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The attached report about Cardiac Effects, by the late Dr. Neil Cherry is from 2002. The information is still very relevant and is important to anyone concerned about a healthy heart.

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I'm sure you have this report -

but just in case, here it is!

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EMF peril
Published: February 12, 2009 4:00 PM
I'm writing this letter as a concerned person regarding the children of Tsawwassen. As parents we try to safeguard our children from known dangers.

We try to protect them whenever possible. We diligently remind our children to look before crossing the road, don't drink and drive, and don't smoke.

I see the government of B.C. doing so as well for their citizens. Laws are passed to buckle up, use booster seats for kids and limit smoking in public

My problem is that while we are protected from these risks, we are told to ignore the possible risk of EMF (electro magnetic field) exposure in our community. We are continually being told by health authorities that short term exposure is not a problem, that there is no known health risk with this.

The problem is that our children are not going to have short term exposure to dangerously high EMF levels as a result of the new VITR project. In the next 10 years there will be 10,000 children educated at South Delta Secondary. Each will be exposed to 5,480 hours of EMF radiation. That is not short term.

There is a multitude of information from many credible sources who say that chronic exposure to EMF magnetic fields reduces and/or disrupts the nocturnal production and/or the action of the hormone melatonin in the pineal gland.

In cells, tissues, organs and whole animals, melatonin has been shown to protect against damage from known carcinogens. Therefore, chronic exposure to EMF magnetic fields increases the risk of childhood leukemia via melatonin disruption.

There are many other medical issues linked to EMF exposure. These are nerve system problems, a link to Alzheimer's and many more.

As a parent I struggle to come up with the answer to this issue of chronic long term exposure. I looked for information on how to protect my child and these are some of what I found.

What you can do to protect yourself? Increasing the distance between you and the source—the greater the distance between you and the power lines the more you reduce your exposure. Limiting the time spent around the source—limit the time you spend near power lines to reduce your exposure.

The children of South Delta Secondary cannot undertake these recommendations. They don't get to even make that choice.

My problem is short of pulling them from the public school system, I am powerless to change this, and you on the other hand are not. Please put the interest of the children of Tsawwassen first. Tell BC Hydro to move or bury and shield the massive power lines in Tsawwassen.

Please don't endanger our kids. I would ask that you use your power to protect all of the children of Tsawwassen.

Jill Desjarlais,



Swedish EMR website.

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology

They deal with genetically modified crops
and mobile phone hazards

The Chairman of this group is Dr Jaan Suurkula

Information from Margaret White