Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smart Meters / Dumb Meters

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A major concern for W.E.E.P. is the proposed installation of so called 'Smart Meters', otherwise known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and better known to me as (MLHKP) - Meters Likely to Harm and Kill People.

These really stupid 'Smart Meters' are just electrical meters that can be read wirelessly from long distances by the electrical utility company, at various times of day and night. They pass the information by a wireless signal, either along the electrical distribution system (power lines) or by wireless links, in a similar way as cell phones operate. Which-ever method is used, the result is that consumers are very likely to be affected by dangerous and strong electro magnetic radiation, right inside their homes.

For electro hypersensitive (EHS) victims, this may be just like another form of torture, but which occurs continuously in their own homes! For ordinary citizens, the strong source of radiation may mean headaches, ringing in the ears, immune system damage, serious illnesses and cancer, but over a much longer span of time. Although several people located in various parts of Canada have tried to get reliable information about the meters, the responses from government and industry sources have been clouded in mystery.

With the limited information that has been obtained so far, it would seem that 'Smart Meters' could well be one of the dumbest ideas that have appeared for a long time.

The first link listed below is well worth viewing. It will give you a strong sense of how powerful and horribly invasive these devices may be! The thing that I find of special interest is that this information is coming from the government that can be faulted for allowing dangerous wireless
technology to spread massively, across Canada.

Martin Weatherall


The following caught my eye by accident, it is very important please distribute widely -


The application for AMI was - to my big and unexpected surprise - denied with reasoning still to follow at a later date:



and with the BCUC's web site about this application here:


with yours truly, submission under/with C2-1 to C2-7 .

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