of 2000 peer-reviewed studies done by independent, credible scientists from around the world over a number of years. Many have considered it to be a vital addition to the discussion of RF exposure. What makes his statement even more confusing is that the BioInitiative Group has corresponded with Dr. Krewski, urging him and his colleagues to produce their research because people are being harmed during the delay of several years. Pls. see the link:

Also there are numerous articles in various newspapers and journals citing both the Interphone Group (Dr. Krewski) and the BioInitiative Group. One example:

Perhaps Dr. Krewski's memory has been affected by his cellphone usage! (joke?) Or perhaps it's just one more example of Dr. Krewski not being entirely forthcoming.

If my conclusion that yours was an industry newsletter is incorrect, please forgive me. The title "The Wired Report" and the information in the article may have mislead me. We who are fighting to get the standards for exposure to RF in Canada to the same level as most of the major countries of the world have become cynical due to lack of media and government support which is resulting in RF becoming the 21st century cigarette.

And last, but not least, there are many across Canada who are most grateful to the Bloc Quebecois for taking this stance and for bringing this important issue to Parliament's attention. Hopefully others will lend their support so that real change can be brought to Health Canada.

Should you wish additional information or substantiation of any of my comments, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,
Sharon Noble

Mysterious garage door dilemma

Reported by: Janet Kwak

SAN ANTONIO -- Hundreds of homeowners in the Northwest part of town can't seem to get their garage doors to open.

"We were wondering why," explains homeowner John Zurita. "We have to go in out and out of the house, the remote doesn't work at all."

He's not alone. Residents that live within a five mile radius of Culebra and Portranco Road are experiencing the same problem.

It's because of a radio antenna used by the National Security Agency is interfering with their remotes. A newly installed Land Mobile Radio antenna is using the same frequency as a lot of garage door manufacturers. Frequent on site testing makes some electronic household items go haywire.

"We thought it was the remote, so we spent $57 for a remote," says another resident, Nora Villarreal. "I didn't have the house keys to go through the front door, so I had to jump the fence from the house to get in."

The government shut down their entire system for a month for residents to find a fix. But the antenna is back up, and so are the problems.

"We've had several calls, it just started this week," adds President of Hollywood-Crawford Door Company, Randy Oliver. Oliver says it's a problem that's been around since 2004 when the military took over garage frequencies in 2004.

He says there are three options for homeowners. First, you can retrofit your entire unit to a different frequency, which could cost some big bucks.

Secondly, you can buy a radio replacement control set, and install it yourself. The price ranges from $35 to $100. Lastly, you can wait and see, since sometimes, the problem can just fizzle out after awhile.

"See if the problem disappears," Oliver adds. "Until then use your door button inside the garage or operate manually."



Hi Janet

It is not just garage doors that radiofrequencies are interfering with.

The attached document gives you a good idea of what they are doing to people.

If you want further information on this problem, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Martin Weatherall

Co Director WEEP
Electric shock for mast campaigners

Saturday, March 13, 2010, 09:20

POLICE were called after residents staged a protest over work on a mobile phone mast at the centre of a planning wrangle.

Officers were requested by workers attempting to connect electricity to a half-built mast in Cheadle.

Now Staffordshire Moorlands District Council says planning permission has not been given and has pledged to take legal action against Vodafone for proceeding with work in Brookhouse Way.

The authority sent enforcement officers to the scene after a flood of calls from worried residents.

Among protesters yesterday was grandfather Barry Snape, of Greenways.

He was threatened with arrest after attempting to stop Central Networks connecting the electricity supply.

The 67-year-old said: "I live closest to the mast, it is only 59 yards from my home. I have got four grandchildren and my daughter has told me she will not bring them to visit if the mast is erected."

Alan Smith, who runs a sandwich van in nearby Brookhouse Industrial Estate, said: "My wife works there six days a week and I do not want her exposed to the rays.

"There are also houses here and children walk past it every day on their way to school."

Former district council leader Ron Locker, who is a town councillor, was among councillors supporting the residents.

He said after the protest: "People were quite naturally incensed and it did get a little heated.

"Police came out twice to check the situation, but they did not need to take action and no-one was arrested."

Town councillor Gary Bentley added: "Feelings were running quite high. Residents felt no notice was being taken of them."

Police were called in by workers from Central Networks, who were attempting to connect the electricity supply.

One worker, who declined to be named, said: " We had to call the police, because we were being obstructed by the public and there was a health and safety risk.

"But people were reasonable and we did not get any abuse."

The contractors left the site after removing connecting cables.

Councillor Stephen Ellis, portfolio holder for planning and development, said council officers had already warned the company against starting work.

He added:"We have been in dialogue with Vodafone for months about this site and I am deeply annoyed and angry with the way they are behaving.

"It is totally unacceptable and if they do not stop and put things back as they were, then they will feel the full force of enforcement action from the district council."

But a Vodafone spokesman said the firm had planning permission and would be going ahead with the construction of the mast.

He said a planning application was submitted in December 2008 and, as the council did not provide a decision notice within a time limit stipulated by planning legislation, planning approval was gained.

He added: "Despite this, we agreed to the council's request to suspend the build and to investigate potential alternative sites."

A potential area was then identified on council owned land on the opposite side of road to the current proposal.

But the spokesman said: "Over the last year we have approached the council on several occasions to identify the exact location of the alternative site, but they have not supplied us with any information and accordingly, we have begun development of the consent that we have


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