Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tsawwassen video

Dear Sharon, and all

Please watch this video regarding the Tsawwassen power lines. Everyday people are being threatened, physically assaulted, videotaped, helicopter monitored etc, on your and my tax dollars. Video is at the steps of the BC Supreme Court. Have You submitted your petition? I've heard rumors and I am trying to verify the information that the WHO came out with a new standard: 2mG!!! The people of Tsawwassen will be exposed to 15-149 mG non stop + potentially fatal electric shock hazard according to the official documentation on the project. It would cost $16 to $32 million to protect an entire Vancouver suburb, the profits on the massive transmission project tapping into the lucrative US power market according to calculations will be as much as $400Billion. The BC government is not willing to spend "some pennies" to protect us.
Please watch this heart breaking 4 minute long video footage.
Thank You!

Sylvia from Tsawwassen, BC