Friday, March 28, 2008

Why base stations are more dangerous than mobile phones

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There are three important items in this message. They will be specially interesting to people who suffer from electro hypersensitivity, but also of great interest to persons exposed to EMR on a regular basis (nearly the entire population). The information will help to demonstrate how electro magnetic radiation, harms people and living things.
Martin Weatherall
1. This link is to a very good article by Andrew Goldsworthy, BSc PhD.

It was written to explain to laymen (especially targeting electronics engineers) why the biological effects of cellphone radiation is likely to be largely independent of signal strength over a wide range. This then makes Wifi and cellphone base stations potentially more dangerous because of our chronic exposure to their radiation.
2.. Michael Bevington, Trustee of ES-UK has compiled the attached compendium entitled:
Attitudes to the Health Dangers of non-thermal EMFs.

Michael has kindly authorised widespread distribution of his document to help raise awareness of this widespread challenge to human health.
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3. This link is to ElectroSensitivity UK -
Their web site has been relocated to:
They are currently rebuilding.
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The Canadian Initiative to stop
Wireless, Electric, and
Electromagnetic Pollution