Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Honey Bees dying or vanishing

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At last, a major US company - Haagen-Daz Ice Cream, has taken real interest in the honey bee crisis. Haagen-Daz are supporting research, raising awareness and raising money towards saving honey bees. They have set up a very entertaining web site which I encourage you to visit. I hope that the impact of electro magnetic radiation is seriously and thoroughly investigated for its part in this ongoing ecological disaster.

The Canadian Initiative to stop
Wireless, Electric, and
lectromagnetic Pollution

Also - further information about bees


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Bee disease 'threatens ice-cream
Nature.com (subscription) - London,England,UK
"Honey bees are in trouble. One-third of our nation's food supply
depends on bee pollination, but bees are vanishing in massive
numbers," says Walter Leal, ...
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Largest US Beekeeper Hit By Colony Collapse Disorder
Daily Green - USA
Our bees are dying. I can't even fathom what I saw today. Words
don't do it justice. We ended the day by going to eat
with the beekeepers. ...
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