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My Wi Fi system reaches perhaps 100 neighbors / EMF-Omega-News 8. August 2009

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The writer of this article below may be a fairly intelligent person, who knows about the technical details of WiFi systems. What is obvious though, is his total ignorance (or lack of care) about the health effects of the radiation emitted by these wireless devices. If he bothered to read the scientific research papers which indicate how dangerous this technology is, perhaps his article would be written far differently than it is.

The article is worth reading, simply to understand the dangers that we all face as WiFi and other wireless technologies continue to multiply all around us. The writer may be willing to 'share' his WiFi signal, but most of us do not want to be exposed to his carcinogenic pollution!

Martin Weatherall


Being Wireless

Nicholas Negroponte explains why Wi-Fi "lily pads and frogs" will transform the future of telecom.

EVERYTHING you assumed about telecommunications is about to change. Large wired and wireless telephone companies will be replaced by micro-operators, millions of which can be woven into a global fabric of broadband connectivity.

but Wi-Fi's reach doesn't stop at the walls of your home

But 802.11 systems — now available in a variety of flavors, including 802.11b, widely known as Wi-Fi — do not stop at the walls of your home. Depending on the intervening materials, a vanilla Wi-Fi can radiate more than 1,000 feet. Since I live in a high-density area, my system reaches perhaps 100 neighbors. I do not know how many use it (totally free) — frankly, I do not care. I pay a fixed fee and am happy to share.

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