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WEEP web site / Le Monde article

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The WEEP Internet site is nearly ready for unveiling. Several people have been working very hard to get this project up and running. You can see a preview here at - .
WEEP requests your assistance to make our launch successful, especially in Canada and the USA where there are few web sites that specialize in concerns about the adverse health effects of electrical pollution.
Shortly we will prepare a news release providing information about WEEP and our new web site.
You can greatly assist WEEP if you all plan to forward the news release to newspapers, magazines, health organizations and environmental organizations in your area.
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The story below is from Le Monde magazine. It is not easy to read as the translation has not been done very well. You should be able to get the overall theme of the story and may find it quite interesting.
quick translation

In Sweden, they are recognized as Electro: Sylvia, Lars, Per Eva or are sick and protect themselves. The cause itching, headaches or dizziness that they suffer? They accuse the electromagnetic waves, scientists are divided. This is the dark side of new technologies.
Before taking the wheel of his red Skoda file on bypass roads in the suburbs of Stockholm, Ann has spent his helmet antiradiations. A kind of net, whose silver mesh protects microwave widespread in the universe: portable antennas relay, Wi-Fi. "There is first of all this heat burns my face, and then come the problems concentration, I lose the thread and I lose my words, my thinking becomes confused. This is not something we would like to see happen while I drive. "Uh. no, we would not want to. Ann Rosenqvist Atterbom is "électrosensible." This great woman to gentle face and broad shoulders, whose blond hair was covered gray years, has the same symptoms that children in French schools that are equipped rooftop antennas relay. She complains of the same ills that librarians of the City of Paris after the installation of bollards Wi-Fi in their premises in August 2007: headaches, rashes, nausea, difficulty in concentration, dizziness, palpitations, tingling. Everywhere in the world amount of votes, saying that thousands of suffering and invisible support of new technologies: electromagnetic waves. The difference in Sweden is that we do not say that these people are crazy. It was recognized long ago that their evil was for them a handicap and should be treated as such.
Pending understand why.
The car stopped in front of a field where scatter a few small wooden cottages, modest summer residences. Sylvia Lindholm awaits us. From birch burning in the stove and candles illuminate the table. A canopy bed adds to exotic places, but to be white and romantic, its sails are nonetheless fiber special foil to block electromagnetic fields. Sylvia, 62ans, spent the winter here until his apartment is "lectro-cleaner": paintings protective shields-curtains, screens films on the tiles windows. The city of Stockholm gave him 18 000 euros for his work .
In the hall of the college where she continues to work the neon lights have been removed; students, asked to file their portable closet. And everyone was very understanding, "she says, occupational physician who diagnosed a" électrosensible "to the main college, which has facilitated the life. To build his apartment, Sylvia has appealed by Lars Rostlund. Previously, Lars was a man comme il faut: electronics engineer, son of a senior manager of a large corporation, it voted peacefully on the right and had his small consulting firm and IT support to businesses.
In 1994, then we just give her a massage electronics, which now feels evil. The sun burns his eyes; office, screens flashing, and when he returned home, her nose pointed out that odors do not perceive before. "It was like having superpowers, to evolve in a parallel world, a feeling unreal and frightening," says the jovial giant. Soon I understood the link with electromagnetic waves. After all it was my party. " For a year, it stops working, lack of divorce ( "The kitchen was stuffed waves. I could not do the dishes. My wife did not want to believe me."), isolates her apartment, makes gymnastics, trying high-dose vitamins, sees a psychiatrist ( "I did not lose my time, I learned things about me, but this has helped in any way for what I had.") and found sufficient forces to resume its work half-time. Four years later, visiting a company, it is no bad surprises them and wave. He pulls out his measuring device. His body has him lie! The levels of radiation are high but it does feel nothing. It is healed.
Since then, Lars protects itself maximum Greens vote, and his company specializes in hunting the electromagnetic fields: 300 000 euros of turnover a year. His wife keep accounts, but continues to look a wary eye this clientele, increasingly large, composed of people who ask odd cable twisted, light bulbs without waves, detection devices, or hands-free kits for mobile phones which cables are plastic tubes in which sound, as in stethoscopes, is conveyed by air.
You think crazy? The reality is more frightening still, they are sensible. No flying saucer hidden in the drawer, not paranoid neurosis, mystical evocation. No, these are people who are looking for a scientific explanation for their pain and a political solution to their situation. Their association, FEB, 2 500 members and is part of the National Federation of Disabled Persons. Based on a survey of the years 1990, they claimed nearly 300 000. But the state keeps giving figures, recognizing that this could affect the balance of its trade balance: the largest company in the country is called Sony Ericsson, one of five global giants of the mobile phone.
Rigmor Granlund Lind 71 years, and his eyes shining bright Thousand fighting a lifetime. Long militant communist head of the trade union, a professor, she lives south of Stockholm, a small pavilion in the suburbs Ordinary World. On the shelves of the library: the flights of anti Noam Chomsky, poems educational Makarenko, Russian, annotated by hand, Balzac in French, and any literature on électrosensibilité. "I started doing of sleep apnea, I stopped breathing at night, and then it began to happen on days when I served on the computer." So she and her husband have cut off electricity. For two years. "If most of the time our joint support us is that they see well that does not lie. If John lit a lamp in the cellar, it m'entendait shout: Do you have surrendered the fuse number 6? She laughs in this remembrance. "When we finally managed to turn the light, it was paradise. It was understood what had caused people to feel the day when it was discovered electricity. "Today the small woman with long white hair was again installed in front of the screen of his computer, it scans through a kind of aquarium flat top and filled with salt water. And sometimes even went to Stockholm hidden, like Harry Potter, under his cloak of invisibility: an elegant black poncho with a hood that was made itself. In the liner, a piece of this metallic fabric that stops the air.
In its library, Rigmor grabbed a book. Title: Hypersensitivity in a working environment. Subtitle: How does a company takes over an environmental issue emerging. Publisher: Ellemtel, a former subsidiary of Ericsson. A book of another time. 1993. That year, forty-nine high-level engineers working in the laboratories of the giant Swedish sick. Electrosensibles. The company spends a lot of money and intelligence to clean up their environment and enable them to return to work. This book, now found, bragging that approach. But times have changed. Per Segerbäck, who led one of the teams and was among the worst affected, was thanked it only came out more from his home without a combination that did look like an astronaut and had become a media figure cumbersome. The strength of Electro-Swedish, is that they were there before the advent of mobile phones and the Wi-Fi. At a time when claiming the disease was not a threat to the industry. Since the authorities have realized their mistake. "These people are sick, there is no doubt about it. But there is no scientific evidence that these symptoms are caused by electromagnetic fields." Petit, an air sad and sorry, "the angel of the devil" - as someone once called on the Internet - a Birkenstock slip on the slabs of plastic SSI, the state agency responsible for protecting against radiation. Lars Mjönes is a dirty job: he is the apostle of all-va-although it sends in public meetings confront the militants of Vagbrytaren, "wave breakers" who oppose the construction of relay antennas. "When new technologies emerge, he says, people are afraid. Ago first had the fear of computers and laptops, 3G technology, the Wi-Fi. These people are losing sleep. Their system nervous weakening. They become stressosensibles. "An official denial punctuated constantly by a". but whatever the causes, we must help these people. It is important that they are cared for in social and medical. "
This is because Sweden is the country that invented the "ombuds-man", the mediator, the representative of citizens before the hotel. Here any part of the individual, his inalienable right to happiness and health. So to fight, Lars Mjönes is reed: leave say and continue to do so. And if these people were right? "Ah yes. that's for sure. it should change many things."
"The most prevalent explanation is that it is a collective psychosis orchestrated by the media and the Internet. Yet rats do not read Le Monde and yet they react," jokes Professor Olle Johansson browsing the laboratory Experimental Neurology of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, where he worked for over thirty years. In 1989, Olle Johansson 36 years. At that time, while the PC is increasing, there are reports of new diseases. The telephone operators who have swapped their standard against a screen are among the first to complain of heat and redness in the face.
Blame the electromagnetic waves? To study the question, Sweden launches project Gothenburg which meets psychiatrists, chemists, immunologists, doctors. On the table, Olle Johansson has asked three photos of pieces of skins seen under a microscope. "On the picture, it was the image of a normal skin, on the photo B, the individual is suffering from rosacea, a common disease which has clinical signs similar to the symptoms in question and finally the photo shows the C skin of one of the persons concerned. We put these three samples at different markers: PGP 9.5, a neuronal protein, PNMT, an enzyme, and protein S-100. What discovered?, interviews he leaving new photos. First, that the three images differ. It is therefore a specific disease. Then, as patients, dendritic cells have a much more round and seem to have tend to flee the skin as if they would otherwise be divided. But cell division, mitosis, is the first step towards a cancer. of course, this was only speculation, but when we found it, we were in shock. We were not prepared. "Olle Johansson gives a name to this disease: dermatitis of the screen.
When the review meeting, he announced his discovery, scientists look at, say that we can see, goodbye. But time passes and the meeting did not come. Olle Johansson eventually call for agreeing to answer: "The meeting has taken place. But you do longer part of the project." Thus discovers there a day we crossed the yellow line. That is past the side of plague. Behind his smile smart, eye s'embue. Yet the man likes to fight. The boards of photos, reports, the evidence literally dégueulent its files. Nothing done. Today Olle Johansson has more than its budget for research.
Hard to find in this fog scientist. On the floor of the Karolinska to another, the speech reversed. On the one hand, those - and they are becoming more numerous, Sweden, Germany, Australia, the USA - who see anomalies everywhere: impact on the skin, semen, on the production of serotonin A neuromodulateur nervous system, the immune barriers on the disappearance of insects. On the other hand, those who explain that they look beautiful, they do not see anything, that "there is no reason to conclude" that it is a great fear millennial as we have seen so hatch. Olle Johansson is unhappy: "Even though there was only one study alarming facing hundreds who show nothing, it would be that one that should interest us. These are not the thousands of successful take-offs of Concorde that hold the attention of experts on safety but thirty accidents."
Hard not to notice in any case that most of the credits allocated to research teams goes to those who believe that the airwaves are harmless. And what are the same names that are found almost everywhere in the colleges of experts. Is it because they are in the truth? Or because their findings are good for the economy? "The industry finance 50% of research, but it is done through international structures who decide to whom the money will be awarded. That does not accuse us conduct research!"
In its local design and comfort, a cup of black coffee in hand, Mats Holme smiled. The man lige throughout the telecommunications industry in Sweden - Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung. - is innocent. From everything. It is for nothing in the fact that the proposed creation of villages "free to air" claimed by Electro capotent one after the other. As in Degerfors, west of Stockholm: "I've done that sending an information kit to the state agency in charge of aid to the rehabilitation of buildings. Then, what City Hall, this is not my purview. "There is for nothing if the rates of radiation allowed are considered too high by Electro:" These rates are decided by a panel of international experts. " Let him understand what he wants, what the industry wants is help these people. In believer does not. "It is a service that makes them, otherwise they will morfondre without seeking the real reasons for their evil. By the way, I too would suffer, in my house of the archipelago [a group of islands protected a few cables from Stockholm where the rich have their holidays], I find it difficult to capture. "
Meanwhile, in the woods, Eva expecting a relief does not come. The campaign is gently rolling. A loss of sight, white birch and spruce green, yellow straw grass macerated by snow and brown fat freshly plowed land, red burgundy wooden houses and the deep blue lakes. In this vast, far away, an antenna rises skyward. To arrive at Göran Svardstrom and Eva, we must take through the forest, a small department, then a non-paved road and finally down to the lake on a path. Here, everything is calm and orderly. As suspended in time and space. Some houses nestled under trees. A pre sliding towards the water surface freezes. Wonderful. "A wonderful prison," sighs Eva.
The first symptoms fourteen years ago, but it was only eight years ago, when it no longer supported to live in the small town where she taught natural science, qu'Eva and her husband came to live here . "I had my first crisis: someone used a portable, my heart started beating, and I felt that I was going m'évanouir." The cottage is austere, without water or electricity. But it feels better. He, who is a specialist in heating, has installed its offices earlier near the road. With isolation, health has improved. Yet she, the daughter of farmer from the far north, accustomed to the harsh days too short, away. "When you are in prison, you know you will come out one day; me, no!" I can not live in a cage. This is not a life, it is a survival. We were excluded from society."
To fetch water, we need to move the small sauna installed in a cabin down, walking a dozen meters on the ice and lift a lid above the hole that plunges beneath the surface of the frozen lake. In January, Eva broke his arm. She had to go to the hospital. Doctors and nurses have done everything to make it comfortable. But four days later, she was taking a terrible crisis: the heart, tingling, and the impression that its members did more. Hair, wards, clothing: Eva and Göran are like délavés. There are tears in their eyes. "Yes, I think I can die," she says.
The lower lip of Göran, she is troubled by a tremor of anger, helplessness and love. In front of their homes, less than two kilometers on the hill on the other side of the lake, a new antenna has emerged three years ago. Neither the petition nor blocking bulldozers by the residents there have been worried. Year after year, progress continues to push each time a little farther in the forests around 500 "environmental refugees" exiles in their own country. "It is so obvious that something is wrong. And that the authorities do not take us seriously. People call me, tell me: Help me, I think I'm going to kill me! What I can answer them? What can I respond? "
The voice of Göran steam: "We need rest. please visit us our lives." The snow began falling, black and wet. These people are wrong maybe. But they do not cheat. "I often compare them to canaries being kept in mines, sighs Professor Olle Johansson. When the birds were dying was a sign that there was more oxygen and needed to hurry to flee. "